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Ensuring Children’s Safety in Schools

DepEd Lapu-Lapu City Division Memorandum No. 96 dated March 11, 2019, entitled: Ensuring Children’s Safety in Schools, is hereby attached for the information of all concerned.

Ensuring Children’s Safety in Schools

In view of recent reports involving incidents compromising the safety of our children, this Office directs all school heads of both public and private elementary and secondary levels to ensure that all safety and security measures in their respective schools are in place.

The following must be strictly observed:

NO practices for school presentations and other school-related projects or activities shall be done after 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon (for regular classes) since there will no longer be teachers or school personnel who are required to stay in the school after such hour as well as during weekends and holidays. Schools with shifting and night classes shall follow their corresponding schedules. Students are to utilize their breaks for the said practices or group works.

School heads are to advise their pupils or students to bring boon for their lunch and snacks to avoid students going out of the school premises. Should the parent requests that the student be brought outside the school for lunch, the said request must be put in writing and shall be submitted by the parent to the School I lead prior to bringing the student out of the campus.

All CCTV Cameras must be checked if the same are still functional and schools must assess if there is a need to install additional CCTV in strategic areas.

Schools are to request from their respective barangays an augmentation of Police or Tanod Visibility in the area if possible and to request for immediate repair of defective street lights or lamp posts if there are any.

All students must be advised to always go in groups when walking out on the streets or to avoid being alone outside especially when it is already dark.

All other measures that the schools deem necessary to achieve the purpose of this Memorandum shall be implemented.

The safety and security of our school children should always be our topmost priority.

Schools Division Superintendent

Ensuring Children’s Safety in Schools

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