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2019 Graduation Message of Regional Director Estela L. Cariño

With joy and jubilation, I join you in the celebration of another milestone in your academic journey. Without a doubt, the struggles have been real, and the challenges, almost insurmountable. Today, we witness sense of purpose, direction and meaning winning over every sign of difficulty that came your way as you toiled ceaselessly in the vineyard of education.

This year’s theme: “Unity in Diversity: Quality Education for All” recognizes our differences in our culture, but highlights the irrefragable fact that despite our cling to varied ways of life, we have shown how united we can be in advancing common agenda in education. We have done our share in realizing our ultimate goal of producing holistically developed K to 12 basic education curriculum graduates who are not only knowledgeable and competent but also value-laden and discerning. Cultural diversity has allowed us to bend without breaking to attune our actions and efforts to the agenda of national leadership, but it, too, proved that we can do so without diminishing our passions for the preservation, promotion and celebration of our own culture. Each of us, no matter how diverse, is a strand in the colorful fabric of human civilization.

This is the value that we want you, our dear graduates, to embrace and be proud of. Our sense of identity, either on a regional or national landscape, must remain an important consideration in achieving our goals and compromising it to favor new thoughts and ways of thinking must never be an option.

The Department of Education (DepEd) Region 02 has unambiguously laid down in its Regional Education Development Plan (REDP) its projects, programs and activities that shall inspire service above self and only about the future of learners who shall eventually assume significant roles in building a nation.

May you continue to be a proof that the kind of education in our country is one for the world to share.

Congratulations and Mabuhay!

Director IV/Regional Director

2019 Graduation Message of Regional Director Estela L. Cariño

Here is the 2019 Graduation Message of our Regional Director provided for you in both the signed copy and editable copy with her photo.

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