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DepEd Guidelines on the Use of Public School Buildings and Facilities

DepEd Quezon City Division Memorandum No. 14, s. 2019 dated February 11, 2019 entitled: Guidelines on the use of Public School Buildings and Facilities, is hereby attached for the information and guidance of all concerned.

DepEd Guidelines on the Use of Public School Buildings and Facilities

The use of school buildings, grounds and facilities in community-school programs maybe allowed as provided in Section 15, Chapter 2, Unit VIII – Educational Facilities of DECS Service Manual 2000. Agencies other than the DepEd, including the barangay may be allowed to use the school buildings, grounds and facilities for civic and educational purposes provided that the following conditions are adhered to:

  1. Letter request should be submitted in advance at least seven (7) working days prior to the scheduled activity;
  2. Only one (1) request per requesting party per year will be allowed;
  3. The use of school buildings, grounds, and facilities by private party and entities for product launching and religious/political activities is discouraged;
  4. The use of the building/school is limited to one day only (except for scouting and other school-related activities);
  5. Drinking of alcoholic beverages and playing of prohibited games of chance will not be allowed inside school premises;
  6. Rooms and other facilities used shall be maintained, returned or restored to the same condition as they were found;
  7. The cost of any loss and damage shall be borne by the requesting party;
  8. There shall be no disruption of classes in the process;
  9. The principal or his authorized representative shall supervise the activity;
  10. The cleanliness and upkeep of the school shall be properly maintained;
  11. To cover the expenses for electricity and water services, a minimal fee of One Thousand Pesos (Pl,000.00) for a half-day activity or Two Thousand Pesos (P2,000.00) for a whole day activity will be charged to the user of the facilities. The amount shall be remitted to the Cashier of this Office, after securing an Order of Payment from the Office of the Accountant III;
  12. To cover expenses for janitorial services during and after the activity, a fee of Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) for a half-day activity or One Thousand Pesos (Pl,000.00) for a whole day activity will be paid to the Office of the School Principal;
  13. Requests submitted to School Principals must be screened based on these guidelines and forwarded to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent with an appropriate recommendation for approval/disapproval;
  14. Requests submitted directly to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent will be referred to the School Principal concerned for evaluation and recommendation;
  15. Upon approval by the Schools Division Superintendent / AuthorizedRepresentative, the school principal must prepare a Memorandum of Agreement based on these guidelines, to be signed by the school principal and the requesting party;
  16. Tender of payment of fees must then be made;
  17. Additional guidelines per Memorandum of Mr. Rolando P. Montiel, City Government Department Head II dated December 27, 2007 approved by the City Mayor: “requests for the use of school buildings and/or related activities extending beyond the school hours shall have the approval of the Schools Division Superintendent, otherwise, only the school officials, teachers, and employees of the school shall be allowed to stay within the school premises beyond the school office hours.”

In case of natural calamities and emergency situations, schools may serve as temporary evacuation centers.

As a national policy, no squatters/informal settlers shall be allowed on the school site. In case there are informal settlers within the school site, the following maybe undertaken:

a) Conduct a dialogue with the squatters / informal settlers in the presence of the PTA / PTCA and Barangay officials;

b) If the dialogue fails, the Department of Education shall refer the matter to Government Legal Officer / Prosecutor for appropriate action against the squatters / informal settlers.

The utilization of school property or facilities is, and should always be, under the strict authority and supervision of the school administrator. Any illegal act or activity resulting from the utilization of school property or facilities, shall be taken as the accountability of the school head.

The use of school facilities will not be allowed without the prior approval of this Office.

Please be guided accordingly.

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  1. Good Day,
    May I ask if alumni Association of the schools are allowed to do alumni related activities on school grounds like outreach programs for the alumni indigents, fitness programs for the alumni members ( sports fest ). Several times especially every Brigada eskwela that every principal is always asking our organization for pledge, donations and we never fail to do so. we are thinking of instead of renting a gym or grounds to conduct those, might as well to do it on our alma mater and rental fees will be benefited by the school as well . Hoping to hear your reply soon

  2. Good day. I would like to ask if private vehicles are allowed inside the public campus? Many teachers now went to school with their e-bikes and or single motor and do parking inside the school premises. Accident may arise anytime. Does the Deped has an Act or rules regarding this matter? Thank you so much.

  3. Good afternoon Sir Mark, thank you very much for the information you have provided but pls provide for me the specific National DepEd memo number for the guidelines on the use of Public School Buildings and Facilities. Thanks a lot. More power.


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