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2021 Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing School Award

In preparation for the opening of classes for School Year (SY) 2021 -2022 on September 13, 2021; the Department of Education (DepEd) through its External Partnerships Service (EPS) shall conduct the annual Brigada Eskwela Program from August 3, 2021 to September 30, 2021, with the theme: “Bayanihan para sa Paaralan.”

To mark the launching of the program, the 2021 Brigada Eskwela National Kick-off Program shall be conducted on August 3, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. to be hosted by DepEd Region XI and the Schools Division Office of Tagum City.

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2021 Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing School Award

To give due recognition to schools whose efforts in the implementation of the Brigada Eskwela program are exemplary, the Department of Education (DepEd) shall be awarding the Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools Award based on the following guidelines:

The Schools Division Offices (SDOs) through the Social Mobilization and Networking Section (SocMob) under the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD) shall recognize all elementary and secondary schools that implemented Brigada Eskwela from August 3 to September 3, 2021, through the awarding of a Certificate of Recognition on their compliance with this implementation guidelines and on engaging partners to participate in the implementation of the School and Division Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plans.

The search for 2021 Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools shall be modified based on the framework relative to the ongoing pandemic situation. The framework includes the engagement of stakeholders and addressing problems, queries, and other concerns in preparation for the start of classes. All Brigada Eskwela activities should highlight partnership initiatives that complement the implementation of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP).

The Regional Offices shall contextualize the selection criteria for the Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools Award based on the following general criteria:

Brigada Eskwela Partnerships Engagement Activities – 40%

This pertains to the kind/ impact of partnership engagement activities which may be measured in terms of the number of learners/teachers/ non-teaching personnel who benefited from the activities.

Resources Generated relative to the New Brigada Eskwela – 30%


This pertains to the resources generated to support the BE-LCP implementation and health and safety protocols. This shall be based on the prevailing market value of the items donated and reflect the equivalent of the volunteer man-hours generated from the partnership activity(ies).

Bayanihan effort to support the BE-LCP implementation – 30%

This shall reflect the impact of Brigada Eskwela in terms of community participation and level of awareness on education programs. This shall also include the response of the community in making conducive learning spaces at homes and the partnership initiative for literacy and numeracy.

The Schools Division Superintendent (SDS), with the assistance of the SGOD and the Division Partnership Focal Person, shall be allowed to exercise their sound discretion as to how to allocate the scores to be received by the Brigada Eskwela implementing schools based on the aforementioned general criteria.

Aside from the traditional Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools Award, the SDO shall also identify recipient(s) of a special Brigada Eskwela Award, among other unique ways of recognizing the effort of the schools such as:

  • Best School-Community-Home Partnerships;
  • Best Home Learning Spaces;
  • Best Partnership Engagement Activity;
  • Best Brigada Eskwela Collaboration at the School District; and
  • Most Prepared School among others.

The awards may still adopt the following categories:

Elementary Level

CategoryNumber of Teachers (National)Number of Teachers (NCR)
Small School9 and below40 and below
Medium School10 — 2941 —80
Large School30 — 5081 — 120
Mega School51 and above121 above

Secondary Level

Category Number of Teachers (National) Number of Teachers (NCR)
Small School15 and below40 and below
Medium School 16 — 3041 —80
Large School 31 —5081 — 120
Mega School 51 and above121 above

Note: Integrated School (Kindergarten to Grade 12) may choose which level they intend to participate in the selection.

All forms of Brigada Eskwela Awards at the SDO level shall be reported to the Regional Office (RO) through the Education Support Services Division (ESSD). The ESSD shall submit the list of awards and awardees to the EPS at the Central Office (CO).

The SDOs and ROs may conduct the Brigada Eskwela Awards starting January 2022 using the downloaded Program Support Funds (PSF) on Building Partnership and Linkages Program (BPLP) or local funds.


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