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Application for Permission to Study Form


  1. Application for permission to study in five (5) copies must reach the office not later than two (2) months before the start of the actual classes. THE TEACHERS JUST FILE REQUEST BEFORE ENROLLING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ANY SCHOOL, COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY.
  2. The teacher applicant must be doing satisfactory work with an efficient rating of “ABOVE AVERAGE” or higher.
  3. The permission is given until the applicant complete the curriculum towards a degree. He does not need to file a request for permission every semester.
  4. A certificate from the head of the school or college where the teacher is enrolled and the subject to pursued should be attached with the application.
  5. Teachers who are about to finish course, or who have started a course as well as the subject already completed and those still to be taken all to be certified by the Registrar of the private school concerned.
  6. After each semester every teacher granted permission to study should submit to the Superintendent’s Office, through channels, a certified true copy of the report on the ratings be obtained in the course which he took during the semester including the number of units earned. In addition, as soon as he/she finished a specific curricular towards a degree he/she should submit a complete set of his/her transcript of grades and special order to the superintendent through his immediate superior for validation and verification.
  7. The Maximum study of nine (9) units per semester or summer should be strictly observed. Teachers who are candidates for graduation may be allowed to carry from (1) one to three (3) units more than the nine (9) units authorized provided that those units are the last units that the teachers need to enable them to graduate. No exemption will be given to the teachers who do not fall under the above state condition. Violation of this regulation on the study load shall be sufficient cause for revocation of the permission to study for administrative action.
  8. The college, school or university in which the teacher contemplates enrolling should be accessible to this official station so that he will not be unduly complied to hurry there from in order to arrive at his class by time. The teacher should attend to his outside study not earlier than thirty (30) minutes after the afternoon session in the public school.
  9. The immediate superior or supervisor shall be hold responsible for any undue delay in forwarding the application to the superintendent, if the application to the superintendent has been filed on time.

Download Application for Permission to Study Form: Permit to Study


Securing Permission to Teach and Permission to Study (DepEd)

DepEd Application for Permit to Study

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  1. Good day!

    Is there another process if the teacher has already been taking his/her graduate studies by the time he/she got employed in the public school? What is it?

    Thank you and more power.

  2. Hi sir, good am. I just want to ask if this application includes non teaching employee of DepEd? May I know the DepEd order basis of this application so that I can read the full guidelines. Because I am planning to study Masters in Business Administration. Thank you.


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