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Download DepEd Physical Fitness Test Manual

The birth of the DepEd Physical Fitness Manual came about after the review and revision workshop of the existing physical fitness test introduced by. Dr. Aparicio H. Mequi, former Chair, Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and Director, Bureau of Physical Education and School Sports (BPESS). The workshop was inspired by the desire of the Task Force on School Sports (TFSS) to bring in the new trends and latest researches in the field of physical fitness while we respond to the issues on test qualities and administration.

Test administration shall be treated as an essential component of the Physical Education and School Sports program. Both elementary (Grades 4, 5 and 6) and secondary pupils/students must to undergo the test during the beginning and ending of the school year. Using a score card, each pupil/student shall be responsible to record and keep the result of his/her own performance or the school may include these score cards in the school’s MIS.

The physical fitness test is a set of measures designed to determine one’s level of physical fitness. It has two components namely: Health-Related and Skill-Related Fitness. Each component comprises several tests and specific testing protocols. There are one thousand and one tests used worldwide but the choice of tests considered time efficiency in the administration, availability of equipment, simplicity of the procedures, and practically of the tests.

Physical Fitness Test Goal

  • To determine the level of fitness.
  • To identify strengths and areas for development/improvement.
  • To identify bases for physical activities.
  • To gather and analyze data for norms and standards setting.
  • To motivate and guide students in choosing sports activities they would like to participate in.

Test Protocol

The following testing paraphernalia are necessary:

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Drinking Water (instruct students to bring their drinking jugs)
  3. Individual score cards, properly filled up for distribution to students
  4. In testing,

a. Body Composition- tape measure, bathroom scale, L-square
b. Flexibility- tape measure
c. Cardiovascular Endurance- stop watch, step box
d. Muscular Strength- mat
e. Speed- stop watch
f. Power- meter stick/tape measure
g. Agility- cone
h. Reaction Time- plastic ruler (24 inches)
i. Coordination- coupon bond
j. Balance-stop watch

  • Prior to actual day of testing, “familiarity” testing sessions should be held advising students “to go through” without exerting maximum effort.
  • Explain the purpose and benefits that can be derived from physical fitness test.
  • Make sure that the test score cards are filled up and ready for distribution to students (name, age, gender, etc.) prior to testing.
  • Set up stations (in form of circuit training) ready for use one hour before actual testing begins to ensure smooth “flow of traffic”.
  • Divide the students into groups, by pairs (buddy system) and assign them into different stations.
  • Students should wear appropriate clothing: t-shirt, jogging pants, and rubber shoes.
  • Conduct warm-up and stretching exercises before the test.
  • Conduct testing in a joyful, challenging, encouraging, and fun-filled environment.

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Download: Download DepEd Physical Fitness Test Manual

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  1. sir, is there any soft copy of physical fitness forms for our pupils regarding to this activity/ test?… thanks for the helpful manual and God Bless.

    • Sir , is there a soft copy for physical fitness test that we can use for consolidating the result that will automatically give the total and percent per activity?


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