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Application for Permit to Operate Kindergarten

With the emergence of Republic Act No. 10533 other known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 and Republic Act No. 10157 or the Kindergarten Education Act, Kindergarten has become mandatory in the first level of the basic education.

With this, all recognized private elementary schools that are offering Grades 1 to 6 only but do not have permit to operate Kindergarten are encouraged to apply for the said permit. If school will pass the process, then, it can operate by SY 2018-2019.

All learning centers operating Nursery/Preschool only are also encouraged to apply for DepEd permit. This will further avoid confusion among stakeholders that Nursery/Preschool is the same as Kindergarten.

For school applicants, please be guided by Deped Order No. 47, s. 2016 or the Omnibus Policy on Kindergarten Education, to wit, age qualification, grading system and other program processes.

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  1. Hi. Im just wondering if you can help me. I am running a preschool for 2 years now in a small building. We are offering progrmas for 2 to 4 y/o only since I learned that Kindergarten needs Dep Ed accreditation already. Now, my question is that, is it still necessary to apply for a permit from Dep Ed for our Nursery/ Preschool program? And can I get a permit to operate Kindergaten ONLY for next school year? I am taking it slowly at the moment. But would be nice to know the chances that we can still cater our future 5-yr old kids for next year other than them moving to another school. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this. Thank you and Godbless!

    • HI! If you are offering nursery level ONLY, it is not necessary to apply for a permit from DepEd. You only need is a permit to operate at the level you are offering (mayor’s permit). We have the same case, and this is the advice to us by Dep Ed.


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