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Measures to Increase the Number of Dewormed Children in Schools

In order to increase the number of dewormed children during the MASS DEWORMING ADMINISTRATION, the school heads, teachers, and school health personnel are requested to perform the following schemes:

a. The Principals and Assistant Principals must discuss with the students to appreciate the importance of deworming during flag raising ceremony, grade level meetings, room to room visits, and other information dissemination activities. Likewise, the Department Heads, Grade Deans/Coordinators, Nurses, and Clinic Teachers should conduct advocacy activities.

b. The Department Heads and Grade Level Deans should secure the number of students from the class advisers and claim the corresponding number of medicines from the school clinic and distribute to the respective class advisers.

c. The Class Advisers will distribute and retrieve the Parents Permit and let the students take the medicines. They must ensure that ail students in their advisory classes must be dewormed within the scheduled days.

d. However, those students who were not granted with permit by the parents to be dewormed in school must be requested by the class advisers to submit a Medical Certificate that they were dewormed by a Private Doctor. If a student cannot present a Medical Certificate, the parent must be called by the class adviser for a dialogue and be required to submit a written explanation. The class adviser may seek help from the guidance counselor, assistant principal, department head, grade dean, and principal for the said dialogue. The students who were dewormed in school and by a private physician will be included in the consolidation of data.

The Principals, Assistant Principals, Department Heads, Grade Deans/Coordinators, Division/School Nurses, and Teachers are enjoined to include the conduct of Deworming in the completion of Individual Performance Rating Form (IPCRF). The sample objective of the teacher will be “Dewormed 45 (100%) Grade 8 Aquino students in partnership with the Department of Health (DOH) on or before January 31, 2018.” It is in line with the Key Result Area (KRA) Community Involvement (10%) – Undertaken/initiated projects /events /activities with external funding/sponsorship.

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