Baguio Teachers Camp Updates

March 12, 2018

DepEd Memorandum No. 045, s. 2018



Assistant Secretaries Bureau and Service Directors Regional Directors Regional Secretary, ARMM Schools Division Superintendents
Public and Private Elementary and Secondary School Heads All Others Concerned

1. The Baguio Teachers Camp (BTC) was created by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 290 dated July 18, 1988 entitled Declaring Certain Parcels of Land of the Public Domain Situation in the City of Baguio, Island of Luzon as Teachers Camp Reservation under the administration of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

2. Baguio Teachers Camp (BTC) has been recognized as a national treasure known for its worthy venue for conferences and a rest and recreation destination of public and private school teachers and guests. It is a primary provider of opportunities for professional growth and development for all teaching, non-teaching and administrative support staff.

3. From 2014 to 2016, Baguio Teachers Camp (BTC) has an average annual gross income of P38.348M from the rentals for the use of dormitories, cottages and other facilities and with an average annual occupancy of 182,428 individuals. As such, it is imperative to fully sustain BTC as a viable source of income to finance its operation.

4. However, the internal and external operational issues, problems and concerns affecting its smooth operations, require immediate attention and support from the Department of Education (DepEd) Central Office management for early resolution and disposition of cases, issues and disputes.

5. In view of this, the DepEd hereby reconstitutes the Management Support Committee (MSC) for BTC with the following composition:


Undersecretary for Administration


Undersecretary for Finance-Budget and Performance Monitoring
Undersecretary, Curriculum and Instruction


Assistant Secretary for Procurement
Project Management and Field Operations
Regional Director, Cordillera Administrative
Region Director, Legal Affairs Service
Chief Accountant, DepEd Central Office
Chief Administrative Officer, Asset Management Division
Camp Superintendent, Baguio Teachers Camp


Office of the Undersecretary for Administration
Office of the Camp Superintendent, BTC

6. The MSC shall provide necessary advisory and policy-making assistance to BTC and shall perform the following functions:

a. recommend policies, which will effectively improve the administration and management of BTC;
b. provide advisory assistance in addressing problems and/or disputes concerning the ownership of BTC by DepEd; and
c. ensure effective implementation of recommended and approved actions and activities relating to the operations of BTC.

7. This supersedes DepEd Order No. 10, s. 2015. All other issuances inconsistent with this Order are hereby revoked/repealed accordingly.

8. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.



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