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Basa Palaweño – Palawan Reading Inventory and Assessment (BP-PRIA)

To assess the reading ability of every learner, all school heads are hereby instructed to conduct the BP-PRIA (Basa Palaweño – Palawan Reading Inventory and Assessment) Pretest starting at enrolment or Brigada Eskwela period until July 2019. The post-test is expected to be accomplished on the last week of February 2020. BP-PRIA shall be administered to all Grade 3 to Grade 12 learners only.

The result shall be inputted in BP-PRLA template specific for elementary, junior and senior. The school head shall analyze the result and formulate a reading intervention that is appropriate for learners whose reading levels are non-reader, frustration and instructional. The reading intervention that was conducted, together with the school consolidated result, shall be reported to the district office.

The district head shall analyze the result to further comprehend the full representation of the reading performance of his/her respective district. Hence, he/she may extend a Technical Assistance to the teacher/s if imperative. The TA extended with reference to the reading improvement, the effective reading intervention conducted and the district consolidated reading result shall be reported to the division office through Rodgie S. Demalinao, Division Reading In-charge. The district head shall also designate District Reading Coordinators for elementary (Grade 3 to Grade 6) and for secondary (Junior and Senior) who shall take charge of the consolidation and submission of the BP-PRIA district result.

A copy of the BP-PRIA package is available at the Learning Resources Management Section (LRMS). The reproduction of passages and other incidental expenses incurred relative to the conduct of the BP-PRIA shall be charged to the school MOOE and other school funds, while the travelling expenses of the district head and EPS in the conduct of the monitoring and provision of technical assistance shall be charged against Division MOOE subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

An award shall be given to the following: a) to the learners who showed outstanding improvement in reading, b) to the teachers who implemented an effective reading intervention and with zero non-reader in the class, c) to the district head who has zero non-reader in the whole district and d) to the district coordinator who submitted the Reading Report ahead of time.

It is expected that everyone will accord effort to decrease the number of the non-readers, frustration and instructional readers and increase the number of readers who belong to independent level.

Wide dissemination and strict compliance of the contents of this memorandum are enjoined.


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