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Phil-IRI Reading Materials (English Graded Passages)

The Phil-IRI Graded Passages is an informal individualized assessment tool used to record the student’s performance in oral reading, silent reading and/or listening comprehension.

The Phil-IRI Oral Reading Test is administered in order to:

  • identify the student’s miscues in oral reading;
  • record the number of words that a student reads per minute; and
  • find out how well a student understands the passage read.

The Phil-IRI Listening Comprehension is administered when the student is identified as a nonreader. The purpose is to find out how well a student understands the selection which will be read by the test administrator.Then the test administrator reads the multiple choice questions and the student answers them orally.

The Phil-IRI Silent Reading Test may be administered after the Oral Reading Test is conducted to further check the student’s comprehension skill. This is an optional activity.

Phil-IRI Graded Passages

The Graded Passages range from Grade 2 to Grade 7 Readability levels for English and Grade 1 to Grade 7 Readability levels for Filipino. The selections for Grade 2 to Grade 4 are narrative texts, while those from Grades 5 to 7 are expository texts. The expository texts in Filipino deal with Social Studies concepts, while those in English focus on Science concepts.

Phil-IRI Graded Passages are both in Filipino and English. For both languages, there are four sets (Sets A, B, C and D) of passages with a readability level of Grade 2 to Grade 7 to be used for the pre-test. Similarly, there are also four sets (Sets A, B, C and D) of posttest graded passages. The pre-test and the posttest for each grade level are comparable in the following: number of words, concept load, level of vocabulary used, sentence complexity, nature of themes and cohesion. Appendix A5 to A12 presents the titles of passages used for the Phil-IRI Graded Passages (Pre-Test and Post Test) in both Filipino and English.


Phil-IRI Oral Reading Test (English) – Pretest

Grade 2: Liquids Good For You

Prompt: Do you want to know the liquids that are good for your health? Read the selection below.

Liquids Good for You

There are many liquids that are good for our health like water, fruit juice and milk. Milk makes our bones strong. Juice gives us vitamins, while water cleans our body.

Let’s drink milk, juice and water to make us healthy!



  1. What liquids are good for our health?
    • Answers: milk, juice and water
  2. What can milk do to us?
    • Answer: Milk makes our bones strong.
  3. What does water do to our body?
    • Answer: Water cleans our body.


  1. What might happen if you don’t drink milk, juice or water?
    • Possible Answers: I will get sick. I will not grow big and healthy.


  1. What would you do if your friend offers you softdrink for recess?
    • Possible Answers: I will not get it because it is not good for snacks. Softdrink is not good for our health.

Grade 3: A Deal

Prompt: How do you celebrate Foundation Day? Read the selection below.

A Deal

“Our Foundation Day will be on September 30,” said Miss Cruz, “What are we going to present?”

“I suggest that we render some folksongs and folk dances,” answered Perla.

“Good. These will remind us of our Filipino culture,” added Ruben.

“Let’s start our practice early. That’s a deal,” insisted Susan.



  1. Who announced about the Foundation Day?
    • Answer: Ms. Cruz
  2. When will be the Foundation Day?
    • Answer: On September 30
  3. What was the deal?
    • Answer: To practice the folksongs and dances early.


  1. Why will they present folksongs and dances?
    • Answer: To remind everyone about love of their culture.


  1. What other Filipino customs and traditions do you practice?
    • Hospitality
    • Helping one another called bayanihan.
    • Kissing hands of elders for greetings.
    • Strong family ties
    • Celebrating fiestas, etc.

Grade 4: An Invitation Letter

Grade 5: A Friendly Letter

Grade 6: Alexander Graham Bell

Phil-IRI Oral Reading Test (English) – Posttest

Grade 2: Air and Sunlight

Grade 3: National Celebrations

Grade 4: Centennial Celebrations

Grade 5: An Invitation

Grade 6: Galileo

Phil-IRI Silent Reading Test (English) – Pretest

Grade 2: Party Time

Grade 3: Flower Festival

Grade 4: Oplan Kaluluwa

Grade 5: Philippine Musicality

Grade 6: A Little About Photography

Phil-IRI Silent Reading Test (English) – Posttest

Grade 2: Joy’s Errand

Grade 3: Strawberry Time

Grade 4: A Time to Remember

Grade 5: Bulong (Whisper)

Grade 6: Magician Invents Special Effects


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  3. Good day,may I ask you a copy/ies of passages A,B,C,D for grade 7 English used lately in the PHIL IRI Assessment.Thank you very much and more power


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