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Basic Calculus: Senior High School SHS Teaching Guide

Basic Calculus Teaching Guide for Senior High School

The Pre-Calculus course bridges Basic Mathematics and Calculus. This course completes the foundational knowledge on Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry of students who are planning to take courses in the STEM track. It provides them with conceptual understanding and computational skills that are crucial for Basic Calculus and future STEM courses.

Based on the Curriculum Guide for Pre-Calculus of the Department of Education, the primary aim of this Teaching Guide is to give Math teachers adequate stand-alone material that can be used for each session of the Grade 11 Pre-Calculus course.

The Guide is divided into three units: Analytic Geometry, Summation Notation and Mathematical Induction, and Trigonometry. Each unit is composed of lessons that bring together related learning competencies in the unit. Each lesson is further divided into sublessons that focus on one or two competencies for effective teaching and learning. Each sublesson is designed for a one-hour session, but the teachers have the option to extend the time allotment to one-and-a-half hours for some sub-lessons.

Each sub-lesson ends with a Seatwork/ Homework, which consists of exercises related to the topic being discussed in the sub-lesson. As the title suggests, these exercises can be done in school (if time permits) or at home. Moreover, at the end of each lesson is a set of exercises (simply tagged as Exercises) that can be used for short quizzes and long exams. Answers, solutions, or hints to most items in Seatwork/ Homework and Exercises are provided to guide the teachers as they solve them.

Some items in this Guide are marked with a star. A starred sub-lesson is optional and it is suggested that these be taken only if time permits. A starred example or exercise requires the use of a calculator.

To further guide the teachers, Teaching Notes are provided on the margins. These notes include simple recall of basic definitions and theorems, suggested teaching methods, alternative answers to some exercises, quick approaches and techniques in solving particular problems, and common errors committed by students.

We hope that Pre-Calculus teachers will find this Teaching Guide helpful and convenient to use. We encourage the teachers to study this Guide carefully and solve the exercises themselves. Although great effort has been put to this Guide for technical correctness and precision, any mistake found and reported to the Team is a gain for other teachers. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Basic Calculus – Specialized Subject / Academic-STEM

Senior High School SHS Teaching Guides Basic Calculus

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