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Clarifications on the Rationalization Plan for DepEd

Dear DepED Employee,

As announced through DepED Order No. 53 s.2013, the DepED Rationalization Plan has been approved. Here are some clarifications on its implementation to ensure utmost accuracy of information:

Clarifications on the Rationalization Plan for DepEd



The Rationalization Program was mandated for government agencies in October 2004 through Executive Order (EO) 366

  • The goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of government services
  • Offices will be reorganized to do this


  • The new structure is process-oriented, meaning, offices are there to perform specific functions
    Ex: BEE, BSE, and BALS have been reorganized to form the Bureau of Curriculum Development and Bureau of Learning Delivery
  • The new structure also takes into account changes in the DepEd’s strategic directions and technology (ICT, DRRM, etc.)


Central Office

Regional Offices

Division office –Proper

Casual and Contractual Employees funded under GAA-PS with appointment attested by CSC

NOT included: Schools, DepEd-ARMM, Attached Agencies, COS (GAA-MOOE), and COS (foreign-funded)


  • Affected means that their current position is not in the new structure OR there are fewer items provided in the new structure
  • All affected employees are provided options, whether they want to remain in government service or retire/be separated with benefits


  • Remain in government service

Express intent to be placed in a comparable position and go through the placement process

If the employee is qualified, he/she may be placed in a comparable position within the same job group with same Salary Grade (SG) or up to 3 SG levels higher

It means they might change their position or job title or office but will still be working for DepEd using their skills/knowledge

  • Convert item to Co-Terminus with the Incumbent (CTI) status

CTI status is still a REGULAR plantilla item. Employees who choose CTI will retain their salary grade and rank, and are still entitled to the government benefits attached to their position (except for those given due to performance of specific functions i.e. RATA for the division chief)

It means they can choose to hold on to their item until they choose to retire, resign, or get appointed to another position.

They will be assigned to where their services and skills are needed.

For those interested to apply for the new or higher vacant positions, they can also choose CTI status while applying for new positions in the new structure. If they get appointed, the old item will be abolished. In the event that they don’t get appointed, they can retain the CTI status

  • Retirement / separation under EO 366

It means they choose not to work for government anymore. They will get more benefits than regular retirement or separation, meaning aside from what they would have gotten from GSIS, they will also get additional incentives from government (through DBM) under EO 366

For employees choosing this option, they cannot be appointed to a regular position in government agencies for the next 5 years (except in hospitals or public schools)

*TAKE NOTE: For regular employees holding plantilla items:

  • No one will lose their rank or position level.
  • No one will be forced to retire. It is voluntary.
  • No one will be forced out or retrenched from the organization
  • For the casual and contractual employees:

Contracts of casual and contractual employees are extended beyond Dec 15 with approval from DBM

For more information, check this page: https://www.teacherph.com/deped-rationalization-program

If you are included in the Rationalization Plan and wish to discuss your options further, you may approach your respective head of office/unit. You may also contact the Rat Plan Helpdesk via email: ratplanhelpdesk@deped.gov.ph

Download: Executive Order 366 Rat Plan

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