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Clarifications on Co-Terminus to the Incumbent Status under the Rationalization Plan

Dear DepEd Employee,

While orienting our personnel on the Rationalization Plan, we have discovered that there is a need to clarify the Co-Terminus with the Incumbent (CTI) status. We want to make it clear that those with affected items who choose CTI status:

  • are entitled to the same benefits (PERA, Clothing Allowance, etc.)
  • are still eligible for step increments
  • will hold on to their item until they retire or choose to leave the service

Their positions have not been “abolished” and their “years of service” (for GSIS purposes) will still be counted under CTI. They are also free to apply for other positions in the new structure. Attached is an infographic to reiterate some features:

Clarifications on Co-Terminus to the Incumbent Status under the Rationalization Plan

What is Co-Terminus to the Incumbent Status (CTI)?

Co-Terminus with the Incumbent (CTI) status means the employee shall hold on to his/her item until he/she retires or chooses to leave the service. It is NOT co-terminus with the appointing authority nor is it only for a period of one year; the item is co-terminus with the one holding it (incumbent employee).

For example: A 40-year old affected regular employee who opts CTI status may choose to keep his/her item until he/she decides to leave government service or to retire from ages 60-65. This is the only time that the item will no longer be re-filled.

CTI Status provides that these will remain the same:

  1. Basic Salary
  2. Regular salary step increment increase
  3. Counting of years of service for GSIS
  4. Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA)
  5. Bonus (Mid-year & Year-end)
  6. Cash Gift
  7. Productivity Incentive Benefits (PIB)
  8. Clothing Allowance

Note: Employees on CTI status may apply for available positions that they qualify for.

Let us all work together to disseminate accurate information. Please do not hesitate to email ratplanhelpdesk@deped.gov.ph for any questions or clarifications. You may also visit https://www.teacherph.com/deped-rationalization-program/ for more information and reference materials.


  1. Clarifications on the Rationalization Plan for DepEd
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