Updates on the Clothing Allowance and Uniform 2018

Last February 2018 conversations with Usec Jesus Mateo while following up our requested dialogue with Sec Briones, promised us that the budget for the clothing allowance had been signed and by March it will be downloaded to the Division Offices and should be released first week of April, 2018. So, the earlier release of the said allowance is good news for all teachers.

Usec Jess Mateo told us that there will be no change of uniforms same sets will be implemented for teaching and non teaching since the National Uniform Committee of which I am a member did not convene.

He made that very clear and so I reported today in his office, complaints of members from the field that they are requiring teachers to wear skirts instead of pants of which we did not know about.

Please refrain from doing the old system of letting the regions or division offices to decide on teachers’ behalf on their clothing allowances as they are free to buy their fabrics and choose their own tailors as per last DepEd Order signed on our uniform.

– Shiela Lim Manuel, ASSERT


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