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DepEd Policies on Transfer and Temporary Enrollment

1. DepEd Order No. 03, s. 2018 (Basic Education Enrollment Policy) is issued to “institutionalize the enrollment process in public and private schools”;

2. It also provides guidelines for Temporary Enrollment is as follows:

Transferees from public and private schools in the Philippines who failed to submit the SF 9 (formerly Form 138) during early registration or upon enrollment shall only be temporarily enrolled until the submission of required documents on or before August 31st of the current year. They shall be required to submit an Affidavit of Undertaking signed by the parent/guardian in order to be temporarily enrolled.

For temporarily enrolled learners, the receiving school shall issue a Temporary Progress Report Card signed by the Class Adviser for the parents/guardians to monitor the progress of his/her child. This form is INADMISSIBLE FOR TRANSFER AND ENROLLMENT PURPOSES and is only issued for progress monitoring.

Upon complete submission of the documentary requirements, the learner shall be tagged as officially enrolled in the LIS. Otherwise, the learner retains the status of TEMPORARILY ENROLLED; the learner CANNOT BE OFFICIALLY PROMOTED to a higher grade level, and the learner will not be recognized should he/she attain the qualifying average and other criteria for academic honors, and the receiving school SHALL NOT RELEASE OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS such as the SF 9, SF 10, Certificate of Completion, Diploma, etc.

3. DepEd Order No. 54, s. 2016 (Guidelines on the Request or Transfer of Learner’s School Records) on the other hand provides a School-to-School Transfer of Form 137 (Permanent Record) in all schools nationwide. It details the process in requesting the permanent school records (Form 137) for an efficient transfer of documents, as follows:

Form 137, known as the permanent record, contains the learners profile and historical academic record, and Form 138 or the Report Card, shows the academic performance of a learner in a given school year.

At the end of the school year, Form 138 is required document for a learner enrolling to the next grade level as it also indicates the laerner’s promotional status. On the other hand, school authorities request for the release of Form 137 of Grades 1 to 12 learners who transfer to another school or transition from elementary to secondary.

Receiving schools shall secure all Permanent Records (Form 137) of all incoming learners before the end of the first grading period. For transferred-in learners during the school year, transfer of documents shall be secured thirty (30) days from the first day of school attendance.

The Learner Information System (LIS) shall be used as a platform in the request and release of learner school records; hence the transaction shall strictly be between the receiving and originating schools only.

4. In cases of private schools, DepEd Order No. 88, s. 2010 expressly allows it to withhold the learner’s credentials because of nonpayment of obligations, to wit:

Section 127. Transfer of Students and Transfer Credentials. A pupil or student enrolled in one school is entitled to transfer to another school, provided he has no unsettled obligations with the school he was enrolled in.

Section 128. Withholding of Credentials. The release of the transfer credentials of any pupil or student may be withheld for reasons of suspension, expulsion or nonpayment of financial obligations or property responsibility of the pupil or student to the school. The credentials shall be released as soon as his obligation shall have been settled or the penalty of suspension or expulsion lifted.

However, if, after due inquiry, a school is found to be unjustifiably refused to issue transfer credentials or student records, the Department may issue the same without prejudice to the imposition of appropriate administrative sanctions against the school concerned.

5. Considering the foregoing, the complete documentary requirements needed in order for a transferring learner to be considered officially enrolled in the receiving school are the Form 138 and Form 137;

6. Thus, in the cases where the originating private school rightfully refuses to release the permanent record of the learner because of unpaid obligations, the learner shall be considered TEMPORARILY ENROLLED.

For information and strict compliance.

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14 thoughts on “DepEd Policies on Transfer and Temporary Enrollment”

  1. Hello.
    As a senior high school, if I didn’t/don’t finish my first semester, Can I still enroll in second semester to other school?

  2. Good Day. I accidentally lost my form 138 what I can do with It. I needed it for my college admissions. Can you help me.

  3. My brother lost some of his books provided by the school (public) for this reason the school hold his form 137 how can we handle this?

  4. My grand daughter study in private school but due to pandemic we transfer her to public school because the school temporally closed,we still have unpaid balance ,now my granddaughter will be graduating in elementary and they are asking of form 137which due to unpaid balance,they won’t release,the teacher said no form 137 no graduation and my grandaughter will come back to grade 1,is this possible?

  5. good day..Sir my nephew is a grade 11 student currently enrolled in a private school in Calaca, Batangas. May i know if can or will be allowed to transfer to another school for grade 12?

  6. #DepEd., Good day, my daughter is recently enrolled in private school as grade2 student, and I fully paid the tuition fee, books and pocket learning module, and tuition fees for this 1st quarter and she already took the exam for this first quarter.
    Before this month end of november I transfered/enrolled my daughter in public school.
    My question is: is it valid, that the private school where my daughter came from, were demanding to still, pay the monthly tuition, for the rest of school year 2020-2021?

    Thank you

    • So the practice of allowing private schools to withold 137 forms for non payment of fees is still ongoing in the democratic republic. I think nothing will ever change. A school should not hold sway over a students progress & academic development. Nor should they act as a quasi judicial tribunal in determining right or wrong in any fees dispute. They are in a ” Conflict of Interest” situation and should be arms length from any disputation. A power imbalance exists under current practice and this should not allowed in any democracy..Dep Ed needs to look very thoroughly and diligently at this travesty of justice..m

  7. Is it okay to release a student’s form 138 of her completion of grade 10? While she will be transferring into another country to study for grade 11, thus she already finished her 3rd quarter period as a Grade 11 student

  8. Are grade school students able to transfer schools if the family relocates during the school year to another part of the Philippines?
    Ie move from Makati to Negros Occidental?

  9. Good afternoon. My child is grade 2 here in uae, but we cannot afford to pay the school here. We are coming there. Is she will be accepted if we dont have any form 138 to bring. Thank you.

  10. Good day! I have a question regarding the tuition payment. I transferred my son from Private School to Public School. Do we need to pay the whole year tuition fee even if I transferred my son after first grading?



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