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Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Between DepEd and the DepEd-NEU

May 31, 2019

DepEd Memorandum No. 69, s. 2019



Assistant Secretaries
Bureau and Service Directors
Regional Directors
Schools Division Superintendents
All Others Concerned

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has approved the Certificate of Registration of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) between the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Department of Education-National Employees Union (DepEd-NEU) after compliance with the prescribed requirements and in accordance with Executive Order No. 180 dated June 1, 1987 and Resolution No. 2, s. 2004 of the Public Sector Labor-Management Council.

Enclosed is a copy of the said CNA between DepEd and the DepEd-NEU with Registration No. 1468 dated August 30, 2018 for information and reference. The registration is binding between parties during the period of its effectivity from May 2, 2018 to May 1, 2021.

Pursuant to the pertinent provisions of the CNA, the following annexes are also enclosed:

a. Annex “A” – List of Plantilia Positions of Nonacademic Rank-and-File Employees of DepEd (per Article IV of the CNA);

b. Annex “B” – List of Office Furnitures, Fixtures and Equipment (per Section 6.2, Article IV of the CNA);

c. Annex “C” – Certificate of Registration of the CNA

d. Annex “D” – DepEd Order No. 23, s. 2018 (per Section 4, Article IV of the CNA)

For more information, contact the Department of Education-National Employees Union at telephone no. (02) 636-3549 or e-mail at neu.deped@yahoo.com.

Immediate dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.



  1. Accountant I
  2. Accountant II
  3. Accountant III
  4. Accountant IV
  5. Accounting Analyst
  6. Accounting Clerk II
  7. Administrative Aide I
  8. Administrative Aide II
  9. Administrative Aide ill
  10. Administrative Aide IV
  11. Administrative Aide V
  12. Administrative Aide V!
  13. Administrative Assistant I
  14. Administrative Assistant II
  15. Administrative Assistant III
  16. Administrative Assistant IV
  17. Administrative Assistant V
  18. Administrative Assistant VI
  19. Administrative Officer I
  20. Administrative Officer II
  21. Administrative Officer III
  22. Administrative Officer IV
  23. Administrative Officer V
  24. Agriculturist I
  25. Agriculturist II
  26. Aquacultural Technician I
  27. Aquaculturist I
  28. Architect II
  29. Architect III
  30. Artist-Illustrator II
  31. Assistant Teachers Camp Superintendent
  32. Attorney I
  33. Attorney II
  34. Attorney III
  35. Attorney IV
  36. Attorney V
  37. Board Secretary II
  38. Bookkeeper
  39. Cash Clerk I
  40. Cashier I
  41. Cashier II
  42. Chief Accountant
  43. Chief Administrative Officer
  44. Chief Education Program Specialist
  45. Chief Education Supervisor
  46. Chief Health Program Officer
  47. Cinematographer I
  48. Clerk I
  49. Clerk II
  50. Clerk III
  51. Computer File Librarian I
  52. Computer File Librarian II
  53. Computer Maintenance Technologist I
  54. Computer Maintenance Technologist III
  55. Computer Programmer II
  56. Computer Programmer III
  57. Construction and Maintenance Man
  58. Cook I
  59. Copy Reader
  60. Coxswain
  61. Crafts Education Demonstrator I
  62. Crafts Education Demonstrator II
  63. Creative Arts Specialist I
  64. Creative Arts Specialist II
  65. Dental Aide
  66. Dentist I
  67. Dentist II
  68. Dentist III
  69. Department Legislative Liaison Specialist
  70. Disbursing Officer I
  71. Disbursing Officer II
  72. Dormitory Manager I
  73. Dormitory Manager II
  74. Dormitory Manager IV
  75. Draftsman I
  76. Draftsmant II
  77. Driver I
  78. Education Program Specialist I
  79. Education Program Specialist II
  80. Education Program Supervisor
  81. Education Research Assistant II
  82. Engineer I
  83. Engineer II
  84. Engineer III
  85. Engineer IV
  86. Engineer V
  87. Executive Assistant I
  88. Executive Assistant II
  89. Executive Assistant III
  90. Executive Assistant IV
  91. Executive Assistant V
  92. Farm Worker I
  93. Fisherman
  94. Guesthouse Caretaker
  95. Guidance Coordinator I
  96. Guidance Coordinator II
  97. Guidance Coordinator III
  98. Guidance Councilor I
  99. Guidance Councilor II
  100. Guidance Councilor III
  101. Guidance Services Specialist I
  102. Guidance Services Specialist II
  103. Handicraft Worker I
  104. Handicraft Worker II
  105. Head Executive Assistant
  106. Health Education and Promotion Officer I
  107. Health Education and Promotion Officer II
  108. Health Education and Promotion Officer III
  109. Heavy Equipment Operator I
  110. Houseparent I
  111. Human Resource Management I
  112. Human Resource Management II
  113. Information Systems Analyst II
  114. Information Systems Analyst III
  115. Information Systems Researcher III
  116. Information Technology Officer I
  117. Information Technology Officer II
  118. Information Technology Officer III
  119. Internal Auditing Assistant
  120. Internal Auditor I
  121. Internal Auditor II
  122. Internal Auditor III
  123. Internal Auditor IV
  124. Internal Auditor V
  125. Laboratory Technician I
  126. Legal Aide
  127. Legal Assistant I
  128. Legal Assistant II
  129. Librarian I
  130. Librarian II
  131. Librarian III
  132. Light Equipment Operator
  133. Marine Engineman I
  134. Master Fisherman I
  135. Mechanic I
  136. Mechanic II
  137. Mechanical Plant Operator I
  138. Medical Officer II
  139. Medical Officer III
  140. Medical Officer IV
  141. Metal Worker I
  142. Nurse I
  143. Nurse II
  144. Nurse Maid I
  145. Nursing Attendant I
  146. Nutritionist-Dietitian I
  147. Nutritionist-Dietitian II
  148. Nutritionist-Dietitian III
  149. Photoengraver II
  150. Planning Officer I
  151. Planning Officer II
  152. Planning Officer III
  153. Planning Officer IV
  154. Planning Officer V
  155. Printing Foreman
  156. Project Development Assistant
  157. Project Development Officer I
  158. Project Development Officer II
  159. Project Development Officer III
  160. Project Development Officer IV
  161. Project Development Officer V
  162. Project Evaluation Officer IV
  163. Proofreader I
  164. Proofreader II
  165. Psychologist I
  166. Public Schools District Supervisor
  167. Publication Production Supervisor
  168. Records Officer II
  169. Registrar I
  170. Registrar II
  171. Reproduction Machine Operator I
  172. School Farm Demonstrator
  173. School Farming Coordinator I
  174. School Farming Coordinator II
  175. School Farming Coordinator III
  176. School Librarian I
  177. School Librarian II
  178. School Librarian III
  179. Science Research Assistant
  180. Science Research Specialist II
  181. Science Research Technician I
  182. Science Research Technician II
  183. Science Research Technician III
  184. Science Research Technician IV
  185. Scriptwriter I
  186. Security Guard I
  187. Security Guard II
  188. Security Guard III
  189. Security Officer I
  190. Senior Administrative Assistant I
  191. Senior Administrative Assistant II
  192. Senior Administrative Assistant III
  193. Senior Administrative Assistant V
  194. Senior Bookkeeper
  195. Senior Education Program Specialist
  196. Senior Health Program Office
  197. Senior Science Research Specialist
  198. Social Welfare Officer I
  199. Special Investigator II
  200. Special Investigator III
  201. Statistician Aide
  202. Statistician I
  203. Statistician II
  204. Statistician III
  205. Supervising Administrative Officer
  206. Supervising Education Program Specialist
  207. Supervising Health Program Officer
  208. Supply Officer I
  209. Supply Officer II
  210. Teacher Credentials Evaluator I
  211. Teacher Credentials Evaluator II
  212. Teacher Credentials Evaluator III
  213. Teachers’ Camp Superintendent
  214. Teaching-Aids Specialist
  215. Technical Education and Skills Development Analyst
  216. Typesetter II
  217. Utility Foreman
  218. Utility Worker
  219. Vocational Instruction Supervisor I
  220. Vocational Instruction Supervisor II
  221. Vocational Instruction Supervisor III
  222. Vocational Placement Coordinator
  223. Warehouseman III
  224. Watchman I
  225. Watchman II

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