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DepEd ASEAN QUIZ – Quiz Mechanics for the Competition Proper

ASEAN Quiz is a continuing project of the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (COCI) that aims to foster the spirit of healthy competition among ASEAN youth in a friendly quiz game that exposes them to ASEAN cultural, political, economic and social information.

ASEAN QUIZ Competition Requirements

The participants in the said contest should meet the following requirements:

a. must be in Grades 9 to 10, between 15 to 17 years old and must not be 18 years old by the first quarter of 2020;

b. must come from either a public or a private school;

c. must be proficient in the English Language, both oral and written;

d. must have a grade of 85 and above in Social studies during the first quarter of School Year 2017-2018;

e. must be physically fit;

f. must have good interpersonal skills / good team player;

g. must be willing (with parental consent) for the Regional and National Competition; and

h. must meet other criteria that may be deemed necessary by the ASEAN Quiz Organizing Committee.

DepEd ASEAN QUIZ – Quiz Mechanics for the Competition Proper

  1. The participants shall be seated in individual chairs with armrest.
  2. Each participant shall be provided with an answer sheet pad. However, pencil pen shall be provided by the participants to be used in answering the questions TRUE or FALSE, MULTIPLE CHOICE AND FILL-IN THE BLANK or COMPLETION.
  3. There will be two (2) segments to be used. Segment 1: True or False and Multiple Choice Segment 2: Fill-in-the-Blanks or Completion
  4. Segment 1: The True or False part will have 10 questions. Each correct answer will be given 1 point. The Multiple Choice part will have 10 questions. Each correct answer will be given 1 point. The total score is 20 points.
  5. Segment 2: The Fill in the Blanks or completion will have 15 questions. Each correct answer will be given 3 points. The total score is 45 points.
  6. Over-all total points are 65.
  7. For Segment 1 (True or False and Multiple Choice), participants will write the word True or False for the True or False questions and write the letter of the correct answer for the Multiple Choice questions. Participants will be given 10 seconds to write down their answers.
  8. For Segment 2 (Fill in the Blanks or Completion), participants will be given 15 seconds to write down their answers. A buzzer shall indicate that the time is up. Answers should be written in full; with no abbreviations or acronyms. Articles and prepositions should be correct. Answers with wrong spelling will be considered wrong. Corrections may be made by the participants but the previous answers must be fully erased or fully crossed out within the given time allotment. Each question in Segments 1 and 2 will be read twice. After the Quizmaster reads the question the second time, he/she will say “GO”. Only then will the participants write their answers. When the time is up, the Quizmaster will say “Markers Up”. Participants will then hold up their markers and whiteboards to show their answers. The Quizmaster will read aloud the answers of each participant. The scores will record the answers accordingly. A cumulative score per participant will be announced by the Quizmaster after each round before moving on to the next segment.
  9. The Organizing Committee and the Sub-Committee on Test development and Quiz Mechanics shall provide technical support and clarifications deemed necessary’ by the Board of Judges.
  10. Scoring Systems. There will be two scoring systems to ensure the correctness of tabulations, to be handled by the Scoring Team designated by the Organizing Committee. These two scoring system arc: (1) by computer, and (2) manually, using scoring sheets and a tabulation board prominently displayed for the reference of the participants, the Board of Judges and coaches.
  11. After the completion of segment 2, the cumulative points earned by each participant in the two segments will be tabulated. The results will be examined and verified by the Organizing Committee. When the results have been verified, these will be submitted to the board of Judges and announced accordingly by the Quizmaster.
  12. The Chairman of the board of Judges shall declare the First, Second, and Third Place Winners. The first highest pointer shall represent the Regional Competition. The second and third place winners will be declared as an alternative in case the first is unable to go for the Regional Competition.
  13. In case of a tic, tiebreaker question/s shall be asked until definite winner/s emerge. At the start of the tiebreaker round, the scores revert to zero.
  14. Should there be questions or protests, the Board of Judges shall decide on the matter. Their decision is final.

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