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DepED Early Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who will be accepted in the early registration?

Answer: Accept all pupils and students who would like to go to school year 2015 – 2016. The official enrolment of the pupil or student will happen on the opening of school year when the child/youth receives his/her Learner Reference Number (LRN). Remind the parent/guardian to ensure that the child/youth will come to school on the first day of school.

Question: Can a pupil/student transfer to a public school in another town?

Answer: Yes, a pupil/student who wishes to transfer to a public school in another place should be accepted, unless there is a local ordinance that prioritizes pupils/students living in the community where the school is located. To inquire if there is a local ordinance, please call the Office of the Regional Operations at 633-7203 or 631-8492.

Question: Can a pupil/student from a private school transfer to a public school?

Answer: Yes, the pupil/student should be accepted and registered. If a pupil/student’s transfer is not registered/accepted, please inform the Office of the Regional Operations at 633-702 or 631-8492.


Question: Who will be accepted as Kindergarten pupil in this school year 2015-2016?

Answer: Register all pupils who are 5 years old by June 1 and will turn 5 years old on or before October 31, 2015.

Grade 1

Question: Who will be accepted as Grade 1 pupil this school year 2015-2016?

Answer: All incoming Grade 1 pupils should have undergone Kindergarten. If a pupil completed Kindergarten program, register him/her to Grade 1 (whether the child is 6 years old or not by June 1, 2015)

Question: My child is currently in Kinder but she is 5 years old last December 2015, will she be accepted as Grade 1?

Answer: Yes, as long as she completes her Kindergarten education this school year.

Documentary Requirements:

  • The birth certificate of the child shall be the documentary basis for early registration.
  • If not available during the Early Registration, the document can be submitted within the school year.
  • The same document is required for other children and youth who have never been to school.


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29 thoughts on “DepED Early Registration Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hellow po im 23 years old. dis coming nextyear im 24
    So im asking to kung pwedi pa poba ako mag aral sa high school natigil po ako ng schooling nung 2015
    Ang goal kopo guzto kung makatapos ng high school at mag collage po ako.

  2. Hi po tanong kulang kong maari po bang makapag enrol ang isang bata kahit na walang card na maibigay kasi nawala po at kung hindi may iba pa po bang paraan para makapag enrol ang bata?

  3. Ung anak ko po ngtransfer ng skul nung july 2018,ngaun january 2019 transfer ko po sya ulit ng skul dahil ayaw na po nya pumasok dun sa pinagtransferan nya…ngaun pumunta ako dun sa skul na una nya nilipatan para kunin report card nya nd po binibigay ang katwiran ng teacher pending pa dw po record ng anak ko kc transferee dw sya kumbaga nd pa dw sya totally enrolled dun…paano ko po makukuha ung report card nya at form 137..pls help..

  4. Hi Good Day!

    I have a question my son was able to finished his toddler, nursery and Kinder 1 this year yet he don’t have this what we call LRN, can I still enroll my son to Grade 1?, as of now he is still 5 years old he will be turning 6 years old this coming August 31.

  5. Lilipat po ako ng school tapos ung birth certificate ko nung 2017 ko lang nakuha.Ang problema ko po magkaiba po ung full name ko sa card at sa Birth certificate.Nagkamali po kase(long story)Ano pong gagawin ko para mapalitan ung name ko sa card at sa LRN?hahadalag po ba un para makapag enroll ako sa ibang school?please pasagot po

  6. goodday po tanong ko lng po qng ok po ung paniningil ng xerox ng school n 10 pesos every week po….d daw ibibigay ang card ng anak q pag d daw nagbayad

  7. Me too..but my sons case is he is in grade 3 now and he is only 7 yrs..he is accelerated in grade2..hindi sya nag grade 1.. my problem is wala daw acceleration test sa deped… hindi sya mabigyan ng LRN kc ayaw pumasok ang name nya sa system kc underage sya.. posible na magrepeat sya nh grade3 nxt year….????????..i feel bad for my son..

  8. Hi po tanong ko lang po pumapasok na po kasi ang anak ko ngayon grade 1 po sya pero mag 6 palang po siya sa nov. 27 2017 pero nakapag kinder na po siya sa private school wala po siya LRN may posibilidad po ba siyang mabalik ng kinder o grade 1 na po talaga siya ?

  9. My child is currently in Kinder but he is 4 years old. He is turning 5 on November 16, 2017, will he be accepted as Preparatory by next year?

  10. hello yung anak ko will turn 5 this oct. 28 and shes now in kinder. sad to say tinawagan ako ng teached kasi di pa daw pwede yung age niya . Dapat ay sa nursery muna daw cya. d ba pwede na i continue nalang yung kindergarteen niya?

  11. Nag kinder na po ung anak ko pero wala siyang lrn. May schools po na ayaw siyang tanggapin for grade 1. What should i do po? 6 yrs old na po anak ko sa may 26.

  12. my son is turning 6 this mar.31,2017 and about to finish kinder 2..can i enrol him to grade 1?..he doesnt have his LRN because the school gave it only to prep students..how to get his LRN?

  13. Hi po.ask lang po if kinder 1 lang ba natapos d pwede mag grade 1 ngayon skul yr.kc yon mga anak namin naka enroll na sa grade 1 ngayon skul yr pero pinapabalik po sa pre elem.kc daw my deped order.need ur advice.thanks.30 pupils affected ng issue.thanks

  14. hi! my son is in nursery now and is just turning 4 on dec 1. can he be accepted in kinder next year? he already knows how to read and write. and know how to count and the basic addition.

  15. Hello good morning sir. Pwede pa po bang tanggapin ang batang gustong mag enroll sa high school kahit august na? Nagtrabaho kasi ang bata sa construction june at july. Pumunta sa school, kasama ang magulang at nagmamakaawa nga gusto nyang mag-aral. Ano po ba dapat gawin?

  16. we have learning center and we offer nursery and kindergarten one of our student enrollled in grade 1 but not accepted because he has no LRN what shall we do

  17. My daugther is turn 5 this coming august will she able to accept kinder what if august 8 2016 starts the class..thanks

  18. Hi, Sir. Just want to clarify:
    “Register all pupils who are 5 years old by June 1 and will turn 5 years old on or before October 31, 2015.”

    applicable pa din ba yan after 2015? or strictly 5 years old by june 1 in the coming years na po? thanks so much. 🙂

    • Hi goodmorning mam\sir
      I just wanna ask if is it allowed the teacher to teach the children pangasinense inside the classroom, my sister have 3 kids studied on kinder,grade 1,2,3 .i noticed thier notebook they have a subject filipino but teacher teach them a pangasinense but my sister son and my family grow up to speak “tagalog” but starting when they started to study at san miguel central school pangasinan ,my sister’s kids did’nt catch up thier lesson ,coz me and my family ,my sister’s kid speak “tagalog” at home outside of home,,school and anywhere…but the problem is even i its hard to speak and read thier lesson,,,my sister kids i saw them when they do thier homework they dont know what does it mean.,,,how come the division department allowed to teacher to teach pangasinense.,,its really annoying for the kids.,,hard to speak arabic,,not easy to understand …so pls help me and children …they must emphasize also other children not because we are here in pangasinan thry will trach pangasinense,its ok if they have subject pangasinense but worst even filipino subject they teach pangasinense,,its really ******.,,kids become “bobo”instead of learn how they will know the difference of singular and pronoun.,,


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