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2019 DepEd eHRIS

DepEd Enterprise Human Resource Information System (DepEd eHRIS)

DepEd eHRIS Logo
DepEd eHRIS Logo

What is DepEd eHRIS?

The EHRIS, an innovation designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of human resource management systems and processes in the Department of Education (DepEd), is undergoing the implementation process in the Central Office, and will be implemented in all Regional Offices (RO), Schools Division Offices (SDO), and all public (DepEd-managed) elementary and secondary schools.

Mandated by DepEd Memorandum 275, s. 2009, it ensures the automation and simplification of human resource systems and processes; provides vital information in support of management decisions and strategic plans; and provide valid data requirements to other recipient agencies such as the Civil Service Commission (CSC), the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the Commission on Audit (COA), and the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), among others.

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What does DepEd eHRIS do?

  • Automates core HR management functions and routine services;
  • Enhance HR systems and processes to support personnel in delivery of prompt, uninterrupted, efficient, and responsive services to its clients;
  • Single source of truth for HR information and organizational structure that will also include Personal Services Itemization Plantilla of Personnel (PSI-POP);
    • SSOT means that the personnel’s personal, employment and development data will only come form one source, eHRIS.

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eHRIS Modules


  • Integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display
  • Currently displays birthdays and announcements. (demographics, announcements, policies, etc)

Self Service

  • Provide all personnel with access to their personal and employment information that includes:
    • Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
    • Daily Time Record (DTR)
    • Pay slip

Time and Attendance Management System

  • Automates time-in and time-out processing and provides a near real-time information on employee daily time record (DTR);
  • Enables all personnel to track and monitor their attendance more accurately; and
  • Provide on-line application and approval of deficiency forms

Service Request

  • Will deliver an easy to use self service workflow that automates common and repetitive HR services processes. Current and future service requests will include but not limited to are
    • Pay slip
    • Time and Attendance Deficiencies
    • SALN
    • Provident Fund Loan Application
    • Request for Certification
    • Service Records

HR Module

  • Only the HR Officer user account will have access to this module
  • Add, Edit, Update and Removal of personnel will take place in this module
  • Masterlist of Personnel

EHRIS Modules in Plan

Results Based Performance Management System

  • Provides a solution for the planning, conducting and monitoring of performance assessment processes throughout the Agency
  • Automates the process of collecting, analyzing and/or reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group or Agency as a whole

Talent Acquisition and DepEd Online Application System (OAS)

  • Provides a solution for the planning, conducting and monitoring of performance assessment processes throughout the Agency
  • It links up with the current Online Application System which provides the data for all new employees.
  • DepEd Online Application System is currently available online to the teacher-applicants in the Division Offices  and to applicants in the Central Office.

Succession Planning Module

  • Is designed to enable the BHROD to identify and develop internal personnel with the potential to fill key critical positions within the Agency
  • Maintains data on the availability of experienced and capable personnel that are prepared to assume key positions as they become available.

Learning and Development Module

  • Provides a system to administer and track employee training and development intervention for personal development and professional growth
  • Allows HR  to track education, qualifications and skills of the employees, as well as outlining what training courses, books, CDs, web-based learning or materials are available to develop specific skills or competencies
  • Provides data on the competencies of the incumbent and as required by the position as assessed
  • Development plan per employee is also available.

Reports Module

  • Will include reports that are submitted to other government office:
    • Inventory of Positions in DepEd
    • Retirees
    • Step Increment
    • Loyalty
    • etc

DepEd eHRIS Self Service Modules

How do I access the eHRIS Self-Service Module?


  1. First, you need to have your email address (DepEd provided for all permanent employees or Gmail account for non-regular employees) that is registered in the eHRIS (refer to Diagram). Otherwise, you will receive “Account does not exist” message. In this case, contact the ICT Service User Support Division (icts.usd@deped.gov.ph) to register your email account.
  2. Access the eHRIS through http://ehris.deped.gov.ph.
  3. At the eHRIS login page, click Activate Account
  4. Type your valid email address in the space provided
  5. Click Send Password button
  6. Open your mailbox to access the default password provided by the system
  7. At the eHRIS login page, input your User Name and the default Password emailed to you by eHRIS in the spaces provided
  8. You may change the default password by clicking on the inverted triangle icon located at the upper right side of the landing page.

I have successfully logged into the eHRIS Self-Service but my PDS record is blank.

STEPS to create a PDS record in the eHRIS:

  • From eHRIS Dashboard, click Self-Service., then select My Detail from the leftmenu panel.
  • Proceed with entering your personnel data.
  • Make sure to save data entered in every tab.

eHRIS: Journey from Transactional HR to Technology-Driven HR

Conference Workshop for HRMOs – Vis-Min Cluster
Golden Peak Hotel & Suites, Cebu City


  • February 2004 as HRMOs
  • June 2004, moratorium on hiring non teaching personnel in CO, RO, DO (RATPLAN)
  • No formal training / orientation as HRMO
  • Some administrative officers are not as supportive as some
  • LGU HR have higher SG than DepEd HR


I entered the DepEd HR world during the most trying time in HR in all levels.

I was appointed in Feb of 2004, and the Rationalization Plan of activities of DepEd was in full swing. I cannot give you more on that because I wasn’t a part of that, but still the moratorium on hiring non teaching personnel is in full force..

One by one, our more age-advanced colleuge retired or left but was never replaced.. Work started to pile up, deadlines were a nightmare with less people.

This coupled with DO personnel who came from the LGU who were acting “lordly” than the permanent DepEd employees, simply because they are related to this secretary and to that congressman, you get what I mean right?

Of course, the central Office Personnel Division personnel started to retire as well and never got new people. For new HR like me, sino ang mag-orient sa akin?

So I had to find ways how to do things, of course my adrmistrative office taught me, but there was not formal orientation from the Region or CO, simply because everyone were simply piled up with work.

Fast forward 2013


Back in 2013, we presented these statistics when we went out to rollout ePDS.

You see in DepEd, our numbers will always astound others and can make us wonder how did we ever cope?

Let see our statistics in 2017.. It may not be the same issue.. But still overwhelming as well

One of the underlying challenge in the Department is the hiring of new teachers. In the first half of 2013 alone, 56,085 or 91% of the newly created 61,510 items were added to the Department’s roster. Without a database, safekeeping all their data in one place is a challenge!
e.g. numerous activities related to Rat Plan only for the purpose of collecting data on personnel and position.

That’s one of the huge problem facing the department. Who are these people? How many of them are sick? How old or young is DepEd’s workforce?

DepEd Statistics circa 2017

DepEd 2017 Statistics

Our 2017 DepEd Statistics will still astound us.


  • Conflicting rules and policies
  • Absence of policies
  • Numerous policies are already obsolete
  • Policies of other agencies are from the dinosaur era 😀
  • Lack of support from higher ups
  • Volume of paper work, so little time
  • Manual system or no system at all


Relate relate relate?

Both old and new can definitely relate

The challenges then are still the challenges now..

Sometime when I ask my team members to call HRMOs after 5 pm, tell will say they “baka wala na pong tao”

I would simply say “Call HR, many of them leaves work at 6pm 😀

Now with more personnel in the Personnel Division and the HROD Division in the Central Office, they are now able to allocate more time for more important matters

Important matters meaning, updating the HR Manual

Resolving policies from the bygone era and more to come.

How I coped?

Be friended some HR / Administrative Officers during trainings

“Hindi bawal ang magtanong”

Ask your CSC FO Director, your CO / RO and fellow HRs, your LGU HR, HR from other agencies in the same FO, Regional DBM In-charge for reclassification, etc, COA Auditors, etc.

Ask long time employees

Research, read and understand policies

eHRIS v1 and v2 use

  • 2015 and 2016 with eHRIS v1
    • (ehris.deped.gov.ph) Central Office, Regional Office and SDO
  • 2017 with eHRIS v2
    • https://fo.ehris.deped.gov.ph RO, SDO and Schools
deped employees


That while we continue to prolong this, your are just prolonging your agonies.

Our new deadline is February 2017.

It was stated in the Memo that was released the other day to the Regional HRMOs and ITOs via email and yesterday, posted in DepEd HRMO Philippines FB Group.

Reiterating the expected use of eHRIS and it’s impact on your daily routine workloads

Data: Provide To or Get from?

  • Learning and Development Information System (NEAP)
  • Payroll system for salaries, remuneration
  • LIS and EBEIS for number of personnel
  • PMIS for funding sources and BTMS for disbursement
  • DeRPS or will include the Asset Management System, etc.
  • Reports Module, etc.


Capping Off

  • Information system, in general or, eHRIS is NOT the solution to our HR problems
  • Information readily available;
  • non repetitive;
  • more time to channel our energies to information dissemination;
  • go out and put a face on the names that we only see in paper;
  • Interact with our public more; and
  • More time for our family.

Got questions? Please contact:

EHRIS Helpdesk
1st Fl, Bonifacio Bldg, DepEd Complex,
Meralco Ave, Pasig City
Contact Nos: (02) 6357369; 0956 477 2610; 0921 458 4058 ; 0942 614 9599
Email: icts.usd@deped.gov.ph
Join FB Group: DepEd EHRIS Helpdesk 1.0
Join FB HRMO Group (HR Personnel only):
DepEd HRMOs Philippines

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