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Download DepEd GAD Plan and Budget Template

In reference to DepEd Order No. 63, s. 2012, entitled “Guidelines on the Preparation of Gender and Development (GAD) Plans, Utilization for GAD Budgets and Submission of Accomplishment Reports”, all School GAD Focal persons are required to submit their respective Annual GAD Plan and Budget, strictly following the attached Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) approved template.

The signatories for the GAD Plan and Budget are the following:

Prepared by: School GAD Focal Person
Recommending Approval: School Head
Approved: Schools Division Superintendent

The following shall be observed in the crafting of the DepEd GAD Plan and Budget:

  1. The gender issues/GAD mandates and corresponding GAD programs and activities and projects (Pas) to be included in the GPB should be within the context of the agency’s mandates. In identifying gender issues and corresponding GAD PAPs, agencies shall include those that directly respond to mandates provided in international and national laws, commitment and plans on women and gender equality.
  2. The identification of gender issues and GAD PAPs shall also be informed by results of gender analysis and gender audit, particularly the application of the Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF)
  3. The GAD PAPs should be contributory to the DepEd GAD goal which aims to ultimately reduce disparities in enrolment, completion, participation cohort survival and learning achievement between boys and girls.

Sample DepEd Annual Gender and Development (GAD) Plan and Budget Excel Template

Guide in Completing the GAD Accomplishment Report Template

Note: The template at the end of this section guides the agency in preparing its GAD Accomplishment Report.

Column 1: Gender Issue / GAD Mandate

This column lists down the gender issues and/or GAD mandates identified in the previous year’s GAD Plan and Budget (GPB).

Gender issues and GAD mandates and commitments that were not previously identified in the GPB but were addressed or implemented by the agency shall also be reflected.

Column 2: Cause of the Gender Issue

This column lists down the causes or reasons for the identified gender issues in the previous year’s GPB.

Column 3: GAD Result Statement/GAD Objective

This column reflects the results/objectives that the agency intended to achieve in relation to the GAD mandates and/ or gender issues it committed to address in the previous year’s GPB.

Column 4: Relevant Agency MFOs/PAPs

This column reflects the agency MFOs/PAPs relevant and appropriate to the gender issues and GAD mandate identified in Column 1 of the previous year’s GPB.

Column 5: GAD Activities

This column enumerates the activities or interventions that were undertaken by the agency in response to the identified gender issues, concerns and GAD mandates. GAD activities that are not included in the endorsed GPB but were implemented by the agency shall also be reflected.

Column 6: Performance Indicators and Targets

This column indicates the targets identified in the previous GPB which the agency committed to achieve within a specific period.

Columns 1- 6 may just be copied from the previous year’s GPB.

Column 7: Actual Results

This column reflects all the results/outputs of the GAD activities that were conducted and or implemented. It shall provide a description of the change that has occurred after implementing a particular GAD activity. The agency must also indicate the accomplishment of previously identified targets.

Column 8: Total Agency Approved Budget

This column reflects the approved total agency budget.

Column 9: Actual Cost or Expenditure

This column shows the actual cost or expenditure in implementing the identified GAD activities of the previous GPB. To avoid double counting and attribution, the agency shall provide a breakdown of the expenditure if necessary.

Column 10: Variance/Remarks

This column shall indicate any deviation from the identified results, activities and targets. The reasons for the deviation as well as the factors that have facilitated or hindered the implementation of the agency’s PCW- endorsed GPB shall also be cited.

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