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DepEd Requirements for GAD Training Proposals

Expenses for all GAD activities should be charged against GAD funds which are the representation of 5% of the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE), Personal Services (PS) (salaries & wages, pera, clothing allowance, mid-year bonus, year-end bonus, cash gift, PEI), and Personnel Benefits contribution (RUP, HOMF, PH1C, and ECIP).

Activities to be indicated in the GAD Plan should be realistic/attainable. Topics for GAD seminars may include Gender-Based Violence (GPB), HIV/AIDS Prevention, Laws/mandates on Women Empowerment, Gender Sensitivity Training/Gender Mainstreaming, etc. Activities such as team-building, Field trips, and other similar activities should not be included in the GAD Plan and cannot be charged against GAD funds.

Proposals for GAD activities to be held outside the jurisdiction of your Division Office should be submitted for approval to the Regional Office through the Schools Division Superintendent, at least 15 working days before the conduct of said activities.


  1. Indorsement letter (1st Indorsement signed by SDS)
  2. Request letter for the conduct of GAD Training
  3. Training Proposal with the title of GAD activity
  4. Training Matrix
  5. GAD Plan & Budget (GPB) approved by SDS
  6. Travel Order (with name and position of participants)
  7. Consent to attend the GAD Training (duly signed by the participants, noted by the School Head)

Important Reminders:

1. Topics should be realistic/attainable, e.g.,

a. Gender-based Violation (GPB)

b. HIV/AIDS Prevention

c. Laws/mandates on Women Empowerment.

d. Gender Sensitivity Training/Gender Mainstreaming

e. Gender Analysis Tools (e.g, GMEF, HGDG)

Note: Team-building/Field Trips aren’t advised to be spelled out in the training matrix

2. Resource Speakers should be subject matter experts.

3. Training proposal should be aligned with GPB.

4. Side trips are not to be included in the training matrix

5. Submit Accomplishment Report (AR) with pictorials upon completion of training.

6. Participants shall exercise utmost care, prudence and responsibility in the conduct of the GAD Training.

7. Training Proposals should be submitted to the Regional Office at least 15 working days before the conduct of the GAD Training.

Schools are advised to strictly comply with the requirements to facilitate approval of requests to conduct GAD activities.


DepEd Order on the Preparation of GAD Plans

Download DepEd GAD Plan and Budget Template

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