DepEd Guidelines on Swapping of Station


Guidelines on Swapping of Station, or Personnel-Initiated Transfer to Another Station

Field Officials are hereby informed of the following guidelines on swapping of station, or personnel-initiated transfer to another station/school assignment, to wit:

A. The personnel concerned should have rendered at least three (3) years of service in the present station (DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015), except for meritorious and humanitarian reasons.

B. Personnel should be armed with a Letter of Intent, or Swapping Agreement, whichever is appropriate, noted and endorsed by the principal/school head of his/her present station, and duly approved by the Schools Division Superintendent

C. Teacher-Transferee should seek clearance from all accountabilities from the school of origin before transfer may be effected. Principals and school heads are reminded that they may not refuse to sign the teacher-transferee’s clearance for reasons other than the failure of the latter to clear himself from ail accountabilities arising from his/her duty. Liabilities to individuals or juridical entities arising from personal transaction may not be not a ground for withholding clearance.

D. Principal or school head of the receiving school shall require the teacher-transferee to present his/her Assignment Order, along with the aforementioned documents.

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