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Updated DepEd Guidelines on Swapping of Station

Field Officials are hereby informed of the following DepEd guidelines on swapping of station or personnel-initiated transfer to another station/school assignment, to wit:

DepEd Guidelines on Swapping of Station, or Personnel-Initiated Transfer to Another Station

  • The personnel concerned should have rendered at least three (3) years of service in the present station (DepEd Order No. 7, s. 2015), except for meritorious and humanitarian reasons.
  • Personnel should be armed with a Letter of Intent, or Swapping Agreement, whichever is appropriate, noted and endorsed by the principal/school head of his/her present station, and duly approved by the Schools Division Superintendent.
  • Teacher transferee should seek clearance from all accountabilities from the school of origin before transfer may be affected. Principals and school heads are reminded that they may not refuse to sign the teacher transferee’s clearance for reasons other than the failure of the latter to clear himself from all accountabilities arising from his/her duty. Liabilities to individuals or juridical entities resulting from the personal transaction may be not a ground for withholding clearance.
  • Principal or school head of the receiving school shall require the teacher transferee to present his/her Assignment Order, along with the documents as mentioned above.
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18 thoughts on “Updated DepEd Guidelines on Swapping of Station”

    • Ako po, Taga Sta.Clara Sto.Tomas,Batangas.
      Bale po may teacher po na nag send ng letter sa amin na taga Diosdado Macapagal NHS dyan po sa Taguig
      tapos dun po din mismo naka assign ang mapapangasawa ko kaya po willing ako makipag swap. I update ko po regards sa pag uusapan namin sa friday. T1 po ako Science Major. Nag aalanganin pa po kasi ako kasi T3 po siya.
      Maraming Salamat Po. Good luck sa atin

      • Hello Ma’am I have handled a transfer po dito sa amin. T1 yung isa from our district then yung isa from the SD from City, T3 po…… Nag swap po sila…..
        Si T1, T1 parin sya kahit nag swap sila ni T3 sa bago nyang school…… pero si T3, demoted po to T1 yung nangyari. 😀 Hope Nakatulong po.

  1. Dito po,sa Magnaga, Elementary, School, Pantukan Davao de Oro ..ang Principal ayaw po mag pa re shuffle kahit tapos na ang 5 years term DepEd policy..Kahit hindi na gusto ang mga teachers sa kanya…Gustong mag pa extend ng 4 years lumapit sa mga Politiko…Hindi gusto ma punta sa maliit na school..

  2. Ang misis ko ay nagpatransfer po, kompleto po niya ang 8 stages ng endorsements ,dated august 2017 po ay accomodated na xa sa bagong school, 06 march 2018 pinareport po xa ng bagong district nila, 05 march 2018 po ang last day niya sa previous station niya, march 7 binigyan na po xa ng school at doon nagturo, April 2018 sinabihan xa na may 3 lackings ang papel niya for appointment order, May 2018 nasubmit po niya,, mula po ng nalipat ay d na nakasahod at sabi po sa kanya ay cut na ang service nya kaya due for re employment na xa,,, hingi lang po kami advice para makakuha xa sahod niya at di maputol service nya,, salamat po


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