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Guidelines on the Senior High School Voucher Program for School Year 2020-2021

The Department of Education (DepEd) issues the enclosed Guidelines on Eligibility and Application for the Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP) for School Year (SY) 2020-2021 to provide details on the requirements, procedure, and schedule for voucher application, from qualification to redemption, as well as other information relative to SHS VP application.

These guidelines shall have national applicability, effective for vouchers that will be redeemed in SY 2020-2021.

These guidelines shall remain in effect unless otherwise amended or repealed.

For more information on this policy, please contact the Office of the Undersecretary for Planning, Human Resource and Organizational Development. Ground Floor. Rizal Building. Department of Education Central Office. DepEd Complex. Meralco Avenue. Pasig City through email at usec.governance@deped.gov.ph.

Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Order is directed.

Enclosure to DepEd Order No. 016. s. 2020.



Republic Act (RA) No. 10533. otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013. lengthened Philippine basic education from ten (10) to thirteen (13) years with the addition of Kindergarten and Grades 11 and 12 in Senior High School (SHS). Grade 11 was introduced in School Year (SY) 2016-2017. Grade 12 in SY 2017-2018.

The Philippine Constitution of 1987, particularly Article XIV. Section 1, guarantees the right of every Filipino to accessible and quality basic education, and Article XIV, Section 2.3 mandates the State to establish a system of. among others, subsidies and incentives to deserving individuals in both public and private schools. RA No. 10533 upholds both of the said provisions by explicitly expanding the programs of assistance under Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (E-GASTPE Law or RA No. 8545 which amends RA No. No. 6728) to extend the benefits accorded by E-GASTPE to qualified learners in Grades 11 and 12. RA No. 10533 further mandates the Department of Education (DepEd) to formulate programs to enact the abovementioned law based on the principles of public-private partnership.

In this regard, DepEd developed the Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP), a program of financial assistance wherein subsidies in the form of vouchers are provided to qualified SHS learners in participating private or non-DepEd public SHSs. DepEd Order (DO) No. 11. s. 2015 provided the policy guidelines on the implementation of SHS VP. The said guidelines categorized the learners into two: those who automatically qualify for SHS VP, and those who shall undergo application, subject to additional guidelines that DepEd will issue for that purpose. This DepEd Order is being issued to provide the guidelines on the application for SHS VP in SY 2020-2021.


These guidelines shall have national applicability, and provide details on the requirements, procedure, and schedule for voucher application, from qualification to redemption, as well as other information relative to SHS VP application. These guidelines shall be effective for vouchers that will be redeemed in SY 2020-2021.


For purposes of these guidelines, the terms listed below are defined as follows:

Non-DepEd Senior High School (Non-DepEd SHS)

This refers to an educational provider not directly operated by DepEd, but granted by DepEd with a permit or government recognition to operate SHS. This includes private high schools, private colleges and universities; state universities or colleges (SUCs); local universities or colleges (LUCs): and technical and vocational institutions offering SHS.


This refers to a subsidy given by the State to qualified Grade 10 completers to enable them to enroll in a non-DepEd SHS of their choice. The assistance helps to defray the cost of tuition and other published fees charged by a non-DepEd SHS. The subsidy is not given to the learner as cash: DepEd instead pays directly to the non-DepEd SHS where the learner enrolls.

Grade 10 completer

This refers to a learner who is expected to complete Junior High School (JHS) at the end of SY 2019-2020 or had completed Grade 10 not earlier than 2016 and had not previously enrolled for Grade 11.

Education Service Contracting (ESC) grantees

This refers to a learner who participates in the ESC program, a program of financial assistance by DepEd for learners in certified private JHSs.

Qualified Voucher Recipient (QVR)

This refers to a Grade 10 completer who is eligible to avail of the voucher in SY 2020-2021 because they are either an automatically qualified learner or a QVA.

Voucher Applicant (VA)

This refers to a Grade 10 completer who needs to apply to qualify for a voucher.

Qualified Voucher Applicant (QVA)

This refers to a voucher applicant whose application is successful and is thus considered a QVR.

Voucher Redemption

This refers to the act of availing of the voucher by enrolling at a non-DepEd SHS in any of the DepEd-approved learning delivery options.

Voucher Program Beneficiary (VPB)

This refers to a QVR who avails of the voucher through successful voucher redemption.


It is a policy of the Department to uphold the right of every Filipino to quality basic education by providing access whether through public provision or programs and arrangements based on the principles of public-private partnership. Consistent with Section 10 of RA No. 10533. DepEd engages the services of private educational institutions and non-DepEd public schools offering senior high school through programs of assistance under E-GASTPE.

One such program of assistance is the SHS VP which aims to increase access to SHS thereby providing greater choice to learners and their families in deciding the SHS program that caters to their needs and career goals. In accordance with Section 22 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 10533. DepEd shall make SHS VP available primarily to Grade 10 completers in public schools, but shall also make it available to qualified Grade 10 completers in private educational institutions, subject to compliance with the qualifications and guidelines provided in this DepEd Order.

The health and safety of voucher applicants and all others who will be involved in the voucher application process are of paramount importance to DepEd, especially given the COVID-19 situation. Thus. SHS VP application shall be conducted in accordance with the applicable issuances on the management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Utmost consideration shall be extended to applicants without compromising the integrity of the application process and the concomitant SHS VP’s financial resources.


DepEd is the institutional owner of the SHS VP. As such, it is the final authority on policy decisions and issues arising from its implementation. DepEd implements the SHS VP in fulfillment of its mandate, and in furtherance of the K to 12 reform agenda of the government. To ensure the program’s success. DepEd develops the necessary policies, provides the necessary resources, and monitors and evaluates indicators relative to the objectives of the SHS VP. It exercises oversight power over PEAC and concerned DepEd offices in their implementation of the program.

The Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) has been contracted by DepEd to manage the SHS VP. PEAC is the trustee of the Fund for Assistance to Private Education, a perpetual trust fund created to provide assistance to private education in the country. Specifically, for SHS VP application. PEAC shall coordinate with DepEd and other stakeholders to ensure that applications are processed and results are promptly released. PEAC is represented nationally by its National Secretariat (PEAC NS).

Learners and their parents/guardians are responsible for their own voucher applications and choice of Senior High School. They shall ensure that forms are correctly filled, documents are complete, and applications are received by PEAC NS on or before the deadline. They are also responsible for checking the results of their application once the results have been announced. Learners who are QVRs are responsible for redeeming their vouchers within the prescribed redemption period.

Schools shall provide learners and parents with information, guidance, and assistance on the SHS VP and the application process. They must process documents requested by the learners, and may provide career guidance programs, conduct orientations on SHS VP. and provide resources to facilitate voucher applications. School shall uphold student choice in the SHS VP and shall not impose their preferences on learners or otherwise engage in practices that undermine student choice.

DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2020


DepEd SHS Voucher Program Documentary Requirements for SY 2020-2021

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  1. Hi, my son had to stop 1 year during junior high (due to financial reasons) and he got disqualified for ESC. i would like to know if we can still apply for the shs voucher after graduating JH.


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