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Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Education is a tool that helps enhance and develop a better individual perspective. This may be supported through formal or non-formal technique but the most important thing about it is the achievement of its goals.

Schools are known as a place for education. Students or learners in general, come to school for them to study various disciplines or courses that will help them conquer challenges for them to become ready for the outside circumstances. These consist of subjects that support the development of both critical and creative thinking of each learner.

We all know that every individual has his or her own learning style which is patterned according to multiple intelligences and differentiated classroom instruction to us educators. By classifying the capacity of each learner we have in our classroom, we can be able to educate them properly and according to what they mostly need. This happens conventionally by feeding our students the different set of subjects in which based on a worldwide curriculum can satisfy the learning competency of these learners.

Learners are being fed with course including languages, arts, arithmetic, sciences, values and entrepreneurship. The problem today is how our learners can be able to develop their real talents and capacities through educating them with this bunch of subjects. There are problems according to the video by TED Education which are raised to innovate the pattern of education we have ever since.

The capability of our students is already instinct in a way that they only need to develop for them to grow and showcase real intelligence. Creativity and critical thinking are two most significant things that need to be enriched in an individual. I as a teacher allow my students to create an avenue within our classroom where they are welcome to provide their own opinions about the topic and suggest ways on how I may assess their learning.

The series of choices in terms of performance tasks in sciences subjects is a helpful way to distinguish the ability of each learner whether by individual or group activities and show their outputs in front of the class. According to the K to 12 curriculum program, the science course subject should surround the students with ideas and appropriate knowledge where they can meet the standards to maximize and elevate their creative and critical thinking skills. Through this objective and aim, the students can surpass challenges and solve problems by helping the economy and the community to innovate things for great development.

One thing that must be considered by us educators is the deprivation of these exceptional talents to be widened through the education system we used to have. Creativity was referred to as important in education as literacy. It can also allow the capacity for innovation of children. The creative minds of our learners are really important in so many factors as these can be integrated to different subject courses that they deal with every class session.

The problem now in our education system is that it undermines creativity instead of nurturing it. The schools we have from then and now are almost the same from teachers to instructional materials and activities. The main thing that changes is the curriculum and set of subjects which happened to be a big drawback for the education system.

Commonly, schools or educators stigmatize the mistakes of our students. We were taught to become competitive enough for us to survive instead of making collaborations with others.

For this reason, our students who adapted our way of education tend to be frightened of being wrong as it may lost their capacity. This connotation we have from then and now must be changed for it would help transform our education system from conventional way which we continuously deal with today to a more progressive knowledge-based setting where individuals are free to choose, interact, showcase and correct their capacities.

This idea of revolutionizing our educational system can be a vast encouragement for our schools not to kill the creativity of these children but to enlighten them with ways on how to fortify their aptitudes.

Christopher Punzalan

Christopher H. Punzalan is a teacher in basic and higher education institutions in Dasmariñas City, Cavite, Philippines where he handled courses inclined with Sciences and Research Methods. He is presently studying a graduate program in science education at Philippine Normal University.

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