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2021 DepEd Mobile App User Guide


To facilitate ease of access and to resolve issues regarding incorrect passwords and difficulties in logging-in to the DepEd COVID-19 Monitoring App, a user sign up page has been deployed into the system. All pre-registered Single Sources of Truth (SSTs) at the school level are instructed to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to https://mobileapp.deped.gov.ph/users/sign_up and enter your active DepEd email address, full name, contact number, school information, and password.
  2. Your email must contain the domain @deped.gov.ph. All SSTs who do not have a DepEd Email account may use their personal email but are required to coordinate with their local IT officers for the issuance of a DepEd Email account.
  3. Check your email for “Confirmation Instructions”, click “Confirm my account”, and wait for the “Welcome to DepEd Mobile App” approval email within 24 hours.

For queries and other details, please contact the Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Service (DRRMS) through Jose Gabriel Noveno at +632863749-33 and drrmo@deped.gov.ph, and/or the Bureau of Learner Support Sendees – School Health Division (BLSS-SHD) through Gian Erik Adao at +63286329935 and blss.shd@deped.gov. ph.

DepEd Mobile App User Guide

In using the DepEd mobile App, log-in with your assigned school, and always remember to use your email address and password.

A general instructions section can be found on the landing page where other memoranda and navigation bars for existing trackers can also be viewed. Regularly check this app for updates, new tracker modules, or new memorandum.

The DepEd Mobile App is designed to provide a tool where you can securely and accurately submit reports so that stakeholders and the management can receive consolidated data and information to assist them to make informed decisions.

It is therefore imperative to carefully read each question or statement, understand what is being asked, and be mindful when responding.

Remember that your responses will affect and effect a greater good.


The facilities tracker is a reporting tool where you can submit specific information about the use of school facilities in this crisis situation.

As a reminder, ensure that before responding to each point, carefully read each question/statement, and be timely and accurate with the information.

Upon clicking on the FACILITY TRACKER (ECQ), the following questions/items need to be answered truthfully:

Is your school currently utilized for the COVID-19 Crisis?

Requested by LGU/Government Agency

By Clicking you are stating that your school has not received any request and is not being used for the COVID-19 Crisis. When the time comes that a request has been received or the circumstances have changed, you can go back to this app and update your responses.

By clicking [YES. you must select the nature or purpose for the facility use. Check one or more of the following that best describe the use of the facility.

  • Quarantine for Close Contacts
  • Isolation for Probable / Suspect
  • Holding Area
  • Dormitory for Health Workers
  • Food Preparation / Distribution
  • Relief / Supply Depot
  • Camp/Barracks
  • Evacuation
  • OTHERS (specify the answer on the space provided if it is not listed on the choices above)
  • Number of buildings (write down the number of Buildings now being used for proper monitoring)
  • Number of classrooms (write down the number of Classrooms now being used for proper monitoring)

Tick on the status of the request of the LGU or Agency and specify the name of the requesting LGU / Agency.

  • Approved
  • Denied
  • Under Evaluation
  • Not yet filed / no request
  • Verbal Request Only

You can upload a photo in this report but remember to take a photo first and select the appropriate photo for uploading in this app.

Click the SUBMIT BUTTON, after carefully reading your responses again.

If a formal request has been submitted by the LGU or any government agency, CLICK Requested by LGU / Government Agency. Then select the

  • Request Submitted
  • Request Denied (state reason)
  • Approved (not yet used/ waiting for mobilization)

Specify the name of the requesting LGU or Organization (AFP, PNP, Regional, Provincial, City, Municipal, IATF, etc.)

  • Number of Buildings Requested
  • Number of Classrooms Requested

Click on the SUBMIT BUTTON to update the server for reports consolidation.


A number of pre-registered designated Single Sources of Truth (SSTs) are still unable to access the DepEd Mobile App. One of the main culprits is that the email used to log in is not the pre-registered email. This problem has variations, too, such as:

  1. Typographical errors in the email (e.g. juandelacruzdepedgovph)
  2. Invalid email address (e.g. juandelacruz@deped.com.ph), and.
  3. The alternative email specified (e.g. user is logging in using DepEd email but had pre-registered using personal email).

Other issues include:

1. Installation Error for Android duo to Security Concerns

For those who encountered problems installing the Android app due to security concerns, be assured that we are working closely with Google Ray to resolve the issue.

2. Invalid Passwords

The teams have already implemented the new sign up page so that users can already nominate their own password.

3. Poor Interact Connection

While this issue is beyond the team’s capacity to resolve, please collaborate with your co-SSTs who have better internet connections in order to update your school’s status reports.


Still haven’t accessed the DepEd Mobile App? SIGN UP!

We have launched the new SIGN UP page. What is this for? Generally, it is for quicker EMAIL VERIFICATION. When you sign up and specify a unique, valid, active, and working email, you will receive an email confirmation link to verify your account. After verification, your account will then be processed for approval to use the DepEd Mobile App.

I don’t have a DepEd email yet. Can I sign up?

Yes, you still need to sign up using your personal email. It should be a valid, active, and working for you to receive the “Confirmation instructions”. Then, you will need to wait for your work email to be created. Once you receive and activated your DepEd email, you need to notify us so we can update your registered email address into your new DepEd email account.

I already forgot my DepEd email and password. Can you help?

If you have forgotten your DepEd email or password, contact your Division IT Officer to recover or reset it. Once you have access to your DepEd email, you can then sign up at https://mobileapp.deped.gov.ph/users/sign_up.

Installing the Android mobile app for SST users

The Android version of the DepEd Mobile App is exclusively for use of assigned and designated school SSTs (Single Source of Truth) who have pre-registered or enlisted for an account.

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