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DepEd Modified School Calendar for Adoption of Affected Areas Due to Taal Volcanic Eruption

For the information and guidance of all concerned, attached are DepEd Dasmarinas Division Memorandum No. 42, s. 2020 entitled Proposed Modified School Calendar and Flexible Learning Options and DepEd CALABARZON Regional Order entitled Proposed Modified School Calendar (as may be adopted by Batangas and other Affected Areas), contents of which are self-explanatory.

Proposed Modified School Calendar and Flexible Learning Options

On February 18, 2020, a Regional Order on the Proposed Modified School Calendar (as may be adopted by Batangas and other affected areas) was issued by Regional Director Wilfredo E. Cabral. In the said modified school calendar, it was provided that classes may be held on Saturdays from February to March 2020 to make-up for the number of class suspensions brought about by the eruption of Taal Volcano.

The memorandum approving the Modified School Calendar issued by Secretary Leonor Magtolis-Briones was also attached in the aforementioned Regional Order. In the said memorandum, it was stated that the Office of the Secretary “approves the proposed Modified School Calendar for the adoption of said affected areas as long as school heads, teachers and concerned parents are amenable to the arrangement”.

It being the case, the school heads and others concerned are hereby notified of the Modified School Calendar for purposes of determining whether such arrangement is amenable to them, the teachers and parents based on the school’s context and prevailing situation. However, if Saturday classes are not feasible, this Office reiterates its directive, as provided in Division Memorandum No. 02, s. 2020 Re: Clarifications on the Conduct of Make-up Classes, that all public elementary and secondary schools prepare a Flexible Learning Option (FLO) plan to implement and cover lessons missed from January 13 to 17, 2020 (5 days), the period when classes were suspended in the City of Dasmarinas due to Taal Volcanic Eruption. The FLOs are provided in DepEd Order No. 21, s. 2019 titled Policy Guidelines on the K to 12 Basic Education Program. The Flexible Learning Option (FLO) shall be communicated first and with clear agreement among the teachers and parents before its implementation.

A copy of the Regional Order dated February 18, 2020 (with Modified School Calendar) is attached hereto for reference.

Immediate and wide dissemination of this Memorandum is earnestly desired.

Proposed Modified School Calendar (as may be adopted by Batangas and other Affected Areas)

To address the numerous suspensions of classes implemented in the affected areas due to the Taal Volcanic Eruption, the Regional Office is releasing the Proposed Modified School Calendar as approved by the Office of the Secretary for those schools/areas affected. Attached is the calendar together with additional notes and considerations for reference.

It should be noted that this calendar does not cover schools that are still closed or under locked down due to Mt. Taal.

Immediate and widest dissemination of this order is enjoined.

In view of localized and province-wide suspension of ciasses |some on an indefinite timeline) in the affected areas due to Taal Volcanic Eruption, the undersigned respectfully requests the approval of the herein proposal for modified school calendar basically anchored on the presumption that classes will at the earliest be resumed February 3, 2020. Moreover, this is in support of the LGU’s initiative to vacate school.

This proposal shall address state of unrest among DepEd personnel and parents. It also shall provide a sense of direction for school leaders in dealing with queries from all stakeholders. However, this does not cover schools which at the moment are locked down. Thus, we maintain that students should be allowed to attend classes in schools nearest to them pending considerations on the re-opening of the affected schools.

It may be informed that the fourth quarter of SY 2019-2020 consists of 60 school days. The modified school calendar shall only cover about 58 days, including Saturdays and Sunday.

Attached is the details for your perusal and approval.

Thank you.

Director IV

DepEd Modified School Calendar for Adoption of Affected Areas Due to Taal Volcanic Eruption

A. Number of School Days per School Calendar

January 202021
February 202020
March 202022
April 20203
Total65 days
Less5 days (part of Third Quarter)
Fourth Quarter60 Days

Onset of Fourth Quarter January 13, 2020

B. Total Number of Class Suspension to Date

January 13-17, 2020 5 days
January 20-24, 20205days

C. Assumptions (classes resume on February 3, 2020) 58 days

January 27- Feb 2, 20200 (devoted on school clean up)
February 202024 days
February 3-8, 20206 days (including Saturday)
February 10-15, 20206 days (including Saturday)
February 17-22, 20206 days (including Saturday)
February 24-29, 20206 days (including Saturday)
March 202028 days
March 2-7, 20206 days (including Saturday)
March 9-14, 20206 days (including Saturday)
March 16-21, 20206 days (including Saturday)
March 23-28, 20206 days (including Saturday)
March 30-31, 20202 days
April 20206 days (including Saturday and Sunday)
April 1-6, 20206 days

Important Dates

March 20-21, 2020 – Final Examination Dates (Grade 6 and Grade 12)
March 27-28, 2020 – Final Examination Dates (Grades 1 -5 and Grades 7-11)
April 1-6, 2020 – School Year-end Preparations /Graduation/Recognition/Moving Up

D. Notes and Some Considerations

  • Should LGUs lift suspension earlier than February 3, school shall immediately mobilize school clean up. This will increase the contact time.
  • The modified calendar should not go beyond April 6 in view of the observance of Holy Week.
  • Affected teaching personnel are not required to report to school during suspension but shall be entitled to their salaries as this will be offset during the implementation of modified school calendar. This means they are no longer entitled to Service Credits during Saturday classes as contained therein.
  • On the other hand, teachers reporting to schools during suspension of classes with supporting documents may request service credits on those dates as recommended by concerned school head.
  • Affected non-teaching personnel shall report to their SDO for possible temporary deployment in schools and offices to render needed services.
  • Teaching and non-teaching personnel in locked down schools shall report to SDO for possible deployment as support personnel/augmentation in case admitting/receiving schools bloat class size and the need for shifting arises.
  • Schools heads with the assistance of the SDO shall conduct consultation with parents on the modified school calendar to

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