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DepEd Monthly School Calendar of Activities For School Year 2021-2022

The Department of Education (DepEd) issues the DepEd Order No. 29, s. 2021 dated August 05, 2021, titled DepEd School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2021-2022, in accordance with its commitment to learning continuity amidst the health crisis.

Attached herewith is Enclosure No. 2 to DepEd Order No. 29, s. 2021, titled DepEd Monthly School Calendar of Activities For School Year 2021-2022 for your information and guidance.

DepEd Monthly School Calendar of Activities For School Year 2021-2022

August 2021Activity
13Start of Enrollment Period
3 -31Brigada Eskwela and Oplan Balik Eskwela
21Ninoy Aquino Day
30National Heroes Day
September 2021Activity
TBAAccreditation and Equivalency Test (A&E)
1-30Brigada Eskwela and Oplan Balik Eskwela
13End of Enrollment Period
13Opening of Classes
13Start of Academic Quarter 1
TBAOplan Kalusugan sa DepEd
Class Days: 16
October 2021Activity
5World Teachers’ Day
TBAAdministration of PEPT (regular)
4-17SPG/SSG Election (First to Second
TBAStart of Career Guidance Orientation
for Grade 9,10,11, and 12
Class Days: 26
November 2021Activity
1All Saints Day (Regular Holiday)
2All Souls Day (Special Working Day)
12End of Academic Quarter 1
15Start of Academic Quarter 2
Conference/Distribution of Report
27Araw ng Pagbasa
TBAAccreditation and Equivalency Test (A&E)
30Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)
Class Days: 23
December 2021Activity
8Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion (Special Non-working Day)
20Start of Christmas Break
25Christmas Day (Regular Holiday)
30Rizal Day (Regular Holiday)
31Last Day of the Year
Class Days: 15
January 2022Activity
1New Year’s Day (Regular Holiday)
3Resumption of classes
28End of Academic Quarter 2
31Mid-year Break
Class Days: 24
February 2022Activity
2-5Mid-year Break
1Chinese New Year (Special Nonworking Day)
7Start of Academic Quarter 3
Conference/Distribution of Report Cards
25People Power Anniversary (Special Non-working Day)
Class Days: 21
March 2022Acitivty
Administration of PISA in Selected Schools
Class Days: 27
April 2022Activity
8End of Academic Quarter 3
9The Day of Valor (Regular Holiday)
11Start of Academic Quarter 4
14Maunday Thursday (Regular Holiday)
15Good Friday (Regular Holiday)
16Black Saturday (Regular Holiday)
23Parent-Teacher Conference/ Distribution of Report Cards
TBAAdministration of ELLNA, NAT 6 & 10
Class Days: 22
May 2022Activity
1Labor Day (Regular Holiday)
2-6 & 10-13National Elections-related Activities
9National Elections
Every Friday starting
TAYO Naman! Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Service for DepEd Personnel
Class Days: 14
June 2022Activity
12Independence Day
23DepEd Founding Anniversary
24End of Academic Quarter 4 and School Year
27-July 2End-of-School Year Rites
Class Days: 21
July 2022Activity
1-2End-of-School Year Rites
4Start of Remedial/Advancement Classes
August 2022Activity
12End of Remedial/Advancement Classes during Summer

Activities and Celebrations Mandated by Law

JuneActivities and/or ObservancesLegal Basis
1-30Dengue Awareness MonthPP No. 1204, s. 1998
National Kidney MonthPP No. 184, s. 1993
W.A.T.C.H. (We Advocate Time Consciousness and Honesty) MonthPP No. 1782, s. 2009
5World Environment DayPP No. 1149, s. 1973
3rd Week of JuneNational Safe Kids WeekPP No. 1307, s. 2007
23Department of Education Founding
Administrative Order (AO) No 322, s. 1997
26International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit TraffickingPP No. 264, s. 1998
30Commemoration of the Historic Siege of Baler and Philippines-Spanish Friendship DayRA No. 9187, s. 2003
JulyActivities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-31National Disaster Resilience Month E.O No. 29, s. 2017
Nutrition MonthPP No. 491, s. 1974
3rd WeekNational Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation WeekPP No. 361, s. 2000 / PP No. 1870, s. 1979
23Commemoration of the Philippines-Japan Friendship DayPP. No. 854, s. 2005
Last WeekLinggo ng Musikang PilipinoPP No. 993, s. 2014
August Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-31Buwan ng Wikang PambansaProklamasyong Big 1041, s. 1997
ASEAN MonthPP No. 282, s. 2017
National Adolescent Immunization MonthHealth Calendar 2021 (DOH)
National Breastfeeding Awareness MonthRA No. 10028, s. 2009
National Lung MonthPP No. 1761, s. 1978
Sight Saving MonthDOH Calendar 2021
Philippine History MonthPP No. 339, s. 2012
1White Cane Safety DayRA No. 6759, s. 1989
1st WeekSight Conservation WeekPP No. 40, s. 1954
9National Indigenous Peoples DayRA 10689 s. 2015
12Philippine International Youth DayPP 229, s. 2002
19Commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of President Manuel L. QuezonRA No 6741, s. 1989
19World Humanitarian DayInternational Humanitarian Law
25National Tech-Voc DayRA No. 10970, s. 2018
September Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-30 National Peace Consciousness MonthPP 675, s. 2004
Maritime and Archipelagic Nation Awareness MonthPP 316, s. 2017
1-7National Crime Prevention WeekPP 461, s. 1994 / DM 158, s. 2013
2-8Literacy Week CelebrationPP 239, s. 1993
September 5 -October 5National Teacher’s MonthPP 242, s. 2011 / DM 99, s. 2015
9International Day of Peace in the PhilippinesPP No. 1881, s. 2009
10World Suicide Prevention DayHealth Calendar 2021 (DOH)
21Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Declaration of Martial LawPP 1081, s. 1972
3rd WeekInternational Coastal Clean upPP No 470, s. 2003
25-30Linggo ng KabataanPP 246, s. 2011
26-30Linggo ng Kasuotang FilipinoPP No. 241, s. 1993
4th MondayFamily DayPP No. 1895, s. 2009
Last WeekFamily WeekPP No. 60, s. 1992
October Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-31Consumers Welfare MonthPP 1098, s. 1997
National Indigenous Peoples (IP) MonthPP 1906, s. 2009
Scouting MonthPP No. 1326, s. 1974
1st WeekElderly Filipino WeekPP470, s. 1994
5World Teacher’s DayDM 46, s. 2016
National Teachers’ DayRA No. 10743, s. 2016
2nd WeekNational Mental Health WeekPP No. 452, s. 1994
17-20Commemoration of the Leyte Gulf LandingPP 653, s. 1995
18-24United Nations WeekPP No. 483, s. 2003
14th WeekJuvenile Justice and Welfare Consciousness WeekPP 489, s. 2012
November Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-30Filipino Values MonthPP 479, s. 1994
Malaria Awareness MonthPP 1168, s. 2006
National Children’s MonthRA No. 10661 s. 2015
Philippines Environment MonthPP No. 237, s. 1998
Library and Information Services MonthPP No. 837, s. 1991
10-16Deafness Awareness WeekPP No. 829, s. 1991
2nd WeekEconomic and Financial Literacy WeekRA No. 10922, s. 2016
17National Students’ DayRA No. 11369
19-25Global Warming and Climate Change Consciousness WeekPP No. 1667, s. 2008
3rd SundayNational Day of Remembrance for Road Crash VictimsRA No. 11468
25National Consciousness Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC)RA No. 10398, s. 2013
National Day for Youth in Climate ActionPP No. 1160, s. 2015
25-Dec 1218-day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAWPP No. 1172, s. 2006
27Araw ng PagbasaRA No. 10556, s. 2013
4th WeekNational Week for the Gifted and TalentedPP 199, s. 1999
National Science and Technology WeekPP No. 78, s. 2019
Last WeekNational Music Week for Young ArtistsPP 25, s. 1998
DecemberActivities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1World AIDS DayDM 270, s. 2001
3International Day of Persons with Disabilities in the PhilippinesPP 1157, s. 2006
1-31Firecrackers Injury Prevention MonthHealth Calendar 2021 (DOH)
4-10National Human Rights Consciousness WeekRA 9201, s. 2002
2nd SundayLinggo ng KabataanPP No. 99, s. 1985
National Children’s Day of BroadcastingRA No. 8296, s. 1997
2nd WeekEducation WeekPP 2399, s. 1985
January Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-31Food Conservation MonthPP 1398, s. 1975
Zero Waste MonthPP No. 760, s. 2014
3rd WeekNational Cancer Consciousness WeekPP No. 1348, s. 1974
National Autism Consciousness WeekPP 711, s. 1996
23Commemoration of the First Philippine Republic DayRA No. 11014, s. 2018
February Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-28National Arts MonthPP 683, s. 1991
National Dental Health MonthPP 559, s. 2004
Philippine Heart MonthPP 1096, s. 1973
1st SaturdayAdoption Consciousness CelebrationPP 72, s. 1999
11International Day of Women and Girls in ScienceUN Gen Assembly
2nd WeekNational Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and ExploitationPP 731, s. 1996 / DM 5, s. 2015
Safer Internet Day for Children PhilippinesPP No. 416, s. 2018
14-20National Children with Intellectual Disabilities WeekPP 1385, s. 1975
22-25EDSA People Power Commemoration WeekPP No. 1224, s. 2007
Last WeekLeprosy Control WeekPP467, s. 1965
March Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-31Fire Prevention MonthPP 115-A, s. 1966
Women’s Role in History MonthPP No. 227, s. 1998
1st WeekWomen’s WeekPP224, s. 1988
8Women’s Rights and International Day of PeacePP No. 224, s. 1975
4th WeekProtection and Gender Fair Treatment of the Girl ChildPP No. 759, s. 1996
April Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
1-30National Intellectual Property MonthPP No. 190, s. 2017
2Commemoration of the Birth Anniversary of Francisco ‘Balagtas’ BaltazarPP 964, s. 1997
9Commemoration of the Araw ng KagitinganEO No. 203, s. 1997 / RA No. 3022, s. 1961
May Activities and/or Observances Legal Basis
7Health Workers DayRA No. 10069, s. 2010
22Commemoration of the Philippine-Australia Friendship DayPP No. 1282, s. 2016
22Philippine Earth’s DayPP No. 1481, s. 2008
May 28-
June 12
National Flag Day CelebrationRA No. 8491, s. 1998 / PP No. 374, s. 1965 / Executive Order No. 179, s. 1994
31World No Tobacco DayRes WHA 42.19, 1988
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