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DepEd Official Statement on the appeal for the recall of DepEd DO 42, s. 2016

July 29, 2016

In relation to the issues raised by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Teachers Partylist and the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) regarding the preparation of the Daily Lesson Log (DLL) by teachers, the Department of Education (DepEd) wishes to clarify that it has not made any official statement on this matter.

While the DepEd recognizes the concerns raised by ACT and TDC regarding the clerical tasks of its teaching personnel, it also affirms its commitment to taking care of the welfare of its teachers. It was in this spirit that DepEd Order 42, s. 2016 or the Policy Guidelines on Daily Lesson Preparation for the K to 12 Basic Education Program was crafted.

The new guidelines seek to enable teachers to deliver quality instruction based on the principle of sound instructional planning. They also seek to help teachers come to their classes prepared. The guidelines have also reduced the number of years teachers are required to prepare a Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) from two years to just a year, particularly for newly-hired teachers or teachers who join DepEd without any professional teaching experience. After a year in the service, teachers are only required to fill out a Daily Lesson Log (DLL). Moreover, the guidelines also allow teachers to prepare lessons collaboratively and encourage seasoned or veteran teachers to mentor novice teachers in preparing for daily lessons.

The DepEd understands that part of the concerns of teachers regarding the DLL is its new format. In this regard, the DepEd wishes to assure teachers and the public that the new DLL format was created with the best interests of teachers in mind. The new DLL format is simply meant as a planning tool for teachers in terms of budgeting time and choosing the most appropriate activities and assessment strategies to ensure that learners meet the competencies targeted in each lesson. It is meant as a tool to help teachers deliver lessons more effectively each time they step in front of their class.

Research has shown that a common trait that effective teachers share is planning, preparing for, and reflecting on their teaching. The DepEd Order was issued to accompany the changes in the curriculum, and changes in the curriculum also require greater capacity in teaching. The DepEd is committed to ensure that its teachers are not only effective but also capable of delivering quality instruction on a daily basis.

That said, DepEd Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones would like to reiterate that while she has not made a decision on the appeal to recall the policy, she is open to a discussion of it. She also commits to consultation with all parties concerned—from within the DepEd and other stakeholders—before any policy determination is made.

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Mark Anthony Llego

Mark Anthony Llego, from the Philippines, has significantly influenced the teaching profession by enabling thousands of teachers nationwide to access essential information and exchange ideas. His contributions have enhanced their instructional and supervisory abilities. Moreover, his articles on teaching have reached international audiences and have been featured on highly regarded educational websites in the United States.

15 thoughts on “DepEd Official Statement on the appeal for the recall of DepEd DO 42, s. 2016”

  1. … I think … DLL/Lesson Plan is not bad, … what i need is deeper understanding/studying/training about it! Style/strategy in teaching lang yan!! BE POSITIVE!!!

  2. Sana makarating sa kinauukulan ang lahat ng mga ito mga kaguro… Dami gastos .. dami work.. Dami observ… Pressured… Dami na nagkakasakit na teachers…

  3. Ang sa akin lang mas mahalaga ang aktwal na pagtuturo at kagamitan ng gurong gagamitin sa kahit anupamang tool na ginagamit ng guro gaya ng Lesson Plan. Huwag sana tayong magpa alila sa DepEd Order o kung anumang kinopya lamang sa kung saang bansa. Tandaan nasa Pilipinas tayo, iba ang nasa Canada kaysa sa bansa natin. Napakadami pa nating dapat mas tutukan kaysa paggawa ng Lesson Plang habang haba.

  4. It’s so sad… No one argue with the effectivity of using SSL/lesson plan… The issue is all about the time it consumed during the preparation… Specially if a teacher has 3 or more preparation… Making lesson plan/DLL is literally hell.. 8hrs in school (7-4/5pm) then going home less/more 30/1hr… preparation for food the. What? Making DLL/LESSON PLAN? Until midnight? And yes teachers prepared the DLL/LESSONplan well but do you think you can deliver it well with less sleep? It’s already in the study that lack of sleep has many negative effects … Then some teachers will wake up 4am to travel to go to school! Now, the resting time of the teacher is very small and imagine if that is happening day by day… I think to save the teachers…
    It’s so stupid to evaluate a book that in the end you cannot rely on its instructions in teaching it’s contents…

  5. agree ako kay mam susan..sanaa guide na lang ang ibigay para magkaroon pa ng time magprepare ng visual aids lalo na pag kagaya namin na 3 to 4 preparations every day..

  6. Sana po magkaroon n lng ng mga guide n ituturo n lng para makaprepare ng materials n gagamitin o kaya naman po ay mamigay n ng ready na lesson n naka CD n .. at itututuro n lng para kinabukasan ay healthy ang pagtuturo ng mga trs… cguro naman kpag ganun very alive ang magiging pagtuturo ng mga guro..

  7. For my 36 years in the service in DepEd, I have encountered different approaches in delivering lessons to our students with different styles of lesson planning. But the most friendly kind of lesson plan is the old one because everything found in the DO 42 is being congested in the old lesson plan. I haven’t seen any difference with regards to planning of the lesson because after all the delivery of the lessons depends on the level of the students, in which the planned lesson may not be followed. We were happy already with the DLL before which is too short that we have more time in making our IMs to make our lesson more interesting and enjoyable. At the end of the day we’re able to hit our target. The DO42 is quite tasking to our part because we will be spending more time in filling up the parts of it and we forget to prepare the materials for our lesson. Before we went home relaxed and spent bonding moments with our family, but when this DO42 is to be implemented the routine activity at home is being diverted to making of DLL. If we are going to sum up it all the system is always experimenting as to what is best for the learners but not thinking as to what is best for the teachers. If one introduced is not effective immediately shifted to another and we in the field are confused and thought of asking another again? The government is spending so much for a training, seminar of making ready made lesson plan and lesson log but all went useless and wasted, so here is again another experiment, until when will this be used? So to the curriculum maker please listen to the voice of the facilitators of learning because we are the very concern who knows what is best for our recipients of knowledge.

    • I entirely believe on what mam marcerita eballe says. This new DLL makes teacher’s task more difficult because of it’s complexity. Many teachers welcomed changes. We’ve been through numerous modifications. There was once the UBD, then for some major reason not explained , it was abolished, then K-12 ‘s 4A’s. Now, it’s the DLL. We are hoping that our DepEd would focus more in some good program/ training about truly effective strategies in teaching.

  8. That is the problem. Writing laborious and long lesson plans steals time for teachers to prepare teaching materials. While lesson plan is indispensable it should not be long because the truth is teachers, we, cannot strictly follow the content unless we bring with us and look at it every now and then. And as we all accepted the fact, that is just a plan, in reality you will still what you instinctively think is appropriate for the time.

    Take for example, if you had not finished your daily plan, instead of writing “continuation” or “same plan yesterday” for the next day plan, the SHs would require us to rewrite that.

    Why not instead of that long DLL, why not have a Lesson Plan framework. Instead of filling-out the many questions there?

    Objective of the lesson (topical objective-because our goal is to deliver the concepts, master the skill for the certain topics and imbibe necessary values related to the topics) Objectives should not be repeated on a daily basis. Objectives should be long-term, having in mind that the objectives met can have lasting effect on the target-learners.

    As opposed to the daily objectives, once met. that is it. Accomplishment but will that last on our students’ mind?

    We teach one concept/skill as per our objectives, but that is not a guarantee that students can retain that.

    As parallelism, you can not know what kind of tide you must overcome when sailing your students ashore, unless you are the one rowing it.

    It is easy for most of you to assume that this is right and yet we teachers who have got the most time connecting/dealing with students and we see it right on our very eyes.

    Topics may be based on curriculum, but no time constraints because the important one is not the delivery, but the result. Topics can be more than one day.

    Method of Delivery – this should not require teachers to write specifically and explain concisely. Teachers will tell what method of delivery she chose to teach the topics; reviews and motivation/warming up are routines that should not be written anymore. For us teachers it is instinctive. We do not deliver the topics at once because we know (all teachers know) that we should prepare our students for the new topic, before engaging them in.

    Be open to reality that students have poor retention and poor comprehension, you teach certain concepts, the next day they forgot. Even as you are discussing (right there and then), you ask question to check their comprehension, they would stare at you blankly. These are our students, wake up to reality. We repeat directions over and over, we teach the same concepts over and over. That is the truth.

    Now you add this DLL to the length of our teaching time.

    And what is the essence of reflection? My Goodness!! Do you think we do not reflect daily if our students got the lesson well? Teaching is over for the day and yet before we sleep we ask ourselves, what could be the problem? We evaluate ourselves daily. That is reflection.

    The data in the the reflection is an evidence for the IPCRF. You are data-conscious rather than effective change to the dwindling education.

    Do not blame the teachers, blame the system and take time/reflect what systems of education you have given us. Most of them copied from abroad and yet you want that implemented at once. But until now, you cannot proudly say to us, it created better students.

    Then you will pass the blame to us, “tamad ang teacher.”

    Lastly, I appeal to all of you visit us, not only the SHs (whom CAN BE biased against a teacher) every now and then. Actual teaching is better than good DLL.

    Do not measure the effectiveness of the teacher with perfect DLL. Measure on how we deliver our lessons.

    With all the guts that I have, I wrote this.

    • I’ve read every single line you have written. I couldn’t agree more! We basically need a DepEd secretary who has been a classroom teacher for sometime. Only then can we be fully understood!

    • So, an elementary teacher would be making how many DLL/DLP in a day?
      We have been writing lesson plans for years. I was just thinking why DLL/DLP has to be too tedious when in this age of ours everything is being made short & simple.
      BTW, whatever happened to the prototype lesson plans too? Those Best Practices ( during seminars/trainings) should have their LPs shared or all those awarded Outstanding Teachers should share their LPs.
      Does it also state in the D.O 42 that it has to be in a ring binder? In some schools a teacher has to spend 200 pesos or more for those DLL/DLP. They require it to be in a ring binder while in other schools it is not. Why? Are they not being too subjective and not objective in that way?
      Is it not more important that a teacher has always an LP to present daily even if it is not in a ring bind?


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