Reiteration of Guidelines on Wearing 2019 Deped National Uniforms

TeacherPH reiterates DepEd Memorandum no. 84, s. 2016 entitled Guidelines on the DepEd National Uniforms for Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel.

Deped National Uniforms

As stated in the guidelines only the approved national uniforms should be used by both teaching and non-teaching personnel as follows:

Male Uniforms (Teaching & Non-teaching Personnel) Day
Set A

Polo : white (half button) Pants : Dark gray or black
Mondays & Wednesdays
Set B

Polo : Off-white (half button)
Pants : Dark gray or black
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Female Uniforms (Teaching)Day
Set A

Blouse : Pink
Pants: Dark gray
Mondays & Wednesdays
Set B

Blouse : Beige
Pants : Black
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Female Uniforms (Non-teaching)Day
Set A

Blouse : Green
Pants : Dark gray or black
Mondays & Wednesdays
Set B

Blouse : Blue
Pants : Dark gray or black
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Non-teaching Personnel
Free style
PSDSs, School Heads and Teachers

Boy Scout uniform on 1st Friday of the month
Girl Scout uniform on 2nd Friday of the month
3rd and 4th Friday of the month – Free style

The following DepEd personnel are exempted from wearing the prescribed uniforms:

  • School officials who occupy third level positions in the Career Executive Service (CES);
  • Medical and dental staff who shall wear their profession’s uniforms;
  • Janitors, utility workers, and maintenance personnel who shall wear appropriate working attire;
  • Legal officers, i.e lawyers/attorneys, whose nature of work requires a different dress code;
  • Teaching and non-teaching personnel with physical disabilities and other legitimate health reasons;
  • Pregnant employees who shall wear maternity dresses during their period of pregnancy; and
  • Teaching and non-teaching personnel who are in mourning may wear the appropriate mourning clothes.

Non-compliance to and deliberate defiance of this Order shall be dealt with administratively pursuant to Section 22.C (Violation of Reasonable Office Rules and Regulations), Rule XIV, Revised Omnibus Rules Implementing Book V of the Administrative Code of 1987 (Executive No. 292).

8 thoughts on “Reiteration of Guidelines on Wearing 2019 Deped National Uniforms”

  1. Bernardita p. Tasipit

    Thank you Sir Mark Llego for your unending support and care for us teacher. God bless you sir! Jut

  2. Pano yan May pa lang nagpatahi na kami kaso ung mananahi di natahi uniform namin . Are we to blame? Saan yong justice? We pull out our cloths para maghanap ng tatahi ng uniform namin maghahanap pa kung sino tatangap n 2-4 na araw lang tapos na.

  3. Arlene G. Salustiano

    What will happen to the teacher if she cannot wear the uniform on August because it is not yet through?

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