DepEd Process Flow on Reclassification of Teaching Personnel

Below is the DepEd Equivalents Record Form (ERF) and Reclassification Evaluation Application Process Flow and Timelines:

1Career Guidance1 week1st or 2nd week of DecemberDivision SGOD
2Notice of Submission of ERF/Reclassification Required Documents1 working day1st Monday of the yearDivision SGOD
3Submission of ERF/Reclassification required documents to the School Head (Elementary and Secondary)1 working day1st week of every monthTeacher applicant
4School Head validates the documents submitted by Teacher1 working day1st week of every monthSchool Head
5Submission of ERF/Reclassification application by the School Head to the District Office (Elementary)1 working day1st week of every monthSchool Head
6Submission of ERF/Reclassification applications from District Office (Elementary) and school head (Secondary) to the Division Office1 working day2nd Monday of every monthPSDS/Principa l-In-Charge/ School Head
SDO receive application of ERF/Reclassification from School/DistrictDivision Records Officer
7SDO verifies and validates documents submitted
log/encodes/verify completeness
of the documents
2 working daysDivision HRMO
7.2. Authentication of photocopied documents1 working day2nd to 3rd weekAdministrative Officer V -Admin
7.3. Evaluation of documents by the HRMPSB (Principal, MT and HT)5 working daysDivision HRMPSB/TWG
7.4. Recommending approval by the Schools Division Superintendent1 working daySchools Division Superintendent
SDO submits validated ERF/Reclassification documents to the Regional Office1 working day4th week of (April to September)SDO HRMO
8Regional Office evaluates the validated ERF/Reclassification Documents and return to the SDOs 1 working day 4th week of (April to September) Teacher Credentials Evaluator/TW G
9Deadline of submission of working paper (List of approved ERF/Reclassification applications with corresponding fund needed (inventory)5 working days1st week of DecemberDivision HRMO
10Release of Sub-ARO1 working dayWithin JanuaryRegional
Budget Officer
11Preparation/Submission of Plantilla Allocation List (PAL) to the RO10 working daysFebruary 1 to
March 15
Division HRMO
12Submission of Plantilla Allocation List (PAL), Sub-ARO, Certificate of Availability of Funds and approved ERF/Reclassification3 working days3rd week of MarchTeacher Credentials Evaluator/TW G
13Preparation and Releasing of NOSCANot to exceed
15 calendar days for more than 10 positions (DBM standards)
DBM Processor/TW G
14Releasing of NOSCA from DepEd RO to SDO1 working dayRegional Office
15Send Memo and issuance of AppointmentDivision HRMO


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