2019 DepEd Reclassification of Position Requirements

Reclassification is a form of staffing modification and/or position classification action which may be applied only when there has been a substantial change in the regular duties and responsibilities of the incumbent of the position and which may result in a change in any or all of the position attributes: position title, level and salary grade.

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Updated DepEd Promotion and Reclassification Guidelines

DepEd Requirements in the Processing of Reclassification of Position

  1. Evaluation Sheet
  2. Letter Request of the applicant for salary upgrade
  3. Ample justification(s) for the need for the reclassification of position
  4. Latest Appointment
  5. Updated Service Records
  6. Original Transcript of Records with Special Order
  7. One (1) original and one (1) duplicate copy of Certification from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as to the Masteral units/ degree earned by the teacher (if private school)
  8. CS Eligibility (Rating)
  9. Updated PRC License
  10. Copy of the latest post-audited Personal Services Itemization and Plantilla of Personnel (PSIPOP) where the Item is reflected
  11. Computation/Matrix for the resulting salary increment – 4 copies
  12. Rank list of all personnel who are qualified for the desired position, duly signed by the Chairman and members of the ranking Committee and attested by the Schools Division Superintendent
  13. Waiver from concerned personnel(s) in the event that the candidate is not the most ranking
  14. Plantilla Allocation List – 4 copies
  15. Certification of Relevant Training with certified list
  16. Enrolment Data (Form 3) in the present school assignment, including the cluster schools handled, if any
  17. VS Performance Rating for the last 3 consecutive years or two (2) Outstanding Performance from the effectivity of the Latest Appointment
  18. CSC Form 212, Revised 2017 (Personal Data Sheet)
  19. District Data Bulletin
  20. Copy of Class Program of the Candidate (MT only)
  21. Certificates/Proofs of Outstanding Accomplishment
  22. Equivalent Records Form (ERF) for HT positions/ Position Description Form for Principal positions
  23. NEAP Certification as to the result of NQEP taken and Basic Training Course for School Heads attended
  24. SBM Task Force’s certification as to the rating obtained in the internal and external stakeholders assessment
  25. Notarized List of Teachers under supervision with the identification of their respective plantilla item number per latest post-audited PSIPOP
  26. Copy of the latest post-audited PSIPOP wherein the names of the teachers under supervision are reflected
  27. Certification of non-availability of item.
  28. Payslip

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