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DepEd Samar Search for Best Practice Story SBM Grant Project

Division of Samar will be giving AWARD & PRIZES to top 15 BEST PRACTICE STORY. Please download the template below and post your entry as FILE in our FB Group: Deped Samar Exclusive or Deped Samar SBM. Your can also email your entry to g3rry.ocenar@gmail.com. Deadline is January 13, 2015. Good luck.


1. Write a narrative / feature story depicting how School-Based Management (SBM) Grant addressed your school needs and its total impact to the school development.

2. The narrative should be written in not less than two pages and not more than four pages of an A4-size bond paper.

3. The narrative report should have the following parts:

a. Heading

i. This part should contain the following information: Name of School, School ID, Name of School Head / Cluster head

b. Introduction

i. This part should give the reader a picture of your school. It must present the profile of your school such as its geographical location, number of enrolment, number of personnel, and condition physical facilities.

c. Statement of the Problem

i. The statement of the problem should be supported with data or statistics. The gaps in attaining the strategic goals should be emphasized in formulating your statement of the problem.

d. Intervention

i. This part must showcase how the SBM Grant FY 2014 addressed your school needs you stated in your statement of the problem, hence, the best practice. Emphasize the facilitating factors that help you meet your target.

e. Photo Documentation

i. Include 5 photographs that support your narrative report. Photos should be in High Resolution and should have editorial appeal.

Download: Template_SBM Best Prcatice

Deadline is January 13, 2015. Good luck!

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