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DepEd School Information Coordinators Duties and Responsibilities

The Department of Education (DepEd) issues this DepEd Memorandum titled Designation of School Information Coordinators (SICs). An SIC shall be designated in every public elementary, secondary, and senior high school nationwide as counterparts of the Division and Regional Information Officers.

The Department fully recognizes the importance of SICs in ensuring that communications convergence are coordinated and strengthened from the schools to the national level.

DepEd School Information Coordinators Duties and Responsibilities

The designated SICs shall be tasked to:

a. Assist and act as focal persons in verifying and addressing issues and concerns raised by the public and the media involving their school or area;

b. Facilitate the conduct of verification of information based on protocols, data privacy, integrity and confidentiality;

c. Facilitate the communication of any untoward incidents in their respective areas, and submit a detailed report within 24 hours to DepEd Central Office (CO) Public Affairs Service (PAS) copy furnished their respective regional and schools division offices;

d. Provide updates to the schools division, region or CO that may be referred to in media releases to national media;

e. Support their respective schools, schools division, and regional offices in responding to media queries on local issues;

f. Coordinate with the schools division, regional or CO to request for official statements on existing issues;

g. Perform duties and responsibilities related to DepEd Public Affairs programs, projects, and activities; and

h. Perform other tasks related to the efficient communication, documentation and dissemination of information to DepEd CO and vice versa.

The designated SICs should be:

a. Holding a teaching or non-teaching position in the school;

b. At least two or three years employed in DepEd;

c. Able to communicate and write well, and have good public relations skills; and

d. Able to respond to issues and concerns requested by the schools division, regional, Of the Central Office.

The designation of a teacher to perform as School Information Coordinator shall be recommended by the school head to the Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) for approval.

The SDS, through the Division Information Officer, is requested to submit the enclosed form with the name of the designated School Information Coordinator to the Regional Information Officer, copy furnished the DepEd Public Affairs Service through email at pas.od@deped.gov.ph not later than May 15, 2021.

Immediate and wide dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.

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