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DepEd SPG/SSG Adviser Duties and Responsibilities

His/Her functions as the Supreme Pupil Government/Supreme Student Government (SPG/SSG) Adviser are in consonance to DepEd Order No. 47 s. 2014 – Constitution & By-Laws of the Supreme Pupil Government & Supreme Student Government in Elementary & Secondary Schools; DepEd Order No. 48 s. 2014 – Amendments & Additional Provisions to DepEd Order No. 47 s. 2014; and, DepEd Order No. 11 s. 2016 – Additional Guidelines to DepEd Order No. 47 s. 2014.

Supreme Pupil Government/Supreme Student Government (SPG/SSG) Adviser Duties and Responsibilities

SPG/SSG Adviser is expected to perform the following duties and responsibilities, to wit:

  • Shall monitor all programs, projects, activities, and meetings of the SPG/SSG at all times.
  • Shall act as the SPG/SSG’s mentor in governance and leadership. Specifically, he/she shall:
    • Oversee and examine all the SPG/SSG’s internal/external processes and leadership practices;
    • Promote good governance and transparency;
    • Ensure the academic excellence as well as the social and emotional welfare of the SPG/SSG officers;
    • Conduct individual consultations with every SPG/SSG officer to gather feedback on the efficiency and effectiveness of his/her performance as an officer and/or the overall performance of the SPG/SSG; and,
  • Propose recommendations for improvement based on the information gathered from the individual consultations.
  • Shall actively participate and coordinate with the Division Youth Formation Coordinators for the implementation and management of Youth Formation programs, projects, and activities.
  • Shall prepare General Program of Action (GPOA) for approval and its inclusion to the school’s AIP/SIP; and
  • Shall submit reports and other pertinent documents as needed by the Division Office from time to time.

His/Her appointment as SPG/SSG Adviser is in addition to the duties and responsibilities of his/her present position, shall not entail additional remuneration on the salary but will entitle him/her the privilege as provided in Section 4 Article XII of DepEd Order No. 47 s.2014 stating that the advisership of the SPG/SSG shall be equivalent to one (1) teaching load in accordance with Republic Act 4670 and his/her designation shall be valid until superseded by a new appointment from your office.

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