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Teaching Loads and Assignments of Public School Teachers

In addition to the guidelines stipulated in DepEd Order No. 31 s. 2012 which is still in full force and effect as per DepEd Order No. 20 s. 2014 particularly on time allotment per learning area and in the preparation of class program, DepEd-NCR Memorandum No. 105 s. 2015 dated May 29, 2015 entitled: “Teaching Loads and Assignments of Public School Teachers”, is hereby attached to guide the school heads in assigning teaching loads.




Schools Division Superintendents
Heads of Public Elementary and Secondary Schools

1. The DepEd NCR Regional Office had conducted the inventory of PSI-POP Number of Teachers in the sixteen (16) divisions of the Region last school year. The common observations were: some teachers were not given full teaching loads and daily time allotments per subject were not strictly followed.

2. In this connection, the Schools Divisions are advised to adopt the following guidelines for teaching loads in all public elementary and secondary schools:

a. DepEd Memorandum No. 291, s. 2008 provides that:

1) Public school teachers shall render at most six (6) hours of actual teaching a day, except when undertaking academic activities that require presence outside the school premises;

2) School heads shall assign teaching loads to public school teachers to fully utilize the six (6) hour actual classroom teaching, i.e., six teaching loads at one hour per teaching load, with due regard for possible teaching intervals;

All advisorship and/or special assignments for the entire school year combined shall be considered as one teaching load;

b. Special assignments are hereby enumerated together with the corresponding teaching load that may be given to the teachers:

c. A teacher with six (6) hours of actual classroom teaching and/or equivalent teaching related activities and duties shall render the remaining two (2) hours of work within or outside the school premises to comply with the eight-hour workday by engaging in the following teaching- related activities and duties;

  • preparation of lesson plans, action/work plans, instructional materials, evaluation/assessment tools/rubrics;
  • preparation and checking of exercises; recording of academic performance results and classroom accomplishments;
  • conduct of research;
  • attendance to seminars, workshops and similar programs;
  • counseling, mentoring, coaching of students including home visits;
  • consultations and conferences with parents;
  • performance of coordination activities and duly recognized community social services;
  • participation in the maintenance and improvement of school facilities and equipment; and
  • other activities identified in the specific guidelines under paragraph 4 below.

d. Schools with 2 shift classes should give additional homework to students to make up for reduction of time allotment.

e. As per DepEd Order No. 9, s„ 2005, national, regional or division athletic meets or academic and non-academic competitions, including practices for said meets and competitions shall be allowed on condition that these are held after class hours and days. The specific day and time should be reflected in School Form 7 (SF7).

f. The Master Teachers should observe the statement of duties and responsibilities indicated in CSC Form No. 1 (Position Description Form}. They should NOT be designated as Assistant to the Principal regardless of school population. Furthermore, they should be classroom teachers with additional load as remedial/intervention/enhancement teacher, mentor or continuous improvement coordinator.

g. Classes in Grades I, 2 and 3 MUST be self-contained (one teacher assigned in each section). Only Grades 4-6 will be allowed to utilize departmentalized/team teaching. Observance of this policy shall be strictly followed.

3. In the exigency of the service, the principal may deviate from assigning teachers in ancillary services and instead assign teachers to actual teaching duties as the need arises.

4. The Schools Division Superintendents are enjoined to monitor the implementation and compliance of the DepEd issuances on teaching loads and related matters to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of educational services.

5. Immediate and wide dissemination of this Memorandum, is desired.

Director IV


Working Hours of Public School Teachers

DepEd 6-Hour Teachers Workday Implementation

Elementary Level Teaching Loads

Legal Bases: RA 7079, sec. 2 Implementing Rules and Guidelines

This is an implicit additional feature of the curriculum, as such, it can be considered as additional load to whoever may be assigned to teach it, or serve as School Paper Adviser. However, the following shall be observed:

  1. There should be at least 15 pupils to constitute a class;
  2. Should there be two (2) separate classes, by Grade level (one for Grade 5 and another for Grade 6), or by medium (English or Filipino), with at least 15 pupils each, such will be considered two (2) loads; likewise, the same rule would follow if and when a Grade 4 class shall be organized;
  3. Multi grade level or English and Filipino combined as (1) class, at one (1) schedule is still considered single (one) load.

Secondary Level Teaching Loads

This may be a subject taken in lieu of Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE); hence, for the nomenclature in the DepEd forms, it shall appear as = TLE/Journalism.

The following shall be observed in the loading of teachers:

  1. There should be at least 25 students to constitute a class;
  2. One (1) load is considered for being a School Paper Adviser and another load for handling one (1) section; Journalism in either English or Filipino or a particular grade level; hence, a School Paper Adviser (SPA), may get two (2) loads being an SPA and handling a Journalism class, however, a Journalism teacher may not always be an SPA. Only one (1) teacher shall be assigned as SPA in a school, who shall take charge of English and/or Filipino publication. For large population, there could be two (2) SPAs, one (1) English and one (1) Filipino. (This rule shall also apply to the Elementary Level SPAs)
  3. For small schools where English and Filipino classes are. combined or where the classes are composed of different grade level, that are conducted as one (1) section, the load will be considered only one (1).
  4. To complete the load of a Journalism teacher, he/she must be assigned in English or Filipino to teach subject/s to allow more opportunities to discover potential journalists in the class/school.
1) Feeding Teacher (with helper)2-3 hours teaching loadsNumber of Feeding Teacher may vary depending on the number of enrolment and feeding programs.
2) Canteen Teacher2 hours teaching loads
4 hours canteen services
Number of Canteen Teacher will depend on the number of j enrolment and availability of i teachers. Specific duties are stipulated in DepEd Order No. 8, s. 2007
3) Teacher Librarian3 hours teaching
3 hours library duties
Number of Teacher Librarian may vary on the number of enrolment.
4) Teacher Property Custodian2-4 hours teaching loadsDepending on the school population as stipulated in DepEd Memorandum No. 328, s. 2009
5) Guidance Teacher3 hours teaching loads
3 hours guidance services
Number of Guidance Teacher may vary on the number of enrolment.
6) ALS Teacher8 hoursEight (8) hours in/out of school campus per approved/ prescribed by the School Head
7) Teacher Nurse3 hours teaching loads
3 hours clinic services
8} Teacher Registrar/ School Clerk3 hours teaching loads
3 hours registrar services
9) Journalism Teacher4 teaching loads
Legal Basis: RA 7079, sec. 2 Implementing Rules and Guidelines. See Inclosure A for details.
10) Teacher Coordinator5 teaching loads
11) Sports Coaching1 or 2 teaching loads1 teaching load for individual sports

2 teaching loads for team sports
Teaching Loads and Assignments of Public School Teachers
Teaching Loads and Assignments of Public School Teachers
Teaching Loads and Assignments of Public School Teachers
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  1. How about po yung ICT Coordinator, SBFP Coordinator, Clinic Teacher, Canteen Teacher and 4 Teaching load? Hindi po ba nag excess ang minutes po na assigned sa akin po?

  2. Hello po! Ang DEAR time at Remediation/enrichment activities ay di po kasali sa teaching load? May contact naman po sa bata ito.

  3. This is too good to be true! Teachers could’ve more time teaching inside the classroom if all these were implemented accordingly. I hope there’s going to be a resolution to all the issues and concerns expressed by those who are in field (the Teachers). The Philippine Education system must improve!

  4. Good day po sa lahat! Baka lang po may idea kayo sa pagdesignate ng BAC Chairman. Allowed po ba ang biglaan/on the spot appointment (vocal). Ano po ang tamang process nito? Salamat po ng marami sa makakatugon. God bless po.

  5. hi is it right po ba na si teacher ay MAPEH Grade 8 Teacher with advisorship and handling 300 students bale 6 sections (300students) + advisorship na may 43 students? sobrang hirap na po si teacher and walang malinaw kung tama ba ang gingawa sakanya…please help us to enlighten her mind.

  6. How about Special Program (Special Program in the Arts or Special Program in Sports) Teachers? For example, if the teacher is handling grade 7 to 10 SPA students plus two sections of an academic subject. Is it okay? How about if the case is the teacher is handling grade 7 to 10 SPA students and an academic subject plus being an adviser? Is it just fine? Or it’s already overloading?

  7. Ang ganda po sana kung talaga pong maiimplement po ito,kaso lang drawing lang po ito sa karamihan especially in public ,8 hours teaching load,no additional points for other task the same lang sa iba na nagtuturo lang at walng additional task and kung sana yung bilang ng studs per room na 30 di naman totoo..actually sa school namin 40-almost 60,dapat ito ang inoobserve ng mga taga DepED sa school..di yung puro si teacher ang gusto isturbuhin na para bang naghahanap ng maibubutas kay teacher na pagod na nga puro pa paluwal at trabaho and yet not appriciate


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