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DepEd TV News Channel

Attached is an Aide Memoire from DepEd Undersecretary Alain Del B. Pascua on the Department of Education (DepEd) TV News Channel.


Guided by the Department’s National Communication Framework (NCF), the Public Affairs Service (PAS) is dedicated to heightening public awareness and appreciation of the institutional values, programs, and campaigns of the Department of Education (DepEd).

Since 2020, PAS has continued to introduce different approaches to further engage its stakeholders and the general public in the information dissemination efforts of the Department by utilizing the modern interactive technologies of social media, which proved to be an efficient way for DepEd to engage with its stakeholders.

However, comprehensive communication towards the public remains to be the biggest challenge for DepEd as the biggest government agency in the country due to the challenges brought by heavy reliance on traditional media.

To cater to the challenges brought by heavy reliance on traditional media while simultaneously meeting the demands of modern communications, PAS has identified the need to establish a dedicated news channel for the Department of Education.

To be called the DepEd TV News Channel, it will combine traditional television and social media for a hybrid medium that can readily address concerns and issues for its ever-extensive age groups and multimodal target audiences, which can help the Department reach more learners and parents across the country.

Moreover, the dedicated platform will provide timely and relevant news and updates on DepEd, which can help counter disinformation and gatekeeping knowledge on basic education.


  • To create an interactive platform for all DepEd-related news, updates, and information for parents, teachers, students, and stakeholders
  • To echo the programs and services of each Bureau and Field Offices
  • To maximize support of local media partners and communication allies in resonating official news from DepEd


The programming will target all age groups of the Department’s stakeholders, including:

  • Learners
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • School Heads and Field Offices Officials
  • General Public

Given this, the programming of DepEd News TV will be produced to appropriately cater to every age group’s ideal viewership standards.


The Public Affairs Service (PAS) will produce original content for the proposed news channel. Below are the initial program titles and episodes being considered for production:

Balitang Eduk-AKSYONThis is an existing news segment uploaded on the DepEd Philippines Facebook page and YouTube channel every Wednesday to Friday, 06:30 PM. It is also available on Spotify and other podcast sites, IBC-13, and other local media partners.

This will be the 30-minute newscast of DepEd TV News Channel.

Target Audience: General Public
Aksyon at Solusyon: The Talk ShowThis is a 15 to 20-minute talk show intended to give updates on the programs and services of DepEd bureaus and field offices.

Target Audience: School Heads, Field Offices Officials, Teachers, and Parents

This is a 45-minute to 1-hour sit-down interview with the DepEd Secretary.
Secretary Says: One-on-One with Secretary Leonor Magtolis BrionesThis will feature the latest updates and important announcements straight from Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones.

Target Audience: Learners, Parents, Teachers, School Heads, Field Officials, Teachers, and General Public
Bayanihan sa DepEd (Segment for stakeholders)This is a 15- to 20-minute program highlighting the efforts and partnerships with education stakeholders. This will also feature the best practices of stakeholders in the implementation of different programs of the department.

Target Audience: General Public
Ayos ka, Kid!
Ayos ka, Teacher! Good Vibes!
This is a feel-good content featuring random acts of learners and teachers aiming to provide good vibes to the audience. This will run from 23 minutes.

Target Audience: Learners, Teachers, and General Public.
Tips and Trivia
(These will be presented by DepEd fictional characters)
These will be presented as fillers and/or infomercials.

Teacher Edna will share tips about teaching strategies and other teacher-related topics.

Doc Edu will share health and wellness tips. Contents will be coming from SHD and DRRMS.

Kaye and Sean will share tips and trivia for learners.

Target Audience: Learners, Teachers, and General Public
Regional News ProgramsRe-run or replays of regional news programs such as DepEd BigaTEN, DepEd Dose sa Ere, and

Diri sa Onse creating a wider platform for regional information programs. Running time is 30 minutes.

Target Audience: General Public


Research and story pitching
Story and sequence approval
Production of briefer and program script
ProductionEdit stories
Record spiels of presenters (Teacherbroadcasters for Balitang Eduk-AKSYON)
Interview to be recorded via Zoom unless face-to-face is possible (Talk show and interview with SLMB)
RIOs, DIOs and/or SICs will serve as story producers for Bayanihan sa DepEd segment
Record voiceovers and create graphics (Good Vibes, Trivia)
Download and edit regional program materials (Regional news programs)
Post-productionEditing of materials
Quality assurance
Final vetting
For upload and distribution


The schedules for the DepEd News TV programs shall be decided upon approval, with consideration to the existing program lineups of DepEd TV in order to not interfere with the regular airing of DepEd TV and DepEd History Channel.

However, it is recommended that Balitang Eduk-AKSYON be allotted a morning primetime slot and replay in the evening. On the other hand, talk shows may be shown during weekends, and the infomercials and trivia segments may be used as program fillers.


Overall HeadSecretary Leonor Magtolis Briones
Production HeadUndersecretary Alain Pascua
Executive ProducerDirector June Arvin Gudoy
Associate ProducersJason Mercene
Janssen Cabrera
Segment ProducersRegobel Tumaneng
Erika Camille Antonio
Regional Information Officers
Division Information Officers
School Information Coordinators
ResearchersRegobel Tumaneng
Erika Antonio
Christen Perez
CJ Garlitos
Regional Information Officers Division Information Officers School Information Coordinators
Technical HeadManuelito Santos
Video EditorsJane Cruz
Paul Laurenciano
HostsRegional Information Officers Division Information Officers


In order to start and sustain the project, PAS will need to allocate a budget for this project which will be dedicated to procuring technical equipment, fund training and upskilling of DepEd News Channel personnel, and hiring an additional workforce.


Currently, the DepEd Public Affairs Service – Broadcasting Unit utilizes the following social media platforms to deliver information to the grassroots:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Anchor App
  • Radio Public
  • Google Podcast


The Department of Education, through PAS, has forged partnerships with the following news channels which may be tapped to air the DepEd News TV programs:

  • IBC 13
  • Local Media Channels
  • PCOO: Broadcasting Services
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