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DepEd Basic Information on Plantilla Positions FY 2021

Attached herewith are the Department of Education (DepEd) Basic Information on Plantilla Positions as of February 15, 2021. The tables below are best viewed on desktop or laptop devices.

Definition of Terms

For purposes of the DepEd Basic Information on Plantilla Positions, the following terms are defined and understood as follows:

Non-Teaching Position

refers to a position whose primary duties and responsibilities contribute to the delivery of basic education services and achievement of agency outcomes, but do not involve nor directly support the actual conduct of teaching or delivery of instruction.

Personal Services Itemization and Plantilla of Personnel (PSIPOP)

serves as the primary data source for manpower information and as the basis for determining the Personal Services (PS) budgetary requirements of DepEd.

Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA)

refers to the official list of applicants who obtained an overall score of seventy (70) points and above based on the criteria set and as a result of the evaluation and selection processes.

Related-Teaching Position

refers to a position whose primary duties and responsibilities contribute to the delivery of basic education services and achievement of agency outcomes, through the provision of direct support to teaching and the delivery of instruction, such as standard setting, policy and program formulation, research, and sector monitoring and evaluation.

School Administration Positions

refer to positions that are directly engaged in supervisory, managerial, and/or administrative functions in all schools and learning centers.

Second Level Positions

include professional, technical, and scientific positions which involve professional, technical, and scientific work in a non-supervisory or supervisory capacity up to Division Chief level or its equivalent.

System of Ranking Positions

refers to the hierarchical arrangement of positions from highest to lowest, which shall be a guide the determination of which position is next-in-rank, taking into consideration the following: a) organizational structure; b) salary grade allocation; c) classification and functional relationship of positions; and d) geographic location.

Teaching Position

refers to a position that is directly engaged in teaching or in the delivery of instruction in the elementary and secondary levels (junior high school and senior high school), whether on a full-time or part-time basis, in schools and learning centers.

Number of Authorized Positions

PositionsAuthorized Positions
Teaching Positions862,108
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Breakdown of Plantilla Positions

Date of DBM Report on Unfilled PositionUnfilled Position% to Authorized Position
January 19, 201976,4967.92%
December 5, 201952,6025.39%
May 22, 202043,7804.49%
August 31, 202055,8045.65%
November 5, 202051,3155.18%
February 15, 202145,6004.62%
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Unfilled items are 4.62% of the 986,852, total authorized DepEd plantilla.

Percentage of Authorized95.38%4.62%
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Workforce Diversity by Age Group

Age GroupTeachingRelated-
66 and above4578571613
62 to 649,7312,6361,51313,880
57 to 6150,9929,5264,56165,079
45 to 55186,41625,83012,727224,973
35 to 44264,09111,09314,721289,905
34 & below310,5421,70817,053329,303
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Retirement Schedule

13,880 for Retirement of the next 3 years (2022, 2023, 2024)

Plantilla TypeOutlier-should have retiredMandatory retirement (Age 65 this 2021)For Retirement (next 3 years)
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Retirement Schedule by Office/Region

OfficeMandatory Retirement (Age 65 this 2021)For Retirement (next 3 years)
Central Office771
I – Ilocos53640
II – Cagayan Valley52549
III – Central Luzon1171,176
Cordillera Administrative (CAR)8310
National Capital (NCR)2291,634
V – Bicol641,042
VI – Western Visayas981,443
VII – Central Visayas1651,023
VIII – Eastern Visayas951,038
IX – Zamboanga Peninsula108812
X – Northern Mindanao62782
XI – Davao36710
GRAND TOTAL1,30913,880
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Breakdown of Unfilled Teaching Positions

Teaching PositionTotal Unfilled% from Total Unfilled
Instructor I70.03%
Instructor II80.03%
Instructor III20.01%
Master Teacher I1,3765.26%
Master Teacher II7602.90%
Master Teacher III20.01%
Special Education Teacher I2220.85%
Special Education Teacher II220.08%
Special Education Teacher III180.07%
Special Science Teacher I5662.16%
Teacher I12,54947.96%
Teacher II6,84326.15%
Teacher III3,78914.48%
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

School Level and Schools Division Office (SDO) Level = 18,781

School Administration3,845
Principal I-IV2,251
Assistant School Principal I-III440
Special Schools Principal1
Head Teacher I-VI1,149
Tech-Voc School Administrator4
Finance & Admin Services for Schools
Administrative Aide VI259
Administrative Assistant I-VI2,951
Administrative Officer II2,889
Administrative Support for Schools2,617
Administrative Aide I1,166
Administrative Aide III451
Administrative Aide IV-V596
Security Guard I-II316
Watchman I88
Guidance Counselors4,364
Guidance Counselors I-III4,291
Guidance Coordinators I-III73
Other Positions1,946
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Filled and Unfilled Positions by Office/Region

OfficeAuthorized PositionUnfilled Position
TeachingNon TeachingRelated-TeachingTotalTeachingNon TeachingRelated-TeachingTotal% Unfilled
Central Office08952941,1892338131426%
I - Ilocos47,4174,2094,38756,0139312584531,6423%
II - Cagayan Valley34,0523,0682,87639,9964934012631,1573%
III - Central Luzon87,9306,0886,509100,5271,7299097333,3713%
Cordillera Administrative (CAR)17,3282,0941,74821,1703391821316523%
National Capital (NCR)76,8324,8843,87785,5934,6851,6579377,2799%
IV-A - CALABARZON103,8936,1316,322116,3462,6181,1131,1704,9014%
IV-B - MIMAROPA33,5312,3942,89838,8238873633961,6464%
IX - Zamboanga Peninsula38,2222,1283,52443,8746032223151,1403%
V - Bicol66,7344,8244,65676,2141,7988376653,3004%
VI - Western Visayas73,3545,5105,38784,2512,1889098103,9075%
VII - Central Visayas71,7714,6714,40980,8513,2379787284,9436%
VIII - Eastern Visayas53,0583,9734,30661,3371,4096145752,5984%
X - Northern Mindanao43,5883,5633,10150,2521,5078204112,7385%
XI - Davao44,6712,7012,99450,3662,3315005533,3847%
XII - SOCCSKSARGEN39,8372,4752,55544,8678402064461,4923%
XIII - CARAGA29,8902,6712,62235,1835692702971,1363%
GRAND TOTAL862,10862,27962,465986,85226,16410,4728,96445,6005%

Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021 Net of BARMM

Ranking of Offices in Terms of Number of Unfilled Positions

OfficeRegional ClassificationTeachingRelated-TeachingNon-TeachingGrand TotalRank
National Capital Region (NCR)Large4,6859371,6577,2791
VII - Central VisayasLarge3,2377289784,9432
IVA - CALABARZONLarge2,6181,1701,1134,9013
VI - Western VisayasLarge2,1888109093,9074
XI - DavaoMedium2,3315535003,3845
III - Central LuzonLarge1,7297339093,3716
V - BicolMedium1,7986658373,3007
X - Northern MindanaoMedium1,5074118202,7388
VIII - Eastern VisayasMedium1,4095756142,5989
IVB - MIMAROPASmall8873963631,64610
I - IlocosMedium9314532581,64211
XII - SOCCSKSARGENSmall8404462061,49212
II - Cagayan ValleySmall4932634011,15713
IX - Zamboanga PeninsulaSmall6033152221,14014
XIII - CARAGAMedium5692972701,13615
Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)Small33913118265216
Central Office8123331417
GRAND TOTAL26,1648,96410,47245,600

Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021 Net of BARMM

Unfilled Teaching Positions by Position Title

RegionInstructorMaster TeacherSpecial Education TeacherSpecial Science TeacherTeacherGrand Total
I - Ilocos56332215398234191931
II - Cagayan Valley34208824078105493
III - Central Luzon5832143549843402441,729
IVA - CALABARZON288892012731,3836632972,618
IVB - MIMAROPA311787418253153887
IX - Zamboanga Peninsula2441510297133129603
V - Bicol1936294248574682801,798
VI - Western Visayas1277475599877003102,188
VII - Central Visayas133641912841,6258284813,237
VIII - Eastern Visayas3733081336443282891,409
X - Northern Mindanao6337122487423472561,507
XI - Davao1214012341,4184982082,331
XII - SOCCSKSARGEN7515319341209178840
XIII - CARAGA20101107166200155569
Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)15227174111177382339
National Capital Region (NCR)40324383139801,9321,4914314,685
GRAND TOTAL7821,3767602222221856612,5496,8433,78926,164

Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021 Net of BARMM

Authorized Positions
Related-Teaching &
% to the Total authorized PositionsUnfilled
% of Unfilled Positions to the total authorized positions of the Region
Central Office1,1891.0%31426.4%
National Capital Region (NCR)Large8,7617.0%2,59429.6%
Region VII – Central VisayasLarge9,0807.3%1,70618.8%
Region IV-A – CALABARZONLarge12,45310.0%2,28318.3%
Region VI – Western VisayasLarge10,8978.7%1,71915.8%
Region XI – DavaoMedium5,6954.6%1,05318.5%
Region III – Central LuzonLarge12,59710.1%1,64213.0%
Region V – BicolMedium9,4807.6%1,50215.8%
Region X – Northern MindanaoMedium6,6645.3%1,23118.5%
Region VIII – Eastern VisayasMedium8,2796.6%1,18914.4%
Region IV-B – MIMAROPASmall5,2924.2%75914.3%
Region I – IlocosMedium8,5966.9%7118.3%
Region XII – SOCCSKSARGENSmall5,0304.0%65213.0%
Region II – Cagayan ValleySmall5,9444.8%66411.2%
Region IX – Zamboanga PeninsulaSmall5,6524.5%5379.5%
Region XIII – CARAGAMedium5,2934.2%56710.7%
GRAND TOTAL124,744100.0%19,43615.6%
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Top 15 Divisions with Highest Unfilled Positions

RegionDivision OfficeDivision
Non-TeachingGrand Total
National Capital (NCR)Division of ManilaLarge1,8113353092,455
VII – Central VisayasDivision of Cebu ProvinceVery Large1,6062833482,237
XI – DavaoDivision of Davao CityLarge9481561701,274
VI – Western VisayasDivision of IloiloVery Large624228147999
IV-A – CALABARZONDivision of RizalLarge614167158939
National Capital Region (NCR)Division of CaloocanLarge62159165845
V – BicolDivision of Camarines SurVery Large487157193837
X – Northern MindanaoDivision of BukidnonLarge55589167811
IV-A – CALABARZONDivision of LagunaLarge540111159810
National Capital Region (NCR)Division of Quezon CityLarge312101377790
V – BicolDivision of AlbayLarge451159155765
IV-A – CALABARZON Division of QuezonVery Large295243201739
III – Central LuzonDivision of BulacanLarge381145198724
IV-B – MIMAROPADivision of PalawanLarge406156150712
XII – SOCCSKSARGENDivision of CotabatoLarge46813721626
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

Top 15 Divisions with Lowest Unfilled Positions

RegionDivision OfficeDivision
VIII – Eastern VisayasDivision of Maasin CitySmall3216
IV-A – CALABARZONDivision of Tayabas CitySmall268
VIII – Eastern VisayasDivision of Baybay CityMedium1629
XIII – CARAGADivision of Tandag CitySmall2439
X – Northern MindanaoDivision of El Salvador CitySmall23510
I – IlocosDivision of Candon CitySmall55111
XIII – CARAGADivision of Bislig CityMedium5712
National Capital Region (NCR)Division of Navotas CityMedium8614
VII – Central VisayasDivision of Bogo CitySmall93315
II – Cagayan ValleyDivision of Santiago CitySmall9716
XII – SOCCSKSARGENDivision of Tacurong CitySmall25916
I – IlocosDivision of Alaminos CitySmall78217
I – Ilocos Division of Batac CitySmall85417
III – Central LuzonDivision of Balanga CitySmall510318
VI – Western VisayasDivision of GuimarasMedium513119
Source: DBMs Government Manpower Information System as of February 15, 2021
Net of BARMM

DepEd Challenges in 2020

Kinder to Grade 6508,496
Junior High School282,237
Senior High School74,459
November 5, 2020

Shortages based on Planning Standards: 78,947

Kinder to Grade 69,730
Junior High School20,287
Senior High School1,062
TOTAL NO. OF EXCESS TEACHERS31,079 Excess breakdown by level (teaching)
November 5, 2020

Total Unfilled Teaching Positions: 30,887

Breakdown of Plantilla Positions

Unfilled PositionsFilledUnfilledTotal Authorized
Percentage of Authorized94.82%5.18%
Source: PSIPOP as of November 2020

Unfilled items are 5.18% of the total authorized DepEd plantilla.

Accomplishment on Filling-up of Newly Created Items FY 2016-2020

Fiscal YearProposalNo. of Items CreatedActual Allocation Due to ConversionNo. of Items
% Items Filled-upNo. of Unfilled

Breakdown of Unfilled Teaching Positions FY 2016-2020

RegionK-SHSNo. of Filled Up Items% of Filled Up ItemsUnfilled Items
Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)3,3143,21296.9%102
National Capital Region (NCR)12,38111,10989.7%1,272
Region I – Ilocos10,25310,19099.4%63
Region II – Cagayan Valley7,7767,69499.0%82
Region III – Central Luzon20,94320,60998.4%334
Region IV-A – CALABARZON27,00226,31297.4%690
Region IV-B – MIMAROPA8,5848,36997.5%215
Region V – Bicol16,53916,16997.8%370
Region VI – Western Visayas16,45815,70195.4%757
Region VII – Central Visayas19,00518,49797.3%508
Region VIII – Eastern Visayas12,47112,23198.1%240
Region IX – Zamboanga Peninsula9,2189,03998.1%179
Region X – Northern Mindanao11,24910,95597.4%294
Region XI – Davao12,57411,87894.5%696
Region XII – SOCCSKSARGEN11,16011,07199.2%89
Region XIII – CARAGA7,9847,94199.5%43
TOTAL, PHILIPPINES213,728202,71494.8%11,014

Initiatives to Improve Filling-up of Authorized Positions

  1. Career Advancement and Promotion

a. Sulong EduKalidad
b. NEAP Transformation to enhance management of professional development of teachers
c. Proposed Career Progression for Teachers

  1. Improvements on the Workforce Planning of the Agency
  2. Review of Staffing and Salary Structure for hard-to-fill items
  3. Improved Processes for Plantilla Updating and Monitoring

a. DepEd Personnel Inventory
b. Capacity Building for Human Resource Management Officers (HRMOs)

  1. Recruitment, Selection, Placement and Induction (RSPI)

a. Operationalization of the Interim Guidelines On Appointments And Other Human Resource Actions (IGAOHRA) For The Period Of State Of Calamity Due To Covid-19 Pandemic
b. Approval and Issuance of relevant RSPI Policies in the Department of Education

  • Agency Merit Selection Plan (MSP) – awaiting CSC approval
  • Hiring Guidelines for Teacher I Positions, Hiring and Promotion Guidelines of Other DepEd Positions (School Administration, Related-Teaching and Non-Teaching Positions)
  • Revision of Qualification Standards (QS) of DepEd-unique Positions

c. Capacity Building of Human Resource Merit Selection and Promotion Board (HRMPSB) Members
d. Streamlining of the processes involving Special Hiring Arrangements for the beneficiaries of the following programs:

  • DOST-SEI Scholar Graduates pursuant to RA No. 7687 and RA No. 10612
  • DOLE-Sa Pinas Ikaw ang Ma’am at Sir (SPIMS)
  • DSWD Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps)
  • Displaced HEI Faculties

Source: BHROD

DepEd Plans for 2021

FY 2021 Indicative Allocation of New Teaching Items

RegionKindergarten-Grade 6Junior High School (JHS)Senior High School (SHS)Total
I – Ilocos63171334568
II – Cagayan Valley246258199703
III – Central Luzon1484674981,113
IV-A – CALABARZON72456463991
IV-B – MIMAROPA30137173340
V – Bicol25330282637
VI – Western Visayas74300434808
VII – Central Visayas68256299623
VIII – Eastern Visayas57234321612
IX – Zamboanga Peninsula32220285537
X – Northern Mindanao193393185771
XI – Davao22237204463
XIII – CARAGA97356171624
Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)65130119314
National Capital Region (NCR)2981153263
Total, Philippines1,2794,2894,3679,935
Note: Tentative Allocation Subject for Revision

FY 2021 Implementation Plan

Process/ActivityTimelineRequired ActionResponsible Office
Call for application of prospective applicantsOct. 2020-January 2021DepEd SDO -to accept applicants and undergo an evaluation processSDO
Preparation of the deployment reportFebruary-March 2021DepEd CO – to prepare a deployment report based on teacher needCO – PPD-PS
Submission of the request for creation to DBMApril 2021DepEd CO- to submit the request for the creation of the items CO – PPD-PS
Issuance of NOSCAMay-June 2021DBM-RO to issue the NOSCA to SDOs and implementing unitsDBM-ROs
Publication of the newly-created positionsJune 2021RO/SDO to publish the newly-created positionsSDOs
Appointment of qualified applicants from the RQAAugust 2021SDO to appoint newly-hired teachersSDOs
Submission of relevant documents of the newly-hired to CSC for attestationAugust onwards 2021SDO to submit relevant documents to CSCSDOs
Salary of newly-hiredAugust onwards
PMIS encoding/reporting on the profile and assignment of newly-hired teachersAugust onwardsSDO/RO to submit the status of filling-upSDO/ROs


  • Equitable deployment of teacher items
  • Assess the reasons for the slow filling-up positions (if any)
  • Regular monitoring of unfilled positions
    • Regular Updating of the PSIPOP, SDOs and Implementing Units,
    • Regular Updating of the status of filling-up for the newly-created positions through PMIS

Data Sources:

DBMs Government Manpower Information System (GMIS)
Retrieved from https://psipop.dbm.gov.ph/gmis_agency/default.aspx

DepEd Human Resource and Organizational Development
DepEd Undersecretary Jesus L.R. Mateo

Date of Publication:

August 24, 2021

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