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DepEd Values Education Program (VEP) Goal and Objectives

The VALUES EDUCATION FOR THE FILIPINO, The Values Education Program of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports was developed in 1988. This program made values education a primary thrust in the educational system and became an integral part of the curriculum.

To ensure the program’s implementation, it was essential to design a framework to guide teachers. The framework and guidelines were explained through the issuance of DECS Order No. 6, s. 1988. The outline does not prescribe or impose values. It is merely a list of virtues adaptable to varying situations which it is hoped the learner will internalize and practice. Teachers may use the values framework to help identify and choose which values to emphasize, reinforce or change, when it is perceived necessary and beneficial to do so.

The need to strengthen Filipino values was supported by the executive order through Presidential Proclamation No. 479 dated October 7, 1994 titled Declaring the Month of November of Every Year as Filipino Values Month. It aims to mobilize all Filipinos for nation building by actualizing human values in daily lives as citizens and to awake all in the power of values and ideals in achieving the individual and national goals.

DepEd Values Education Program (VEP)

Values education as a part of the school curriculum is the process by which values, attitudes, and habits are formed as the learner interacts with his environment under the guidance of the teacher. It involves different kinds of the teaching-learning process. First, in terms of subject matter, values has direct and immediate relevance to the personal life of the learner. Second, the process involves not just cognitive but all the faculties of the learner. The teacher must appeal to the heart and the total human person instead of only to the mind. And third, one learns values the way children learn many things from their parents. Children identify with parents, and this identification becomes the vehicle for the transmission of learning. Hence, the teacher’s personal values play an important role in values learning.

Studying values will not necessarily influence behavior. Behavior can only be influenced when a value is experienced and a commitment made to it in belief and attitude.

Program Goal and Objectives:


The goal of the Values Education Program (VEP) is to provide and promote values education at all levels of the educational system for the development of the human person committed to the building of “a just and humane society” and an independent and democratic nation. This is to ensure that the core values of Maka-Diyos, Makatao, Makakalikasan, and Makabansa are instilled among the learners.


Proper implementation of the program will develop Filipinos who:

  • are self-actualized, integrally developed human beings imbued with a sense of human dignity;
  • are social beings with a sense of responsibility for their community and environment;
  • are productive persons who contribute to the economic security and development of the family and the nation;
  • as citizens, have a deep sense of nationalism, and committed to the progress of the nation as well as of the entire world community through global solidarity; and
  • manifest in actual life an abiding faith in God as a reflection of his spiritual being.


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