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Want Reliable HEI Resources? Visit PHL CHED CONNECT Today

Seeing the inevitable changes in the Philippines’ education landscape, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recently launched their new educational platform called PHL CHED CONNECT. 

This platform caters to the Higher Education Institution (HEI) teachers and students and contains various educational materials in the form of text, audio, video, and other helpful digital contents. 

This platform is CHED’s response to the growing needs for reliable HEI educational resources that can be accessed by teachers and students anywhere they are, especially from their homes. 

Credibility of the Resources 

Yes, the Internet is a massive source for such educational resources, but of course, not everything in the online environment can be trusted. 

From the students and teachers’ point of view, the credibility of these resources — aside from accessibility– is also one of their top concerns. 

With these things in mind, CHED crafted their online educational platform with these two things at the top of their priorities. 

To quote CHED Chairman Prospero De Vera, he said: “We want materials that have already been tested, have been used in the classroom, and used by faculty members.” 

With universities and colleges contributing their educational resources on the platform, CHED made it sure that all these resources have gone through the contributing entities’ own screening. 

Also, CHED’s technical experts and officials make their own set of screenings on the contributed resources to make sure that teachers and students can access materials that have passed the CHED’s standards. 

Numerous Schools Contribute to the Platform 

As of this writing, there are at least 16 HEIs who have supported PHL CHED CONNECT by sharing all their educational resources on the platform which can be freely accessed by anyone. 

These HEIs are University of the Philippines Open University including its Los Banos, Diliman, and Baguio Campuses, Mapua University, STI College, Pangasinan State University, University of Cordilleras, Ateneo de Davao University, and Emilio Aguinaldo College. 

International schools, including British Council Philippines and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, have also shared all their educational resources on the platform, seeing it as a necessary action to further help students and teachers in these trying times. 

More universities and schools, both local and international, have expressed their interests in sharing their educational resources in CHED’s platform, making PHL CHED CONNECT a powerhouse of reliable educational resources for online learning

How To Access CHED’s Online Platform? 

Please click on the link to access your very first material: 


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