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Duterte names Dr. Peter P. Laurel for DepEd

Dr. Peter P. Laurel DepEd Secretary

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he will appoint Dr. Peter P. Laurel (President, LPU Batangas and Laguna Campuses) as secretary of the Department of Education.

The following are the prospective Cabinet members of Duterte:

  • Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano – Secretary of Justice/ Foreign Affairs
  • Perfecto Yasay – Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  • Carlos “Sonny” Dominguez – Department of Finance
  • Chief Superintendent Ronald Dela Rosa,  Mimaropa police officer-in-charge Chief Superintendent Ramon Apolinario and  Chief of staff of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group Senior Superintendent Rene Aspera – PNP Chief
  • Art Tugade – Department of Transportation and Communications
  • Communist Party of the Philippines –  Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Labor and Employment or Department Social Welfare and Development.
  • Peter Laurel – Department of Education
  • Jesus Dureza – Peace Process
  • Bebot Bello – Peace Process (communist side)
  • Salvador Panelo – Presidential spokesperson
  • Salvador “Bingbong” Medialdea – Executive Secretary

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3 thoughts on “Duterte names Dr. Peter P. Laurel for DepEd”

  1. Goodluck to the new Secretary of Education. As one of the educators of the what so called hope of the Nation, i do suggest that our government will hire more teachers, thus teacher-pupil ratio really matters a lot in delivering quality education to our dear learners. Provide also adequate learning materials and facilities to improve the quality education in our country, to make our learners globally competent. I suggest also to restructure the curriculum implemented in the primary level, especially the mother tongue based subject. This subject should not be the medium of instruction of most of the subjects especially Mathematics. Everytime, the children reach grade 3, they don’t know how to read English passage. Since we are a democratic country, so I assume that we have all the rights to express for the betterment of our educational system. Thanks and God bless to all!

  2. Welcome to DepEd. Make education free for all Filipinos. Believe what he promised to Joma Sison about focusing on education for a productive eco-friendly industrialization that will minimize poverty, mitigating social ills towards a tolerable peaceful society from good governance. Compared to the last DepEd mission and vision, Filipinos are not resources for cheap quality export and must be re-educated and retrained as the the most important God fearing, patriotic and good managers of our country’s resources and the whole world.

  3. Handsome Mark, the download can not open and can not read. Please help me to open so that I can read it. Thank you Mr. Handsome Mark Llego.


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