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2019 DepEd K to 12 Education Summit Cum Expo

DepEd K to 12 Education Summit Cum Expo Objectives

The Summit aims to ensure that the K to 12 Basic Education Program is properly implemented based on policies and guidelines issued by the Department of Education (DepEd). It also aims to strengthen partnerships within and among Division Office Personnel, public and private schools, other educational institutions, Local Government Units, partner government and non-government agencies, business institutions and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it provides an avenue to share best practices, milestones, issues, challenges, and interventions/innovative mechanisms on how districts/schools implemented different programs, projects, and activities.

This endeavor, organized according to the objectives of the K to 12 Planning and Implementation, geared towards the following themes:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 10: Best Practices in the Implementation of the Regular Programs. Inclusive Education, Special Programs, Interest programs,
  • Senior High School (SHS) Program, Learning Environment and Governance, partnership and linkages: Best Practices in the Actual Implementation (for the last three years); and
  • Child Protection, Researches, and Innovations and School-Based Management (SBM): Impact of Best practices towards learning outcomes.

There will be plenary and breakout/parallel sessions according to themes.

The participants to this Summit are Divisions Chiefs, Education Program Supervisors, Public Schools District Supervisors, Unit heads, Senior Education Program Specialists, Planning Officer, ITO, EPS II, PDOs, School Heads, Teachers, Students, PTA Presidents, LGU officials, line agencies representatives, invited SUCs, TVIs and private senior high schools representatives.

All expenses to be incurred in this summit shall be charged to Division HRTD fund except the traveling expenses of participants which will be charged to local funds, subject to the usual government accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

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