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Sample Farewell Address for Elementary

Sample Farewell Address (Elementary)

(Alex Zandria B. Lumogdang)
Salutatorian, Class of 2014
51st Commencement Exercises
Gastav Elementary School
March 27, 2014

Hon. John Raymond P. Allado, our distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Omar A. Obas, the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Antonio M. Dumagpi, Division Supervisor-Banisilan Adopter, Mr. Ricarido M. Quitor, the father of Banisilan North District, Hon. Mayor Betty Allado, Hon. Barangay Captain Virgilio Calva, municipal, barangay and PTA officials in attendance, the Teaching Force of Gastav Elementary School headed by Mr. John A. Pagayon, dear parents, friends, fellow graduates, guests and visitors, A pleasant good morning to all of you.

The day has come at last! The day of much awaited hopes, the day, which for six solid years, we have strived and labored for. Not to mention the sacrifices of our beloved parents, the guiding hands and patience of our dear teachers, and those who in one way or another had helped us to reach this goal.

We are now at the verge of one and at the starting point of another. We are leaving our lives as an elementary pupils and ready to traverse the new exciting world of a high school life.

As we leave, we have embedded in our minds the learning’s and values our Alma Mater has taught us over these years. With these as armors, we will surely get to our dreams.

In behalf of the Batch 2013-2014, I would like to say thank you to everyone who had help us in every step of the way for us to succeed the challenge of basic education.

To our parents, for the love and support all the time. For the patience and understanding you extend despite of our being “pasaway”. Thank you for sending us to school.

To our teachers for the guidance. For teaching us good values and attitudes that would surely help us to reach our dreams in life. For helping us realize that we are special, and for believing on our ability and capacity.

To my fellow graduates, it is not easy to say farewell, but I must do. They say that parting is such a sweet sorrow, but I believe that this is not the end of our acquaintances and friendships. We must go our way to pursue or dreams. I hope that the next time we will see each other, the same smile, and the same warmness of friendship will be given to each other. Salamat sa mga masasayang araw na ating pinagsamahan. Salamat sa mga ngiti at tawa. Salamat sa pagmamahal at pagkakaibigan. Nawa ay pagpalain tayo ng Diyos sa mga susunod na hakbang na ating gagawin.

To our Alma Mater, thank you for being the integral part of our learning. You mold us to be a person of values and intellect. We promise to bring glory and honor to your name.

To the Source of all this blessings, the Divine Providence. Thank you for making all the people around us an instrument of your unconditional love and compassion.

Fellow Graduates, our journey is not yet over, it had just begin. Let this time be our time to shine. Let’s spread our wings as we soar to our dreams. Good luck to all of us.

So long… Farewell…Till we meet again

Maraming salamat po at Mabuhay tayong lahat.

Source: Khee Khoy / TDA Group


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