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Graduation Message of Schools Division Superintendent Zenia Mostoles

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region III
Iba, Zambales
Tel/Fax No. (047) 811-1035 / (047) 811-1044
E-mail Address: zambales@deped.gov.ph



I have always believed that you will make it to this day. You have persevered enough to reach this point. You truly deserve to rejoice. Everyone must be very happy for your success at this very moment. Cheers!

However, you know that this is not yet the end, rather, a beginning of greater challenges that you need to deal with in order to secure for yourselves the life that you desire in the not-so-distant future. Thus you have to wear the necessary harnesses and braces so you will be equipped to weather the storms that may cross your path. Never fear because I, along with other education leaders and your teachers, will be with you every step of the way.

This day and age of rapid advancement necessitates individuals like you who will make a difference and with that, education reforms like the K to 12 has taken its toll molding each one of you to be fit and possibly take the lead in the 21st Century milieu as global citizens proud of your Filipino identity. Soon you will become the pillars that will propel your community and the country towards heights never before imagined. As this year’s theme aptly puts it, “Kabataang Mula K to 12, Tagapagdala ng Kaunlaran sa Bansang Pilipinas”.

With this, the Department of Education takes a firm resolve to implement programs and projects that all redound to your benefit. The concerted efforts of our education partners, stakeholders and those in between and beyond will surely lead the Schools Division of Zambales to continuous improvement and sustainable development.

Amidst inevitable, accelerated change, with all the knowledge and skills you have acquired, remember to hold on to the values that your school has inculcated and cultivated in you. These will arm you in times that you seem to be losing your direction and your hopes fading. Stay in God’s loving presence and constantly pray that you will be blessed with strength of mind, body and spirit. And all else will be as God has planned.

Keep on chasing your dreams. Persistence is the key. Og Mandino’s powerful words continue to serve as a challenge, “Know one of the greatest principles of success; if you persist long enough, you will win”.


Acting Schools Division Superintendent

Graduation Message of Schools Division Superintendent Zenia Mostoles

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