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GSIS Scholarship Program for AY 2019-2020

Attached is the GSIS Scholarship Application Form and Factsheet on the GSIS Scholarship Program for SY 2019-2020, contents of which are self-explanatory for your guidance and information.

Application Period: 22 April to 24 June 2019


Interested applicants can visit www.gsis.gov.ph or call (02) 976-4970.


All active GSIS members with premium payments for the last six (6) months] may nominate, provided that:

a. They are permanent employees in the government, who are regular GSIS members at the time of application, with at least three (3) years of service:

b. They are at salary grade (SG) 24 or below or its equivalent job level; and

c. They have incoming college freshmen-dependents who are accepted in or taking up any 4- or 5-year course or in priority courses (Annex A) identified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) with its own charter or a school qualified by the CHED as Levels IV and III, Autonomous or Deregulated (Annex B).

Likewise, all Permanent Total Disability (PTD) pensioners who are below sixty (60) years of age may nominate their children for scholarship, with their last compensation to be used as basis for the selection process.


Eligible GSIS members may secure an application form from any GSIS office or may download the same from the GSIS website (www.gsis.gov.ph).

Duly accomplished application forms must be submitted to the nearest GSIS office for processing together with the following:

For all applicants:

a. Birth Certificate of dependent;

b. Certificate of employment of the member (not a requirement for PTD pensioner-applicants)’

c. Certification from the school that the nominated scholar is accepted as incoming college freshmen-dependents during the current Academic Year;

Additional Requirements:

For Persons With Disability (PWD), Indigenous People (IP) and Solo Parent (SP) applicants:

d. Endorsement from the head of agency/office attesting to the veracity of claim that applicant belongs to abovementioned sectors: and government-issued authentication i.e., PWD ID from the local social welfare development office (LSWDO) or National Council on Disability Affairs; Certificate of Confirmation of Tribal Membership from the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples: and SP ID from LSWDO.


a. Four hundred (400) scholarship slots shall be awarded annually to qualified member-applicants with the lowest annual basic salary. The slots shall be allotted proportionately per region. These shall be based on the existing membership coverage per region, per year. The slots designated for each region shall be awarded to dependents whose parents are assigned in that particular region and who qualified under the following categories:

Category A – qualified applicants with dependents accepted in 4- or 5-year courses

Category B – qualified applicants with dependents accepted in 4-or 5-year CHED-identified priority courses

b. Further, among the qualified applicants, the combined sectors of lowest-salaried PWD, IP, and SP applicants shall be assured of at least forty (40) slots out of the 400 slots.

c. In case slots allotted for a region are left unfilled due to the absence of qualified applicants in that area, they can be passed on to nominees from other regions that are most qualified for the slots (i.e,, parent-member has the lowest annual basic salary).


a. Applicants who meet the abovementioned qualifications and have the lowest annual basic salary shall be given priority.

b. All qualified applicants shall be ranked according to their annual basic salary based on GSIS Member Service Profile database.

c. The initial round of selection for the first 360 slots shall be based on the lowest annual basic salary observing the regional distribution of slots. Of the 360 slots, the first 200 shall be given to lowest-salaried Category B applicants. The remaining 160 shall be given lo lowest-salaried applicants regardless of category.

d. Of the 360 qualified applicants, those coming from the combined sectors of PWD, IP, and SP shall be tagged. If at least 40 have been tagged as applicants from these sectors, the remaining 40 slots shall be filled by the lowest-salaried applicants regardless of category to complete the 400 slots. If not, the lowest-salaried PWD, IP, and SP applicants shall be prioritized for the remaining slots allotted for them, regardless of category or regional allocation.

e. If the applicant has qualified but dies prior to the release of the GSP results, the scholarship may be awarded to his/her dependent The legal spouse or the guardian of the dependent, in case the deceased member-grantee is a widow/widower, may execute the scholarship contract in behalf of the deceased applicant.

f. In case applicants have the same annual basic salary, preference shall be given to the applicant with the longest length of service.

g. In case a member and his/her spouse both qualify, only one (1) slot shall be awarded to the family.

h. A member can only nominate one (1) scholar per academic year. However, a member may have more than one (1) child/dependent receiving scholarships at the same time, provided that the scholarships were granted in different school years.

i. A childless married or single member who will be chosen as a scholarship grantee may only avail of the scholarship once.

j. Moreover, in case a grantee does not submit requirements within thirty (30) days from the first day of publication of the list of qualifiers in a newspaper of general circulation, the slot shall be awarded to the next-in-rank qualified applicant from the same region, subject to the approval of the President and General Manager (PGM). Thereafter, the name of the next-in-rank awardee shall be posted in the GSIS website.


Scholars shall be given thirty (30) days, from the first date of publication of the list of qualifiers in a newspaper of general circulation, within which to submit the following requirements at the nearest GSIS Office:

a. Information Sheet with latest 2 x 21.D. pictures (2 pieces); and

b. Enrollment Assessment Form (if already available).

Failure to submit said requirements within the given period shall render the grant forfeited.


The scholarship shall be in force for the duration of the 4- or 5-year course chosen by the scholar, unless earlier terminated due to failure of the scholar to comply with the GSP Terms and Conditions and/or the school’s rules and regulations.


A scholar shall be entitled to the following benefits during his/her 4-or 5-year course:

a. Actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees not to exceed Php40,000.00 per academic year, regardless of the number of terms (not to include summer classes and provided that the course is finished within the regular duration prescribed by the school for that 4- or 5-year course);

b. A monthly stipend of Php3,000.00; and

c. A scholar who graduates with Latin honor shall be awarded a monetary incentive of Php20,000.00 for cum laude, Php30,000.00 for magna cum laude or Php50,000.00 for summa cum laude.

All payments of benefits shall be coursed through the school where the scholar is enrolled. The scholar has the option to receive his/her stipend either through the school or directly from the GSIS Central Office.

Any amount in excess of the maximum benefits provided above shall be borne by the scholar.

The scholar must submit within sixty (60) days after enrollment the certified true copy of all his/her grades for the preceding term together with the school billing statement and official receipts of the current term to the GSIS Central Office or the nearest Branch Offices (BOs) for submission to CSAPRFD. CSAPRFD shall evaluate and process submitted requirements accordingly. The BOs shall monitor compliance of scholars under their area of jurisdiction. A scholar who fails to comply with said requirement will automatically forfeit his/her claim for that billing period, unless a written notice stating the reason for the delay is submitted within the academic year to CSAPRFD for evaluation.

In instances where payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees are initially paid by the scholar, reimbursement of expenses shall be processed upon submission of the original copy of the official receipt and assessment/billing statement. In case the original copy is not available, submission of a certified true copy of the form shall be required.

If the school determines that the scholar is no longer qualified to continue his/her studies in the University/College, the GSIS should be notified of such fact.

If the scholar is no longer qualified to continue his/her studies under the GSIS Scholarship Contract, a written notice of termination of scholarship shall be issued to the scholar and his/her school.

If the scholar graduates with honors, he/she shall be required to submit the original or certified true copy of School Certification pertaining to honors received within six (6) months after graduation to the Officer IV, CSAPRFD, GSIS, Financial Center, Pasay City or to the Office of the Branch Manager of the nearest GSIS BO. Failure to comply within the given period will automatically forfeit his/her entitlement to monetary incentive unless a written notice stating the reason for delay is submitted within the same period to CSAPRFD for evaluation.



a. The scholar shall enroll in the term immediately following the award of the scholarship and every term thereafter, in any school identified in Annex B.

No deferment of enrolment shall be allowed, except for meritorious reasons such as, but not limited to sickness, injury, transfer of residence or threat to security and safety, but only once during the course and subject to the approval of the GSIS and the school.

b. The scholar shall enroll the full load for each term as prescribed by the curriculum of his/her chosen course.

Enrolment of load which is less than that required per term may be allowed, provided that the scholar shall graduate within the duration of the course.

c. The scholar may enroll in summer class, provided that the actual tuition and miscellaneous fees shall be at his/her expense. Likewise, monthly stipend shall not be provided.

d. In case of delay in the release of results of GSP grantees, the member-grantee who deferred enrolment or enrolled his/her dependent in a non-accredited school and/or course not identified in Category A or B for the 1st semester/term due to financial difficulties may still be considered in the program, provided that the member-grantee transfers his/her dependent to an accredited school not later than the 2nd semester/term of the same academic year and complete the course within the prescribed 4- or 5-year course program. Further, those considered under Category B can only enroll in CHED-identified priority courses. Otherwise, the scholarship grant shall be forfeited.

The scholar has to start as a new enrollee for that term, hence, the expenses incurred from the previous term will not be shouldered/reimbursed by the GSIS.


The scholar must meet the retention policy set by the school to continue being qualified for the scholarship.


A scholar may be allowed to shift course only once up to his/her second year of study for meritorious reasons that shall be subject to the approval of the GSIS, provided that the scholar completes the course within the duration of the original course. Further, those considered under Category B can only shift to other CHED-identified priority courses. No extension shall be allowed.


A scholar may be allowed to transfer to another school identified in Annex B, based on the following grounds only:

a. Relocation of family; and

b. Threat to security and safety.

However, the scholar shall be required to complete his/her course within the original 4- or 5- year duration of the scholarship contract No extension shall be allowed.


The scholar may avail of another scholarship grant simultaneous with the GSIS scholarship, provided that the other scholarship grant shall be exhausted first and the GSIS shall only shoulder any remaining balance of the tuition and other miscellaneous fees (not to exceed Php40,000.00 per academic year, regardless of the number of terms) and the stipend (not to exceed Php3,000.00 per month).


A scholarship contract shall be executed between the GSIS and the scholar (or his/her parent or guardian, if a minor).


A Letter of Guarantee (LOG) shall be issued by the GSIS in favor of the school where the scholar is enrolled to guarantee payment of actual cost of tuition and miscellaneous fees but not to exceed Php40,000.00 per academic year, regardless of the number of terms.


The scholarship grant is non-transferable.



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