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2019 DepEd Guidelines for Master Teacher Promotion

DepEd Order No. 29, s. 2002 (Merit Selection Plan of the Department of Education (DepEd)) clearly states that it is the policy of the department to strictly adhere to the principles of merit, competence, fitness, and equality, and that the selection and promotion of employees shall always be based on their relative qualifications and competence to perform die duties and responsibilities of the position.

To achieve this objective, various issuances were issued by the Department of Education for the selection, promotion, and appointment of various levels of position available in the department. For School Heads, DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2007 was established; while for other Other-Teaching, Related-Teaching and Non-Teaching positions, DepEd Order No. 66, s. 2007 is being utilized. On the other hand, various references are being used in the selection and promotion of Master Teacher position, such as MEC Order No. 10, s 1979, MEC Order No. 29, s 1979, and DECS Order No. 70, s. 1988.

However, most of the said issuances have gray areas that often lead to the different interpretation of the personnel selection board. Thus, to further achieve the principles of merit and fitness, and the objectivity and uniformity in the assessment and evaluation, these clarificatory guidelines are issued.

General Guidelines for Master Teacher Promotion

  1. Only those who are actually teaching shall be considered for Master teacher position. This includes teachers who besides assuming special assignments have regular teaching loads.
  2. Positions for Master Teacher (MT) shall be allotted proportionally on the basis of number of teachers. The number for the division shall likewise be distributed proportionally among all districts.
  3. An allotment of one (1) MT position per subject area for at least 5-7 teachers should be the basis in the secondary level (DECS Order No. 70, s. 1998)
  4. If there are not enough qualified teachers in the district to fill the number of MT position allotted to it, the positions may be filled by a qualified teacher from other districts; provided, however, that such teacher shall serve in the district where the MT position have been allotted.

Basic Qualifications for Master Teacher I

  1. Permanent teacher (with Teacher Eligibility)
  2. Bachelor’s degree for teacher or Bachelor’s degree with 18 professional units in Education, and 18 units for MA in Education or its equivalent
  3. At least Very Satisfactory (VS) Performance rating for the last three (3) rating periods.
  4. At least three (3) years’ experience as Teacher III.
  5. Have at least 25 points in leadership, potential and Accomplishments OR has been demonstration teacher in the District level plus 15 points earned under Leadership, Potential and Accomplishment.

Basic Qualification for Master Teacher II

  1. Master Teacher I for at least one (1) year.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree for teachers or Bachelor’s degree with 18 professional units in Education; 24 units for Master’s Degree in Education or its equivalent.
  3. Very Satisfactory (VS) performance rating as Master Teacher I and/or aggregate VS rating for the last three (3) rating periods.
  4. Have at least 30 points in leadership, Potential and Accomplishment OR has been a demonstration teacher in the Division Level plus 20 points earned under leadership, Potential and Accomplishment.

Documents to be submitted by the candidate

  1. CSC Form 212 (Revised 2017)
  2. Updated Service Record
  3. Transcript of Records (TOR)/ Special Order
  4. Performance Rating for the last three rating periods
  5. Eligibility Rating
  6. Copy of latest approved appointment
  7. Documents relevant to the position applied for (MEC Order No. 10, s 1979)
  8. Copy of school Program indicating the number of teaching load.
  9. Omnibus Certification of authenticity and veracity signed by the applicant

Clarification as to Credit points per Criterion


а. Introduced any of the following which has been adopted or used by the school or district – 20 points

  1. All claims for criterion “a” shall be supported with proofs/evidences for validation where applicable or to attest to utilization, usefulness or effectiveness.
  2. The project proposal shall be supported by evidence of data, data analysis in indicators and the terminal report shall contain statistical results.
  3. The project should have been acknowledged/noted/endorsed by the school head/education program Supervisor (specific area) and duly recommended and approved by the Assistant School Division Superintendent and School Division Superintendent respectively.
  4. Each claim shall be supported with an approved project proposal and a terminal report after project completion.
  5. A certification should be given by the School Head/ PSDS on the project utilization, usefulness or effectiveness and should be corroborated by at least 5 teachers to attest to the veracity of the claim
  6. Any one (1) of the following shall be given 20 points. For group claims, the points shall be divided equally among the proponents.
    1. Curriculum or Instructional Materials
      1. Instructional Materials content and development and its effect after implementation shall require supporting evidences of data, data analysis and/ or statistical validation.
    2. Effective Teaching Technique or Strategies
      1. This may be a developed intervention program/ technique/ strategies based on a result of a research finding.
    3. Simplification of work as in reporting system, records keeping, etc. or procedures in cost reduction.
      1. This maybe a result of a Continuous Improvement (CI) project, a research findings or an offshoot of results of comparative studies.
    4. A worthwhile Income-Generating Project (IGP) for pupils given recognition by higher officials in the division.
      1. The IGP shall be for the learners
      2. The IGP shall have been sustained or in existence for at least two (2) consecutive years with a minimum Net Income of P5,000.00
      3. The terminal report shall include among others how the income was generated, how much was generated, where the income were used.
      4. Fund-raising activities are not considered as Income-Generating Project.

b. Served as Subject Coordinator or Grade level chairman for at least one (1) year, or as adviser of school publication and not considered part of the regular teaching load ~ 12 points

  1. Claims for coordinatorship/chairmanship/advisorship must be supported with documentary evidences such as:
    1. Official designation signed by the school head with term of reference and annotation or statement that such coordinatorship/chairmanship is outside his/her regular teaching load
    2. Action Plan and Accomplishment Report duly noted/certified by the School Head corroborated by at least 5 teachers.
  2. Subject Coordinatorship/Chairmanship must be at least (1) year while advisorship must be at least two (2) years. Such assignments are not considered as part of teaching load. A copy of the school program shall be submitted as supporting document.
  3. For school paper advisers, there should be at least one (1) publication per year printed or mimeographed with the name of the candidate indicated as adviser.

c. Served as Chairman of a Special Committee such as Curriculum Study Committee to prepare Instructional Materials, Committee to prepare School Programs and discharged the work efficiently -12 points

  1. Curriculum Study Committee may include work on Intervention or Enhancement Program in the different learning areas, assessment, monitoring and evaluation.
  2. Committee to prepare instructional materials may include development of Instructional Materials, Development of assessment tools, questionnaires and test materials and quality assurance of instructional materials.
  3. Committee to Prepare School Program may include preparation of school/ grade/ year/ Teacher Program of work schedule; and special educational programs created in support to the different DepEd (CO/RO/DO) program which aim to improve school performance.
  4. Supporting documents shall be:
    1. A designation as chairman of the committee
    2. A committee Report/Accomplishment Report
    3. Copy of project/Committee output/ Program
    4. Certification by the school head and corroboration of at least 5 teachers of the school

d. Initiated or headed an educational research duly approved by educational authorities -12 points

  1. Research shall either be action research or applied research
  2. Research proposals should have been acknowledged/noted/endorsed by the School Head/School Research Committee (SRC), reviewed by the Schools Division Research Committee (SDRC) and recommended and approved by the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (ASDS) and Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) respectively.
  3. A completed research shall have a terminal write-up duly acknowledged and noted by the SDRC and recommended and approved by the ASDS and SDS respectively.
  4. Research topics shall be aligned with research agenda of the CO/RO/SDO, and according to level of governance.
  5. Research conducted and submitted to fulfill requirements for masteral and doctoral program are not credited as they have credited for the degree program.
  6. Credit of 12 points shall be given for individual research. For group claim, points shall be divided equally among the researchers, except for researches funded under Basic Education Research Fund (BERF) in which case all members will receive 12 points each.

e. Coordinator of community Project on activity or of a program of another agency or coordinator of a rural service improvement activity in a community such as feeding, nutrition, agro-industrial fair, etc. for the least two (2) years -12 points

  1. Community Project or Activity may include feeding program in the community health and wellness and nutrition program, agro-industrial fair, ecological/ environmental preservation project, Rural Improvement Project, Community Literacy Program among others.
  2. The community project is community-based, not school-based and sponsored by any of the following: LGU or Barangay, RIC, other government agency or a non-government organization.
  3. Project lead/project organizer shall be given 12 points; while a member of the project or program as certified shall be given 7 points.
  4. Supporting documents shall be as follows:
    1. A designation as coordinator/project focal person/project proponent/ chairman duly signed by the head/chair/president of the lead agency or sponsor.
    2. Project proposal/write-up and terminal accomplishment report for the project duly approved by approving authorities, and approved/noted by the ASDS/SDS.
    3. A certification of commendation/ recognition awarded to the proponent or member for the project may be included.

f. Organized/ managed as in-service activity or other similar activities at least in the school level – 12 points

  1. The In-Service activity shall mainly be for the improvement of instructions and/ or professional development of teachers based on development needs.
  2. Participants to the INSET are teachers/School Heads/parents/community or a combination of both/each group.
  3. Supporting documents shall include:
    1. Training design duly recommended and approved by the ASDS and SDS respectively.
    2. Memorandum for the conduct of the INSET
    3. Certificate of recognition/commendation maybe included.
    4. Certification of conduct of INSET by the School Head corroborated by 5 teachers
    5. Documents shall clearly show that the claimant is the organizer/initiator and/or program manager of the INSET

g. Credited with Meritorious Achievements -10 points

Such as:

  1. Trainer or coach to contestant who received prizes, commendations or any form of recognition or placed lstZ2nd/3ld etc. in competition
  2. Contestant is a bona-fide pupil/student of the school.
  3. Contest may be academic, socio-cultural, community activity or athletic competition which is not part of a regular lesson/activity.
  4. Claim is supported by certificate of commendation or recognition where name of claimant as coach is explicitly stated.
  5. Credit points shall be given for each win in any level but not to exceed 10 points.
  6. The point for the highest earned place shall be granted if wins are of the same event/activity.
  7. Credit points shall be given as follows:

8. Coordinator of BSP and GSP activities or Scouts which gained awards will be
given points as follows:

h. Authorship – 10 points

  1. Authorship of a book, workbook, textbook or module shall be considered when copyrighted/with ISBN.
  2. Authorship of DepEd developed and produced materials shall be included when supporting documents are provided.
    1. Memorandum where name of candidate is included
    2. Final copy of the material as published.
  3. Sole-authorship of book, workbook, and textbook in module shall be given 10 points.
  4. For co-authorship, points shall be divided equally between or among the authors or writers.
  5. Article published shall be granted 1 point per article provided that:
    1. Article shall be published in a publication/paper/magazine of wide circulation (nationwide or region wide) and educational or technical in nature.


  1. Claim for demonstration teaching shall be supported with the following:
    1. Lesson Plan
    2. Certificate of recognition/commendation as demonstration teacher duly signed by authorities in the district/ division/region/national as the case may be.
    3. It should be corroborated by 3 to 5 teachers present during the demonstration teaching.
    4. Observation tool utilized by observer may be added if there is any.
  2. Level of demonstration teaching minimally required is:
    1. District level for MT I
    2. Division level for MT II


2019 DepEd Documentary Requirements for Monetary Claims

2019 DepEd Equivalents Record Form (ERF) Requirements

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  1. Good day po.
    Ask ko pang if an under load teacher, example: 2 to 3 loads plus ancillary, qualified for MT1 position?
    Thanks for the reply?

  2. Meron po ba guidelines or formula for Master Teacher 1 and Master Teacher 2?….hoping for immediate response..thank you and God bless!

  3. Good evening Sir.
    I am Liza D. Latabe, a teacher from Bacolod City. I have been in the service for 25 years and Teacher lll for 17 years. I was in the rank for Master Teacher 1 in our division last 2020-2021 result but unfortunately not all of us in the rank were absorbed. I was really expecting that all of us in the ranking list will be absorbed. Here comes another memo that we have to apply again for MT1 ranking and I applied again and was qualified but this time we are so many. Sir our school needs more MTs since we are a big school. I’m not getting any younger and I am worried that I might not given the chance to become an MT which I am confident that I’m qualified. What shall I do? Whom can I lean on? Thank you so much for giving attention to my sentiments. God bless and more power!

  4. Good evening po….
    Regarding po sa promotion and reclassification from TIII to MTI po,bakit po ba Hindi na nasunod ang guidelines for hiring? Halimbawa n LNG po Graduate ako Ng Maed Major in English align po sa itinuturo ko eh bakit Yung napasok graduate Ng Management….diba pang HT or Principal Yan cla…..parang nabalewala Yung major natin na kinukuha during our Masteral….napakauseless wala n LNG sanang major…..Kung ganun…..revisit the guidelines habang Kaya pa naming makasabay….salamat

  5. Hello po. I am a SHST3 in our division. Twice na po akong nag-attempt magpa-rank for SHS MT1, pero, for the same reason, I was rejected twice. Di daw po ako qualified sa sinet na QS ng CSC for SHSMT1 since di ako grad ng MA ko, units lang. Pero MEC ang basis nila ng ranking, which clearly states that units in MA will do. Ano po ba talaga ang totoo?

  6. Gandang araw po magtatanong Lang po ako for reclass, teacher 11 na po ako wala akong unit sa MA ngunit nag seminar po ako ng tuloy tuloy for 10 days is it true that for every 3 days of Training you can earn 1 unit in MA and for every 3 years of experience you can earn also 1 unit sa MA I have been in the service for 33 years already. Salamat po waiting for your reply for clarifications purposes.

  7. Greeitngs po sir Llego,

    Ang pag promote from teacher III to Master Teacher ay by major po ba? Paano po yong mga teachers na nagtuturo ng hindi nila major ng lima hanggang anim na taon qualified po ba sila na mapromote as Master Teacher?

  8. Ang promotion po ba sa Master Teacher ay by major po ba? Paano po yong mga teacher na ang tinituro sa anim na taon ay hindi nila major at qualified sila for Master Teacher? are they qualified to be promoted kahit hindi nila major po?

  9. We prayed that Ranking MT1,11,111,,must b abolished,only schoolhead pet can be benifitted….i wish to sec.briones,sana,national master teacher board examination nalang….thank u…

  10. Greetings po Sir Llego.

    I am Mrs. LIANE D. CASTILLO from Binan City Senior High School – San Antonio Campus, City of Binan, Laguna, RQA Master Teacher II qualified po ako 2nd batch wala pong Master Teacher II item kaya tinanggap ko ang offer na Teacher II sa akin ng division of Binan dahil ang promise sa akin ay priority ako kapag meron na pong item 4yrs. na po akong naghihintay tapos sinabi nila sa akin na ranking na ang promotion kapag walang qualified na next in rank saka pa lang ako ma promote. I am mislead by the division and I am not getting any younger anymore two years na lang ay 60 yrs. old na ako. Gumawa na ako ng Action Research with certificate issued by the division, naging subject coordinator na ako with certificate sign by EPS and participants sa division INSET, tapos po ako ng Masteral Degree. Hoping for the positive results for my concerned.


  11. sir what about my aunte 18yrs teacher I until now in deped with material degree & phd. last 12yrs pwede ba mag MTI. she always submit a promotion paper but nothing happen

  12. Sir good pm.
    Do we have any DepEd Orders nullifying the old and existing MEC Order No. 10, s 1979, MEC Order No. 29, s 1979, and DECS Order No. 70, s. 1988??? Without which any clarification will become null and void. Just saying lng po n God bless

    • Sir anong mangyari kapag may nagrrtire na master teacher 1 ang kanyang promotion na mt ay galing po sa reclassification.pyde ba tong ma replace san ng teacher 3 salamat po.

  13. 1979 guidelines for MT hiring para bang obsolete na yan sa pangangailangan natin, mas nakabubuti ang departamento ay gagawa ng guidelines on hiring MTs a series of 2019/21st century guidelines..

  14. Greetings po Sir LLego.
    I am Mr. Wilfredo D. Bartolo, Jr. from Cotabato Province. Plain and simple po na kapag may “gray areas”, misinterpretations or confusions regarding the Master Teacher qualifications, only the Central Office can clarify through a corrigendum, ratification, or amendment of these existing order MEC Order No. 10, s 1979, MEC Order No. 29, s 1979, and DECS Order No. 70, s. 1988. . Hindi po ba? Thank you po!


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