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Who Is Herobrine? Minecraft Fan History

Herobrine Minecraft Fan History

Minecraft is one of the best video games that has been produced. It allows you to build up your world. If you are a newbie, you can access it via Minecraft windows 10 download. Well, there has been a lot of stories about a character popularly known as Herobrine. Some say he is a brother to Notch others say they were in the mines with Steve before he earned the name Herobrine. The stories you might be hearing might be true, but it is essential to know that Herobrine is a hostile mob that you might have probably come across when playing Minecraft. It brings creepypasta and speculations of it being a ghost. Most users have claimed that they have come across this pseudo player, and in this article, I will give you a fan history of Herobrine. Read on and find out.

There was this Minecraft fan who happened to be gaming on single-player Minecraft on his new world when he noticed something strange. When he was cutting down trees to craft a workbench, he noticed there was something that was moving in the dense fog. He quickly made assumptions that possibly his slow computer, and he decided to increase the render distance. He was amazed at what was happening that sound arranged. Then an idea came to him that possibly it could be a platform to help him, and he chose to be its main target. He could not see a pop up be like the other characters, but he didn’t let that bother him.

He says that he saw it as an opportunity to collect armor because he thought it was a cow and he decided to pursue it. When he came close, he was baffled to see that it had empty eyes with default skin. His curiosity grew, and he decided to check if he was on a multiplayer mode, but he was not. He tried to check if any other user had encountered such a pseudo player, but there was none.

Therefore, he decided to create a topic to try and find out more about his experience. His post was deleted in no time, and suddenly he received a message from a username Herobrine commanding him to stop. Were the mods trying to limit him from raising his concern? Well little did he knew that he was making a discovery that was yet to know by all Minecraft users.

Therefore, He decided to find more details of Herobrine, but he received an error. After some time he received an email from another forum user cautioning him that mods can access their conversation and he affirmed that email was safer. He went further and told him he has a directory of other users who have happened to come across such a thing. They claimed their world had man-made features that seemed something new to them.

After one month his informant emailed him again. He told him other users who had witnessed this mystery being has seen the name Herobrine being used by Notch who was the game developer and he couldn’t understand what was happening. Therefore, he decided to email Notch himself. The response took long, but Notch finally replied that Herobrine was his brother, but he was no more.

When he tried to go and confirm if the “player” was still in the game, he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t locate it. Possibly we can say he was dreaming of making false allegation right? However, the Swedish developer might have realized one of its secret inventions had been known, and he had nothing to do about it but to remove the pseudo character.

These are some of the unanswered questions that people keep asking themselves but since then there have been no changes in his world, and he has never seen Herobrine again. The mystery of Herobrine remains uncertain no one knows of it still exists in the gameplay or not. For whatever reason Herobrine was once there.


Sometime gaming experience might make us discover some hidden objects which might prompt us to make discoveries. Before this little history, most users gave their stories which had some relevance in them. Others claimed that they were on their mining activities when they encountered Herobrine. Well up to date, there is no proven existence of it. Anyone who is claiming to have come across could be possibly lying.

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