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Why Is Hong Kong Still the Best Place in Asia to Get a British-based Education?

Why Is Hong Kong Still the Best Place in Asia to Get a British-based Education?

Few would argue that a British-based education is one of the most prestigious in the world. It is respected across continents and creates opportunities that may be unavailable if local curriculums are studied. However, if you are based in Asia, you may have wondered where the best places to learn are, with Hong Kong and Singapore coming towards the top of most people’s lists. So why choose Hong Kong above anywhere else in Asia?

If you are searching for an international school in Hong Kong that follows the British curriculum, you will undoubtedly have come across Harrow School Hong Kong. It is ideal for students wishing to pursue an international education. Hong Kong is ideally situated geographically, and its fast pace and cosmopolitan style appeals to students. Thanks to its long-established connections to the UK, it has become the number one choice for both parents and students for education.

A Modern City With a Rich History

Hong Kong was under British sovereignty until 1997 when, after 156 years, it returned to Chinese rule. Over seven million people call Hong Kong their home, with many expats from across the world. Its strong banking and legal centres closely mirror the British system. With City jobs appealing to so many, a British education is viewed as hugely advantageous for those wishing to remain in Hong Kong or study overseas.

Although Hong Kong is very much an “Asian City,” links to the UK are in evidence everywhere. Impressive buildings date back to the colonial period with road names to match. Still, the islands are governed by English Common Law, and the city is very much capitalist, making it the perfect place to follow the British curriculum. Unlike anywhere else in Asia, in many ways, Hong Kong is still British, if not by sovereignty, but in the way it conducts itself, so you wouldn’t be able to get a similar complete learning experience anywhere else.

Why Is British-based Education Still in Such Demand?

A British-based education is still very much in demand around the world, which is the case for native and non-English speakers. The system, its standards, and its exam grades are trusted by the top universities and multinational companies, confident that the exam grades that have been gained are a fair reflection on the individual’s ability. The top universities are happy to welcome overseas students. A British-based education is seen as the perfect foundation, not just for academic grades, but also for the students to have sufficient comprehension skills in English.

Other western curricula are growing in popularity, but not at the same speed or to the same extent as the British curriculum. It may be because they aren’t perceived to uphold the same traditions or values as the English system, or it may be down to social factors. Often, the esteem associated in Asian culture, certainly amongst affluent families, regarding having a British education demands respect, which is often essential.

Teaching Standards

The top British international schools will always employ native English teachers or at least those who have British qualifications such as a PGCE. While this is no immediate guarantee of the individual’s teaching ability, it sounds benchmark, and parents have the peace of mind that the best teachers are teaching their children. In Hong Kong, the British international school not only has all British teachers, but they also have excellent facilities and support team, whilst not necessarily British have western ideologies.

The Prestige of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that demands respect around the world, and sadly, some other capital cities in Asia don’t command respect to the same level. When selecting an international school in Asia, you want it to be trusted and one which your child can hold their head up high when telling peers they attended. It is a factor that puts Hong Kong’s head and shoulders above many of its compatriots in the region, with only Singapore having solid claims for being on a par.

Even though Beijing is undoubtedly having a more significant influence on life in Hong Kong, there is a reluctance to change too many things, creating stability. For all intents and purposes, Hong Kong is very stable, making it the perfect place to study in Asia. The credibility of the city is unlikely to diminish for generations to come, so a British-based education gained in Hong Kong will be as valuable in years to come as it is today.

Children of Expats

There is an increasing number of expats coming to Asia for work. Of course, these people will demand that their employers’ packages include a high-standard of schooling for their children. Some will plan to remain in Asia, some will move on to another location, while others will return home after their posting has finished. Continuity will be vital, so selecting a British-based curriculum will mean that this can be continued almost anywhere in the world.

Harrow School in Hong Kong also accepts borders, which means that if parents work elsewhere in Asia, their children can still study in Hong Kong. As stated initially, Hong Kong is in an excellent geographical position with flights in and out plentiful, meaning that families are never far apart. Should parents move elsewhere in Asia, their children can continue their education at the same school.  

What Does Hong Kong Have to Offer Outside of School?

Finally, after you have decided upon a British-based education, you will want to be confident that your child will settle in their new surroundings. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city and a safe environment to live in. Sports, music, clubs, and other interests are catered for, so your child will find it relatively easy to make new friends and participate in the things they love. In many cases, this is to a far greater extent than anywhere else in Asia.  

Hong Kong is the perfect place to study and live and gives students a solid foundation for their study.

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