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Anong Kwentong DepEd Mo?

Attached herewith is DepEd Memorandum No. 31, s. 2021 (Enclosure No. 2) dated June 01, 2021, on the 123rd Founding Anniversary of the Department of Education (DepEd).

The sharing of “Anong Kwentong DepEd Mo?” is open to all DepEd officials, including teaching and non-teaching personnel, and learners.

The stories may be shared through a written post or video recording in your social media accounts with hashtags #DepEd123 and #BayanihanParaSaEdukasyon. The story should contain (1) words to describe your DepEd experience, (2) best memories in DepEd, and (3) reasons why you love DepEd. Selected posts will be featured on DepEd Philippines official FB.

Reminders: For learners who are 13 years old and below, they are encouraged to use and share their posts using their parents’ or guardians’ FB accounts. This is to protect their identity and ensure their security in a public virtual space.

Please be aware that once you post online, it can and will be read by others. Strict compliance to social media community guidelines must be observed at all times. We encourage everyone to exercise caution when posting about their personal and identifiable information.

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