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Language Assessment for Primary Grades – Room Examiner’s Workflow

This Room Examiner’s Workflow is intended for those involved in the administration of Language Assessment for Primary Grades. It outlines the activities to be undertaken at various stages in the activity.

The Room Examiner’s (RE) Workflow:

Distribution Room

  • Receives the TB’s & AS’s
  • Counts the TB’s from the sealed plastic bags
  • Signs the Form 3

Examination Room

  • Posts the replica of the Name Grid and the test coverage
  • Reads the General Directions
  • Distributes the AS then the TB’s
  • Checks if Name Grid, LRN, Mother Tongue Tested, and other information in the AS are properly shaded
  • Facilitates in accomplishing the Form 2 by examinees
  • Administers the Test using Examiner’s Handbook
  • Keeps custody of the excess TB’s in original plastic bags while the test is in progress and the test items are not read by the RE (with sanctions re DepED Order No. 85, s. 1999)
  • Makes sure that the AS of Examinees who took the test for Mother Tongue are properly labeled and bundled separately .
  • Accomplishes Form 1 and Form 7
  • Retrieves the TB’s
  • Checks the contents of the ETRE  (Used AS arranged consecutively by Examinee Number, Time Record, Forms 1, 2 and 7
  • Seals the ETRE while still in the Examination Room

Distribution Room (Retrieval Phase)

  • Submits the Examiner’s Handbook, sealed ETRE and the consecutively arranged TB’s to be properly accounted for by the Chief Examiner
  • Retains the Replica of the Name Grid in the Guidance Office


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